Blue Batman Pokeballs, whose authenticity were challenged by bonkers90 in Arizona a few days ago, which we questioned, are likely impostors, in which case I will have to tip my cap to two heads–bonkers90–and a reader of our page whose comment greatly enlightened us.  Take a look:


those batmans are fakes. the line is way deeper and the dot is fatter. also the batman stamp is different from the legit white ones. this stamp is the new dark knight logo. still good beans tho

The intricacies described by twizzler in the quote above probably are proof that they are impostor Pokeballstwizzler is unlikely to have gotten such details wrong if he is the sort to go so far as studying the the width and position of the line and the size of the dot on the under side of a Pokeball.  We had some very coveted pills here a few years back, MDA pills called Ones and Sunflowers.  Believe me, if you didn’t examine them carefully, you’d be stuck with bogus ones.  I knew people who were way high in the game who caught fakes.

Of course, twizzler’s other remark was also quite valid.  The logo is a different Batman logo.  Fortunately, for twizzler and bonkers90, they’re “still good beans.” In addition to a piperazine Pikachu, we have now seen 3 or 4 probable knockoff Pokeballs.  It was inevitable, for such a popular brand of Ecstasy, and it’s only getting started.  If we are correct in the assumption that Pokeballs are being minted in Mexico, then the counterfitters are likely also in Mexico.  Mexico is the nearest place where criminal enterprise has such easy access to the precursor chemicals safrole and piperonal. 

I would think that in light of the ease of operation in Mexico these days, that many ops would be popping up, and many of them would be faking Pokeballs because they are all anyone wants right now out west.  They’d still be faked profusely even if Pokeballs were only popular in California.

So here’s a warning for Pokeball lovers to be extra careful.  Though it still amazes me that they are so popular, and yet they are adulterated with caffeine.

Inspect those rolls very thoroughly, west coast.

–Crack (,