Red Diamonds (above).

According to mrfeelgood in New York, the real deal Red Diamonds are going around, and have tested well.  Let’s take a look mrfeelgood’s test and trip report.

Red Diamond  
Date Submitted: September 24, 2010, 4:14 pm GMT
Last Updated: September 24, 2010, 8:10 pm GMT
Submitted By: mrfeelgood
Name: Red Diamond
State/Province: NYC
Logo: none
Colour: Red
Shape: 3D Diamond
Texture: Smooth, Good press
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Marquis – Took 3 seconds to show purple then by 20 seconds it was black with a ring of purple around it.This is the legit batch of diamonds in NYC right now..

^^These are the ones people are calling bunk..

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx Medium
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Marquis Reagent: Black
Consumed: yes
User Report: Took this pill last night but mixed it with G’s up so I cant give a full report but they are def. clean MDMA..took 2 and felt it 20-30 min. later..Had all the normal MDMA feelings.

But please note the pill report’s description section, where mrfeelgood directs us to a web address, where we can take a look at the bad batch of Diamonds that are going around New York.  We’ll forgive you for the short, scientifically unsound trip report.

G Spots and Diamonds.  Damn.  Some of us are jealous.  Next time, feel free to clue us in on the details.

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