Purple Euro Pokeballs (above).


Let’s look at firstmoment’s glowing review, recently submitted to www.pillreports.com from California:

Purple Euro Pokeball  
Date Submitted: September 28, 2010, 6:18 pm GMT
Submitted By: firstmoment
Name: Purple Euro Pokeball
State/Province: California
Logo: Euro
Colour: Purple
Shape: Round
Texture: Typical texture of real pokeball
Edges: Defined
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: picture credit is due to someone who took a far better picture of this pill than i could have taken. thank you for taking the time to upload this image.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: It has been over a month since my last consumption of Ecstasy. In that time I have been living a healthy lifestyle by eating a pretty balanced diet, and exercising.

I took this babies at a rather large southern california end of september event.

And this was my experience:

9:30pm- take first pill.

10pm- perhaps i felt a change in my mood, a little light headed maybe.

10:30pm- consumed second pill. at this time i felt the effects from the first pill. heart rate increased at this point, and body temperature raised considerably. It was an exceptionally strong wave of euphoria at this point, and all felt not only right in the world, but the thought of living basically gave my brain an orgasm.

11pm- consumed third pill. at this time all the best music at the event was playing (imo.) and it sounded amazing at this point, as if it were playing from inside of me. ligts were vivid and beautiful. being around so many people made me feel like there was an energy that flowed through us all, conecting us. and that united feeling added to the incredible euphoria that i had been feeling.

11:30pm- dancing felt AMAZING. lights were god damn beautiul. pupils were fully dialated. i could feel the bass massaging my skin. audio and visual perceptions were enhanced 100%.

12midnight- woah. had to sit down and rehydrate. talking to people with alot of empathy. getting tracers from light shows. i had a giant smile on my face and my brain was still having an amazing orgasm.

12:30am- got back to the dance floor. dancing and kissing felt amazing. and it was at this point that i felt the most intense euphoria i have ever felt from a pill. i felt bliss, or as if i were glowing or radiating positive energy. there really are not enough adjectives to describe the amazing euphoric energy i was feeling.

12:45am- jaw was stimulated the most at this point. but i didnt chew anything or clench it. instead i relaxed it by opening wide as if yawning to reduce pain the next day. but it was seriously stimulated.

1am- still feeling the intense euphoric energy. light and sound was at its most beautiful point for the last 30min. 12:30-1am was without a doubt the most intensly amazing peak i have ever had.

1:30am- can distinguish that the roll is gradually wearing off at this point. roll has decreased by 50% at this point compared to what i was feeling an hour ago.

2am- roll is now at 15-20% of what it was at its peak. i feel almost sober at this point if i compare it to the peak experience. but the thought of the peak experience and over all experience, still makes me considerably happy.

2:30am- roll is over. no effects noticable, and i am tired and very thirsty.

3am- feel completely sober, there was no rough come down that i experienced and i do not feel sped-up. i feel relaxed, calm, almost zen-like.

4am- get home, no appetite or energy. get into bed and fall right to sleep.

got about 7 hours of sleep. woke up with a great appetite and food really sounded so good. but i laid in bed until 4 or 5 drinking water and going in and out of sleep. when i did get up food was fantastic.

in my opinion, these were the best pills i have ever had. so much euphoria. and the come down was unique because it was extremely calm for me.

i do not recomend taking roughly 250mgs of mdma in an hour and thirty minutes if you are not an experienced/educated or responsible user of this drug.

i very strongly suspect the only active contents in these pills to be a high dose of MDMA, based on my experience with the drug, and this pill.

today is tuesday, around 60hours after consumption and i feel great, especially psycologically, my outlook on life is positive and i physically feel tip top, considering the amount of dancing i did.

i hope everyone stays safe and healthy. and please be careful and educate yourself when using this drug. and thank you for reading this report.

We get, we get it, Mr. Brain Mind Orgasm, or whatever.  Listen, I suspect that it’s a lot of kids out on the West Coast, who just started rolling yesterday, who have taken so strongly to this Pokeball craze.  I need to hear from a grizzled veteran of tripping on Pokeballs, really.  Until someone who I have rolled with tells me about Pokeballs this mind orgasm shit, I have to be very suspicious of an adulterated pill. 







I know what good pills my friends have taken, because I have taken them too.  So it would be easy for me to put the Pokeball craze in perspective had I that ability to hear from a friend whose use history I know well.  I would have to say that the best pills around this summer, it seems, have been Blue G Spots in New York and Mints in Chicago.











Don’t Take Any Crap,

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