Bad Turtle cutouts (above).

According to gtcloc831, there are bad Turtle outpresses making the rounds in California, and by the information in the trip report, we’d bet quite a sum they are piperazines.  Let’s take a look at gtcloc831’s unfortunate trip report:

Orange Turtle (May be brown, or pink);Shit-Turtles  
Date Submitted: January 6, 2011, 7:50 am GMT
Last Updated: January 6, 2011, 7:51 am GMT
Submitted By: gtcloc831
Name: Orange Turtle (May be brown, or pink);Shit-Turtles
State/Province: Santa Cruz, CA
Logo: Turtle, press coming out
Colour: Orange/Brown/Pink/Beige
Shape: Circular
Texture: VERY Chalky
Edges: Look clean
Report Quality Rating: (2.5 stars, 2 votes)
Description: Looks orange when we get them, but depending on the light they can look pink, or brownish beige.Very chalky and crumbly. The edges and press looked clean before they started to disintegrate. They looked a lil bit thick, about the size of a good quad, but don’t be fooled, this is a very bad quality pill.

P.S. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture, my friend took our leftover pills and traded them for some Green Pumas. Which are low-quality but significantly better than these shit-turtles.

Suspected Contents: Other – please see report
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Before I start, I must say that these were AWFUL pills. If you come into contact with them, get the fuck away.I’m not very experienced at all, my pill count is about 20 or so. But I have taken both good and pills, and I can tell the difference between MDxx and total horseshit.

3:15-Chew one pop one with a similarly experienced friend. We both agreed that the one we chewed tastes like burned plastic, and crumbled almost instantly after hitting out tongues XP

3:45-Not expecting much, but never heard much about these pills either. Mild come up. Very light visuals.

4:15-On most pills I would be rolling by now off two. But me and my friend are sitting down smoking cigarettes and talking. Feel like we’re coming up still, but this feeling never goes away.

5:00-Me and my friend make a unanimous decision, that these pills have no MDMA, or anything similar. We are not rolling. No jaw clenches or euphoria. Just sweaty palms and horrible stomach aches.

7:00-We go to see Tron, hoping the stimulus will help. We each pop another pill right at 7.

8:00-Similar to earlier experience, but more tweaky and sweaty. Still no signs at all that we were rolling.

9:15-Movie ends and we both decide to go home. I take a shower and it helps my mood a little bit.

Couldn’t fall asleep till about 3, at which point I took an Ibueprofen PM to help me sleep. It did, but before that I was simply lying in bed, sweating with heavy chills even though my house is very warm and I have lots of blankets. I lay tweaking out in bed for hours, stomach ache never going away.

Afterword: These pills were a complete disaster from start to finish. Our leftovers starting crumbling in the bag during the movie. Neither of us want them at all. I never tested these pills but I’m sure there was no, or at least VERY little MDMA. They felt like a small amount of meth, maybe some Piperzeine or Ketamine. Im no expert but these pills were not esctasy at all. There was no roll whatsoever and the stomach pains and tweaks I had never went away until I fell asleep. The next day I felt horrible, and couldn’t eat. These pills make me not want to roll for awhile. The shitty feeling they left was unbelievable.

“I lay tweaking out in bed for hours, stomach ache never going away.” — gtcloc831

Truly sorry for the bad trip, brother.  Then again, this all can be avoided next time with a quick trip to  Test your fucking pills!  Especially such notorious outpresses/cutouts.  And by the way, you’d be damned lucky to have any Ketamine in that pill.  Sounds a lot more like you got piped, son.

Be Smart,

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