Spaniard Alberto Contador (above).

Food contamination?  We called it a fantasy last week, and it would seem we were justified in doing so.  Today the AP reported that 3 time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador had very high levels of plastic residue in a urine sample, which suggests he was transfusing clean urine into his system to beat drug tests.

ASSOCIATED PRESS — A urine sample taken from three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador showed abnormally high levels of plastic residues that could indicate he received a transfusion of his own blood during this year’s race, a person with knowledge of the test results told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Contador, who has previously denied receiving a transfusion, was provisionally suspended by the international cycling federation last week after a small amount of the banned drug clenbuterol was discovered in one of his samples by a laboratory in Cologne, Germany. The Spanish rider blamed contaminated beef for the result.

In a separate sample taken a day earlier, the Cologne lab also found plastic traces that might turn up after a transfusion of blood from a plastic bag, according to the person, who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because Contador’s investigation by the UCI is ongoing.

Contador’s abnormal sample showed eight times the normal amount of the plasticizer, the person said.

Of course.  Not surprised in the least over here.  Especially in light of our good friend Dr. J’s comment on a Lance Armstrong entry from months back, in regard to Armstrong refusing to submit to a test at the direct behest of the test’s administrator, which technically constitutes a failed test:

Dr. J Says:
March 28, 2010 at 1:14 am I think the “20 minute shower” was the time it took for him to urinate, insert a catheter into his urethra, and fill his bladder with a clean sample.

We are sticking by our assertion that Contador will be stripped of most, if not all of his hardware, by the time investigators are through with him.  And we hope the same is true for Lance, and a 9′ by 12′ jail cell to boot.

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