Outpressed Blue Dolphins (above).











The brand of Ecstasy we love to hate the most for its propenstiy to turn out adulterated/and or fake pills, at an alarming rate and over an inordinate time period, has shown us a new trick, according to mjk07’s trip report, recently filed with www.pillreports.com–the outpressed Blue Dolphin.

Let’s take a look at mjk07’s account:

Blue Dolphin (outpress)  
Date Submitted: September 17, 2010, 8:15 am GMT
Last Updated: September 17, 2010, 8:16 am GMT
Submitted By: mjk07
Name: Blue Dolphin (outpress)
State/Province: MANKATO Minnesota
Logo: Dolphin (outpress)
Colour: Light Blue
Shape: round
Texture: smooth, hard
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: these pills are almost a sky-blue color with specs of white and dark blue in them

the dolphin is jumping to the LEFT and the logo is OUTPRESSED, these are the only blue dolphins i have ever seen that have been outpressed

pills are very solid, they are not crumbly or powdery whatsoever, besides the outpress, they really look like good pills i’ve seen in the past. they all weighed .3g if that matters to anyone

Suspected Contents: Other – please see report
Rating: Non-Active
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: in the past in minneapolis I had a pretty good experience with blue dolphins, but that time the dolphin was pressed IN to the pill and not outpressed like these are, i was suspicious from the start, but these were my only option so i had to get them

6:15pm – ingested one pill with a couple sips of water, began the waiting game. not planning on rolling all night, only taking pill to test legitimacy for roommates and myself

6:45pm – began smoking marijuana hoping to soon feel butterflies in my stomach

7:15 – only feeling stoned, no butterflies, eyes not dilated

7:30 – beginning to doubt the legitimacy of these pills, the only buzz i feel is a slight anxiety that was created by myself in anticipation of an MDMA experience

8:15p – two hours after ingesting pill on mostly empty stomach and still NO effects whatsoever. pupils are normal sized, i am YAWNING, bored and beginning to imagine a world without real MDMA. all i can think about are the days when real MDMA was everywhere

9:15p – i begin playing beer pong after i am sure these pills are bunk, they are not even meth bombs or pipes, i think they might be aspirins or something like that, i felt absolutely ZERO stimulant effects from these pills, if anything it made me tired

all in all, if you are in or around mankato and you see these dolphins, do NOT buy them, they are bunk. only time i have ever taken pills and gotten tired!

i had never came across outpressed pills before this experience and am going to avoid them from here on out.

mjko7, you are absolutely right on your so salient point about the outpress.  I have never seen one before, and I follow the brand very closely, and have been for probably ten years now.  And we feel for you on the disappointment at getting non-reactive shit.  It happened to me once–White Motorolas–another brand that there’s more than not a problem with.

Friend, don’t take a Blue Dolphin ever without a nice test result.  And a word to the wise: if I were in the midwest and looking for a bomb, I’d leave no stone unturned in the pursuit those Mints and Bowling Balls.


Be Safe,

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