Peach Ohm Pokeballs (above).

Texas has been besieged of late by Ohm Pokeballs, and they are receiving good reviews.  The question is not, are they good pills, but rather, are they real Pokeballs.  A recent viewer’s comments suggest that people are having trouble determining the difference between good pills that look like Pokeballs, and real Pokeballs, which are adultertated with caffeine.

Here are the words of the estimable chemlover, who we trust absolutely on testing issues, and his take on Blue Ohm Pokeballs:

As an avid tester I would have to say that these are not genuine pokeballs, but a copy. I say this because of the following reasons:

1) Size: these are much shorter than every pokeball I have come across or genuine ones I have seen online.
2) Texture: these are extremely powdery to the extent that I had several broken and worn down into powder when I bought them.
3) Pokeball Dot: does not seem to be the same size as previous pokeballs I have tested.
4) Strength: according to several friends they are not the ‘high’ rating you would see in pokeballs, but rather a ‘medium to low-high’ which is on par with the normal beans I post. (see previous posts to see what tabs I am referring to)

Here’s a more recent comment from someone who doesn’t seem to grasp the issue:

        2010/09/18 at 8:10 am

        blue batman pokeballs r not fake i hade em n they were sooo fuckn bomb

If you will care to go read below, or perhaps you already know, that Blue Batman Pokeballs are believed to be counterfits as well.  The above comment by fr3nzy regards our piece on Blue Batman Pokeballs, and on the emerging science/industry of counterfitting Pokeballs.

fr3nzy fails to realize our meaning.  These pills are fakes, not fake.  They are not necessarily bad pills.  They would be coming from the same place, which we believe is Mexico, where chemists/ops have access to the real precursor chemicals.  They wouldn’t need to make piperazines.  And how ironic, if the counterfits are ‘sooooo fucking bomb’, then a fake Pokeball could theoretically trump a “real one” in terms of popularity and purity.  All a maker would need to do would be to make a purer pill of a strong dosage, and then copy the stamps.

Anyway, here are telinks to two pill reports out of Texas we’ve flagged on Peach Ohm Pokeballs, so take a look and then decide whether you agree with our take on the fake Pokeball scene. 

Indeed we’d be pulling for that sort of irony to be glimpsed in real life in this instance.  As good as real Pokeballs may be, they aren’t pure, and that will never sit well with someone who so deeply supports mind openers as part of a philosophical movement.

Cheers to Texas, who may have some good, clean, fake Pokeballs.

Be Smart and Don’t Take Any Crap,

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