Dark Green (impressed) Glock (above).

Marquis Reagent on the Glock (above).  The sample turned purple/black instantly.  FYI, there are many outpressed Glocks that have gone around NYC and the rest of the country that are pipes.  I have seen light green, purple, and blue in my area, and recently, saw the light green ones on www.pillreports.com.  Here’s a pic and a link to an older pill report on the Light Green Glock (outpressed).


Mecke Reagent on the Dark Green Glock (above).  The sample went dark blue instantly, and stayed dark blue. 

Yellow Star (above) with 2 oval eyeballs impressed (cutout).

Marquis Reagent on the Yellow Star.  No reaction.  It does look yellow, which might cause some to think DXM.  But the pill was uniformly yellow, so what you are seeing is the color of the pill broken down.  Seconds earlier, and for probably close to a minute, the puddle stayed clear.  These pills looked very unique, and we had both commented that we hoped it was the real deal.  Classic cutout bullshit.  Keep in mind that these Yellow Stars have two ovals impressed in the center that look like eyes.

Mecke Reagent on the Yellow Star (above).  Again, it seems yellow, but more accurately, the sample stayed clear.

Orange G Lady (above).  Don’t get too excited.  This isn’t the Orange G Lady/G Spot.  This pill had the Lady print on one side and nothing on the other side–no G.  Also, the pill was flat on one side and lightly domed on the other.  But I did like the results.  Take a look:

Marquis Reagent on the Orange Lady (above).  The sample went to purple/black fairly immediately, but not quite as quickly as the Green Glock.

Mecke Reagent on the Orange Lady (above).  The sample went very dark very quickly.

A look at all 3 and their results (above).

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