Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony (above).

The New Jersey Net uber fantasy of pulling off a 4 way blockbuster deal that would see them give up possibly Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and draft picks for Carmelo Anthony has been pronounced dead on arrival this evening by various media outlets.

Tired of Denver‘s posturing and the continued sideshow that comes with the prospect of a blockbuster trade, the Nets nixed a deal Tuesday for Carmelo Anthony and will apparently head into the season without the Brooklyn-born All-Star, according to a team source.

The Nets source said this afternoon that the four-team trade was off the table just hours after the Nets issued a 24-hour deadline for Denver to comply. The team source confirmed that the trade rumors had become too much of a distraction, at least for the near future. Rookie forward Derrick Favors and point guard Devin Harris have been forced to answer non-stop questions about their future since the rumors circulated Friday, as they are the chips that would send Anthony to the Nets.

According to one NBA source, the deal may also have been sidetracked by Denver’s insistence that the Nets take on oft-injured forward Kenyon Martin in exchange for Troy Murphy, in addition to the other players involved.

Of course this trade isn’t going down.  Let’s be real.  Why would Denver make this trade before they have to?  They could even hang on to Anthony and take another run at the title, since Denver is built to win.  But the Nets fantasy bubble of acquiring Carmelo Anthony, and somehow re-signing the mega-star when myriad teams line up for his services come July 1st, is justly burst.

And probably, it’s a good thing for New Jersey.  If Anthony is unwilling to sign the $ 65 M/3 yr extension that’s on the table, it means he has no intention of signing with the Nets come July 1st.  The Nets have snappy new ownership, and put a billboard up over Madison Square Garden, in all likelihood, to tweak the Knicks, but are deluded if they think they are big players when it comes to acquiring big players.

Remember that neither Jason Kidd nor Vince Carter had the ability to nix trades to the Nets that brought them to New Jersey.  The Nets have never landed a marquis player via free agency, and are unlikely to in the next few years, while they still play in hell, um, I mean Newark.

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