Beware the domed G Spot–in all its many colors, but isn’t it a “coincidence” that domed Blue G Spots would drop within a week of the real thing making its return to the scene?

These domed knockoffs are clearly very different looking than the real thing, which, without a test, one can still distinguish between the fakes and the originals because of the weight of the pill (395 mgs compared to approximately 250 mgs), the completely flat round pill compared to the domed fakes, and the fact that the real G Spots are very speckled.  So take a look at thizztoad420’s recent submission to, and then dismiss it.  MDEA?  Sorry, but we don’t need a crackhead popping 8 to 10 pills a night trying to guess at what he ingested, when he’s the moron who got taken in the first place.

Blue G/Lady  
Date Submitted: October 23, 2010, 10:45 pm GMT
Last Updated: October 24, 2010, 12:49 am GMT
Submitted By: thizztoad420
Name: Blue G/Lady
State/Province: Ny/Bk
Logo: G//Lady
Colour: Light Blue
Shape: Round, Roll
Texture: Very Chalky
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Very chalky and crumbly roll. Most my pills turned into dust by the end of the night…Very bitter taste. Many white specles, and brownish specles. Lady facing left imprint not too great or visible, 2nd generation.
Suspected Contents: MDEA
Rating: MDxx Medium
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I got these from my guy who gives me the peace signs(they ran out 😦 ) Well its 6pm right now i just woke up about an hour ago, poped around 8-10 pills last night, and i feel pretty good…Not even a headache. Alittle burnt and groogy thats it.
MDEA i say becuase it felt like MDMA, but just not that intense i dont know how else to put it…Didnt get that total body pulsation that molly gives me, just felt alittle more subtle…I was able to fall asleep fine, and im not hungover, so that disproves of any speed, meth, or pipes in the rolls.
I was very stupid and the second i got these rolls i ended up poping one…It was 6pm rush hour in ny i had to get on the 1 train at this time, and all u nykers no it was packed…within 15 minutes of me poping the pill i got the chills, and swaety palms, however it didnt feel like i was peaking untill maybe 1 and a half hours later….But i wasnt tripping good…I was mad paranoid, cuz i had too many hits on me, and i just finished smoking weed, i smell like weed, and the train was so packed i couldnt move…finally got home and that when the trip turned good…Light pulsating feeling, talkitive, happy…only lasted about 30 minutes then every one started texting me about wat party am i going to, and blah blah blah…killed my trip, i hate texting plans xpecially when rolling, got me really pissed, and full of anxiety again…..So….lets gast foward to the partyBest fucking rave ever, got to see this band i havent seen since i left Miami, which was awesome..
I got to the party at around 11, i wasnt feeling like i was rolling anymore, Around 12 am i poped another 2 rolls…peak was much faster this time, within 45 minutes, i was having an amazing time..intense eye wiggles, crazy jaw clenching, frolicing, but i didnt have the energy to keep on frolicing all night…i would frolic, then chill, then frollic, then chill lol…Empathy and love, and talkiness were all there..all my friends who took one also felt great. Throught the night i ended up popping around 10 rolls…if it was a really good roll i usually wont do more than 4 in a night…but these went down like candies lol…half my pills turned to dust, so at around 7 in the morning i took my last parachute of all that dust accumalation. At this point i was already burnt, that powder just made me more awake and alert really haha…
Went to sleep around 12pm woke up at five, perfevtly fine..didnt have the best sleep, kept waking up. but atleast i slept…Im pretty hungry right now so im gana go make something eat now…

In genral good roll, dont think its MDMA tho, however MDEA is just as fine, no pipes or meth i cant do that shit no more…I would suggest ppl get these rolls…At the rave i saw red diamonds go around, those fucking saint’s which are strait pipes, and some other person had the blue g ladies also…so in general ur either getting some crap dirty roll in ny, ot a low/medium dose MDxx mix…If anyone wants a clean roll, these arent bad…
PLUR Everyone stay safe!

We must say that we are extremely disappointed with pill reports and its pill reporters.  The reporters lack knowledge and the mods do not spot trends.  It’s sad.  Real G Spots look like they do in the picture below.  If the shape or the weight is off, so should be the deal.  Nobody even called thizztoad420 on the fact that he popped “8-10” pills, and didn’t even know what he was taking.  So we’ll call him out.  Part of the reason that shwaggy knockoffs are selling is because the people buying are idiots.  That’s a problem for the entire scene.  Same goes for rushinrunner, who didn’t know what he was ingesting, and ended up popping four pipes at once.  Nice move, dimwit.  To read about that, see the link below.

Get Smarter New York!

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