Blue’s Clues Pokeballs (above).

Blue’s Clues Pokeballs have hit Central Florida hard, according to a recent trip report submitted to by creativefish.  They’ve also migrated very quickly, as far as we know.  One week ago these same Pokeballs were first sighted in California.

Here’s creativefish’s rave report:

Blue paw pokeball  
Date Submitted: September 29, 2010, 7:58 pm GMT
Last Updated: September 29, 2010, 9:03 pm GMT
Submitted By: creativefish
Name: Blue paw pokeball
State/Province: Cntrl FL
Logo: Paw/pokeball
Colour: Light blue
Shape: cylindrical
Height: 1 mm
Width: 1 mm
Texture: Smooth
Edges: Smooth
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Awesome MDMA
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Marquis Reagent: Black
Consumed: yes
User Report: I found these last tues dt they are amazing it was so clean and I loved every second. The music was great like it was running through my body. Euphoria was amazing I never felt so good! Totally worth the money. The up was really relaxing no jitters, I took two and really only needed one. My eyes were peaked almost completely replace my iris looked almost like I had black contacts in. There were only good times to be shared I had no negative I reactions to it. Light hallucinations that lasted only about min. But I came down really easy and fell asleep as soon as I laid down.I hope these stay around for a while

Personally, we feel this report is of poor quality.  Supposedly these pills were tested and consumed, though there is virtually no information about their test results.  And the size?  One mm by one mm?  We pray that’s a typo because Pokeballs are much bigger than that.  In fact, most pills of any sort are bigger than that.

So while we thank creativefish for the news, we have to take him to task over the weak pill report.  You can do better, creativefish!  And be aware that your Pokeballs are likely adulterated with caffeine, as are all Pokeballs conclusively tested by’s laboratories.

Don’t Take Any Crap,

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