Wimbledon’s ladies’ singles and doubles finalist Vera Zvonareva (above + below).

First Ladies Semi-final (approximate start, 1:30 PM EST, CBS)



Caroline Wozniacki: – 320 (wager 32o units to win 100 units, plus initial wager)

Vera Zvonareva: + 240 (wager 100 units to win 240 units, plus initial wager)

Evening line, 9/9/10:

Wozniacki: – 340 (wager 340 units to win 100 units, plus initial wager)

Zvonareva: + 260 (wager 100 units to win 260 units, plus initial wager)


Wozniacki: – 450 (wager 450 units to win 11 units, plus initial wager)

Zvonareva: + 325 (wager 100 units to win 325 units, plus initial wager) 


Second Ladies’ Semi-final (directly following Wozniacki-Zvonareva on CBS)



Kim Clijsters: – 200

Venus: + 160

Evening line, 9/9/10:

Clijsters: – 220

Venus: + 170


Clijsters: – 190

Venus: + 150

Everyone bought Wozniacki, apparently, causing the money line to almost double, but frankly, I think Zvonareva is a very good bet, even in the 200’s, and an excellent bet at + 325.  Zvonareva has become a big time player, a tested player at the majors, and this is a good matchup for her because Wozniacki is a defensive style player, whereas Zvonareva is a very good offensive player, and cuts a lot of points off at the net.  On decoturf I think Zvonareva has a surface edge, and I’d love to see her exploit that edge today.


As for Venus-Clijsters, Clijsters should be the favorite based on what happened last year and how the matches have gone between the two of late.  Venus, at one point, held a 6-2 edge in the head to head, but now they are dead even at 6 all.  Clijsters has won 19 straight matches at The Open and hopefully, she’s due to lose.  Plus, Venus is a very attractive underdog.

I’d love to see both underdogs come through.  Zvonareva had such a heartbreaking final weekend at Wimbledon, losing in both the singles and doubles finals, and based on her year and how much she’s improved, I feel she deserves better this weekend.  As for Venus, she’ll always be our Lady V, and a 3rd Open title, to go with 6 Open semis and 10 Open quarters, would give her 8 majors, and further advance her position on already hallowed ground.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com, www.crackbillionair.com)