Yellow Elephant Pokeballs (pictured) have been tested by the laboratories at, and unlike the other Pokeballs tested conclusively prior to last month, they do not have the trademark ratio of 5 parts MDMA to 1 part caffeine.  Recent results from also show that Green G Lady Pokeballs do not have the trademark 5 parts to 1, MDMA to caffeine ratio.

Yellow Elephant Pokeballs, to our surprise, have come back from’s lab at a composition ratio of 30 parts MDMA to 1 part caffeine.  Take a look below:

ID: 2019
Name: elephant
Other Names:  
Marquis Test:More infoThe Marquis Test is a reagent field test conducted by placing a drop of reagent liquid onto a small sample of the material being tested. The chemicals in the reagent react differently with different chemicals, turning a variety of colors based on the what is in the material being tested. Black / Purple
Mecke Test:More infoAs with the Marquis Test, The Mecke Test is a reagent field test conducted by placing a drop of liquid reagent onto a sample of the material in question. Mecke reagent is primarily used for the identification of heroin and other opiates. Green to Purple
GC/MS:More infoThe GC/MSTest
  • MDMA: 30
  • Caffeine: 1

In case you are wondering about the authenticity of Yellow Elephant Pokeballs, we did too, but they are legitimate upon review.  The size and dimensions of the pill, as well as the fact that they are domed on both sides line up perfectly well with other legitimate Pokeballs

Test Date: Oct 29, 2010
Pub. Date: Oct 29, 2010
Location: San Diego, CA
Color: Off White or Yellow
Size: 305 mg, 8.1 x 5.9
Data Source:
Tested by: DDL

All legitimate Pokeballs come in around 290-310 mgs, and are 8.1 x 5.9 mms.  The Green G Lady Pokeball came back from the lab at a composition ratio of 10 parts MDMA to 1 part caffeine, well above the normal Pokeball ratio.  By the way, if you are doubting this information based on the pic, we’d say that would be a poor basis for doubt.  Frequently EcstasyData’s pics are poor.  When taking into account the size, dimensions, and domed nature of the pill, we see it as a real Pokeball.

2008 Green Lady
  • MDMA
  • Caffeine
  • 10
  • 1
Oct 05, 2010 Oct 01, 2010 Scottsdale, AZ 305 mg, 8.1 x 5.9

On the surface, we are very impressed by this development, pardon the pun.  Especially in the case of the Elephant Pokeballs, the caffeine in the pill would appear to be a negligible amount.  That Pokeballs would seem to increase in their MDMA ratio is shocking, unexpected, and goes totally against the grain.  Could the quality of the MDMA contained declined?  It could have.  It could also have improved.

Let’s reserve any further comment for the time being while we try to make better sense of this.

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