Fake Peach G Spots (above).

According to baisrollin in Rhode Island, Purple G Spots are bombs, but we’d say not so fast, despite baisrollin’s glowing trip report submitted this weekend to www.pillreports.com.

First, check out the report:

Purple G Lady  
Date Submitted: September 26, 2010, 12:47 pm GMT
Submitted By: baisrollin
Name: Purple G Lady
State/Province: RI/CT
Logo: G / Lady
Colour: Purple
Shape: round
Texture: chalky, but well pressed
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: White base color with purple speckles throughout. No . before or after the G. Similar coloration to the blue speckled G ladies that have been going around New England recently, but domed on both sides instead of flat. Same strange looking lady with the pointy tata’s as well.
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx Medium
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: This is my first report guys, but I have been reading and commenting on reports from this website for about 4 years. I have a simons reagent kit coming in the mail, but I have had enough experience with MDMA, MDE, MDA, MBDB, pipes, and just pure garbage to be able to judge an experience pretty well.0:00 – Double dropped due to recent increase in tolerance and frequency of use (about once/wk for the past month). Pills crumble in mouth when slight pressure is applied with the front teeth. Bitter, but not sour like a pipe.

0:30 – Sis drives me to downtown Prov. so I can walk around before heading to a club. Feel the pre-MDxx anxiety and tension building, I can tell I’m going to peak soon if this is real MDxx.

0:45 – Hop out of the car and the change of scenery/temperature shifts the roll into high gear. Slight loss of balance when first getting out of the car. Street lights are very bright with a bit of a halo around them. Start to walk, every time I stop I get hit with a huge wave. Stop to get cigs and see my reflection in a window, dime sized pupils, jaw is chattering like crazy.

1:15 – Stopped at a seating area along the Providence River. Shutter-vision like crazy, looking at the red Neon BILTMORE sign makes my eyes bounce around in my head, as does shifting my line of sight from darkness to light (looking at the ground then up at lights). Skin is tingling, 70 degrees outside and the slightest breeze feels so incredible. Still gnawing hard.

1:45 – Get up and start walking to club. Still rolling bizzles. I was taught to take half of your original dose about halfway through the peak to extend the peak, so I pop the 3rd and final purple g lady of the night.

2:30 – Before I left to begin this experience I quickly glanced at a google map to see the location of the club. While I knew exactly where it was in the beginning of this experience, my memory is effed
at this point and I can’t remember the exact location. I ask about 15 different people while walking, and get 15 people who have no idea where the place is. I give up once I leave the safety of downtown and start seeing sketchier streets. I turn around and head back.

3:00 – Arrive at a park in downtown where I sit under a tree. Still peaking, I chat with some college students walking through the area, turned up the iPod after they left. Sit there completely docile, content, and warm for about an hour.

4:00 – Effects are beginning to drop off. Call friend to see if I can crash at his house. He comes to get me.

4:40 – Effects have almost completely diminished. Have a nice afterglow, don’t feel bad at all.

5:00 – Zonked out.

Next day – Wake up at about 4 PM. Slight anorexia, and my jaw muscles ache a bit. After a couple bowls and 2 water bottles, I feel awesome. Just a little tired and spacey but great.

No long term depression afterwards.

Overall: Solid, clean pills. Could have been stronger, by my guess they were probably 60 – 70 mg apiece. 8.5/10

Notice in baisrollin’s description, he refers to these pills as “domed.”  Real G Spots, whether blue or orange, are flat like a wafer.  Check out the pic below:

While we don’t doubt that baisrollin had a good time the other night, we think he did so on a mix of MDMA and piperazines, which could easily fool somebody unaware of the effects of piperazines.  We have no reason to believe that the poor fakes that are Green G Spots and Peach G Spots are any different than these Purple G Spots, which are all domed, and which we have seen some very weak reactions on.









We’d say these new fake G’s are probably 1 part MDMA–only to fool Reagents tests–and several parts pipes, and we’d advise you to stay away, unless you like trying to roll on a little MDMA mixed with chemical lubricant and ring worm medication.  Sorry baisrollin.

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