Blue Original Batman Pokeballs (above).

Blue Batman Pokeballs in which the Batman logo is inside an oval, have hit Southern California, and have gotten very high marks from socallovelife in a recent trip report submitted to  These Batman Pokeballs are the third variety of Batman Pokeballs we have seen in recent months–White Batman Pokeballs (logo not inside oval) and Blue Dark Night Batman Pokeballs, the latter whose validity have been widely doubted, are the other two.

Here’s socallovelife’s trip report:

Blue Batman Pokeball  
Date Submitted: November 13, 2010, 8:36 pm GMT
Last Updated: November 14, 2010, 1:26 am GMT
Submitted By: socallovelife
Name: Blue Batman Pokeball
State/Province: OC, CA
Logo: original batman
Colour: blue
Shape: round
Texture: smooth, hard pressed
Edges: well defined
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: the stamp is very clean, hard pressed on these. most pokeballs I have taken in the past were quite chalky but these are harder pressed.
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: This is my first report so please be patient. I consider myself a relatively experienced user having been rolling since 07, pill count about 60 or so. I was reluctant to buy these at first after seeing the copycats going around on PR but my connect assured me they weren’t the same & that they were real pokeballs, which I agreed with once I saw them in person. I even scraped a little shavings off a pill before leaving to taste it, definitely tasted like ecstasy (that bitter-salty taste). Anyway on to the point.

Got to an event not long ago and dropped as soon as I got in, roughly 615pm.

I figure out my game plan for stages and DJs to see for the night and go buy a gatorade. I was on an empty stomach (from experience I personally don’t digest e well after eating) so the pill began to hit quickly. Started coming up at about 630-640 or so, by 7 oclock I had been thrown into a very nice roll: euphoric, body felt very light to the sound of great music, sense of touch is fantastic. Impressive feeling for only 1.

I drop again at 830, not necessarily because it was wearing off but more because my favorite DJs for the night were going to be coming on soon. Anyway, about ten minutes later I am skyrocketed into a harder roll (not to say I wasn’t rolling hard off of one, but this sends me off). Intense euphoria, absolutely floating to music, kissing my girl sends me soaring, lights are fascinating. No jaw clenching at all or any feelings of massive energy whatsoever (did not feel any amp) but that didn’t stop me from dancing all night (have heard that caffeine is used in pokeballs these days?). The peak was incredible. I rolled hard for about 5-6 hours off only two.
Comedown was smooth; sleep came easy, woke up in the morning feeling as if I had not rolled at all the prior night (which I have noticed for all the pokeball batches I have tried lately, no comedown the next day whatsoever). I was starving and proceeded to make a hearty breakfast to nourish my body after a night of partying. Cleeeeaaan strong rolls, gotta love em! These are BOMBB, I would compare them to the green telephones that have also been going around, highly recommended

Hope my report was satisfactory, will be more active in the community and post more that I try. If I missed any info, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Stay safe

Here’s where we’d usually warn you that Pokeballs are adulterated with caffeine, as all that have been conclusively tested have been shown to be.  But as we told you earlier in the week, recently tested Pokeballs have shown different compositions with negligible amounts caffeine.

Be Smart,

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