This weekend four new amphetamine pills hit the market in Quebec and New Brunswick–Adidas’ (directly above), SS’s (3rd from top), Under Armours (2nd from top) and Green Goblins–and once again, their pushers are brazenly using to market their pills.  Only this time, after speed pushers in Quebec have been using for an eternity to hawk this garbage, Pill Reports moderator ocbudsmoker420 has added a warning to the report as it appears.  Finally.  We did a quick search and were able to trace amphetamine pills in Quebec on back to November of last year, and we are quite sure that the more times we pressed “more results”, the more speed pills we would have found.

As for ocbudsmoker420, if the name rings out, that’s because he is the very same moderator who “chimed in” here on this page to tout our uselessness, and who also was fooled by a Canadian speed pill last month.


i just wanted to chime in and say this blog is a joke. you want to critique and talk about reports why? moderators are already doing that, u a wanna be? i’d bet yes.

What kind of douche bag is this kid?  A very stupid one, obviously.  Why does Crack want to talk about pill reports?  Because most of the reports are lacking and the moderators are obviously quite dim.  Check out the reports on these amps at the links below, and notice the obvious marketing pitches, like the one below:

Talkative, motivated everything is interesting, very alert, no sleep.

Who wouldn’t notice a pitch like that?  Well, obviously we did notice, and have been keeping an eye on what we consider a problem of epidemic proportion in the Canadian underground since this page’s inception.  It was themselves who didn’t notice, and who have allowed this Canadian amphetamine operation to basically advertise on their site–an Ecstasy information database. (SS’s) (Under Armours) (Adidas) (Goblins)

In a previous page on speed up north we asked the question, ‘don’t they have Crystal in Quebec like the rest of the civilized world?’  We’ve come to the conclusion this speed pill situation is more sinister than that.  Of course they have Crystal, and we’d think that any hardcore meth user would look on these re-pressed and stamped adderall/ritalin pills as strictly a last resort.  But for the makers, who don’t have the balls or the brains to make actual Crystal Meth, but who do have access to large stores of prescription amphetamine, they are following the Ecstasy sales model in order to push this garbage as far as they can.  And it’s working, because our brethren in the community are fools.  Look at thizztoad420’s reaction to seeing the Goblins:

Posted on October 24, 2010, 2:04 am GMT by thizztoad420
…nah im actually interested in these bro…do u get a horrible crash, and how long does this last, i never knew there are just pure speed pills…im really down

You guys remember thizztoad420?  Yeah, he’s the asshole who took “8-10” fake Blue G Spots last weekend, and obviously, got played.  We have tons of complaints regarding recent pill reports, in fact, as we were also disappointed by the lack of accountability on the part of moderators when contradictory reports surfaced on Yellow Bowling Ball Mints this weekend.

As for our good friend ocbudsmoker420?  Have fun going back years to stick warnings on hundreds of amphetamine pills that passed right under your nose.  And you’re very welcome for enlightening you, moron!