Blue’s Clues Pokeballs (above).

Blue’s Clues Pokeballs, which first popped in California and then Florida, have now made their way to Arizona, according to a trip report made earlier by zo0mie to

Here’s zo0mie’s report:

Blue’s Clue’s Pokeballs  
Date Submitted: October 12, 2010, 2:30 am GMT
Submitted By: zo0mie
Name: Blue’s Clue’s Pokeballs
State/Province: Phoenix/AZ
Logo: Paw print
Colour: Light blue
Shape: Round, domed.
Texture: Hard
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: A very solid pill. Not so powdery, but there was definately a tiny bit of a powdery residue left behind.
Suspected Contents: MDxx and Amphetamine
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 1st report so tell me how i do:7:30pm- ate dinner at the house before hittin up some friends
8:00- drive to a kickback and start sortin out ills
8:14pm- drop just one with a few other friends. 1st time rolling in 8 months so i was pretty excited
8:30- butterflies already
8:45- roll just started to kick in &cant wait for it to hit me hard
9:00- my eyes are just barely starting to droop down a bit and i’m talkin outfront with some new friends showin up at the kickback. i can’t stand being in the smokey house or all the comotion goin on. i had to take a walk with my girl
9:30- hits me hard & i have the urge to just keep moving. lots of people in the house so i kick it outback with a few friends and let out all my inner feelings. not so much of a “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU” roll, but more of a “come take a long ass walk with me” roll.
10:00- peaking, but not satisfied so i drop my 2nd
10:15- shit goes up so fuckin hard hella fast & i love it. go out on another walk with my girl
11:45- goin down already, but only just a little exhausted.
12:00am- feeling really tired and exhausted
12:30- house clears up a bit, roll still goin down but no sign of a comedown
1am- no comedown yet, hella tired, unsettled, feelin kinda like shit
1:30- lay down on the floor, smoke a few cigs but pass on the bud. had a rough night sleep.*my 9th time rolling, first time taking 2. not to mention my first time ever taking pokeballs. i thought it would be the best fuckin time of my life but it wasnt wat i expected. definately more on the amphetamine/meth side with very little mdma. still a bomb ass roll.

woke up in the morning at 8:30, smoked a cig, ate a gobstopper and got little stomach pains.. kinda weird, never had that before, but nobody who took these at the kickback had a comedown at all.

Good report from zo0mie, I guess.  zoomie likes Gobstoppers.  How young are these kids tripping right now?  As far as the MDxx and Amphetamine tag?  Not so sure about that.  Probably just a strong dose of MDMA, plus the Pokeball op’s trademark caffeine kicker.  But until we see a reliable test result on these, we won’t know for sure, especially since a lot of counterfit Pokes floating around out west.

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