Super Bowl winning Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin (above).

On what he did after Sunday’s 4th quarter debacle against the Eagles that culminated in a DeSean Jackson walk off punt return TD, given in a not purposely funny interview:

Asked what he did after the awful loss, Coughlin was rhetorical.

“What did I do? I sat in a room with the lights out for about two and a half hours,” he said. “It’s not funny. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be.”


“Yeah. Sure I did. What was I going to do? Join in on what festivities? What time of the year?”

After answering a few more football related questions, the topic returned to Coughlin and the dark room.

How many losses have you had where you’ve gone and sat in the dark?

“A few, unfortunately. Sometimes the Christmas lights weren’t on,” he said.

Is this the worst one that you can remember?

“I’d say it’s the worst one that I want to remember,” Coughlin added.
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Sorry Tom.  You’re a fine coach, and we know you’ll pull the Giants through this.  But yo, giving yourself the lights out treatment is so funny to us, and totally understnadable.  Do us a favor and stick Rex in there with you next time.  He can use it.