James Blake and Novak Djokovic (above).

There are going to be some very interesting matchups on Sunday for the true tennis fan.  It’s not like we didn’t enjoy watching Roger take Radek Stepanek to the woodshed this afternoon, or that we weren’t interested in the troubles of both of the Andys, but tomorrow is to be quite the day.

It gets started early with a very intresting matchup on Stadium, Mardy Fish vs. Richard Gasquet.  Back to the scene of the crime for Gasquet so to speak, whose career was derailed in Miami when he exchanged fluids with a Miami woman on Cocaine.  That interaction led to a failed drug test which has since been set aside, but the net effect essentially set him back 2 years.  The promising Frenchman with the game’s most beautiful one handed backhand took a while to get back on track, but it appears that he is in fine form again.  Recall that Gasquet is a Wimbledon semi-finalist who beat Andy Roddick in that quarter-final, coming back from 2 sets to love down.

We love Gasquet.  And Stacey Gardner (below). 

We try to love Mardy too, but it’s hard.  Especially tomorrow.  Gasquet, blessed with incredible talent, seemed like a guy who’d never put it all together.  We think the brush with the Coke rap has forced him to to appreciate the game more, and we’ve never seen more heart  or fire from him lately.  Key Biscayne’s Agile court surface would seem to favor both players and their aggressive games.  We’ll take the one-hander.  We still expect the big things from Gasquet that we’ve always expected, and like that he’s back on the right path.  And his recent drubbing of Andy Roddick was very impressive, which we’re sure good friends Fish and Roddick discussed.


Major champions are in action on the women’s side with another one-hander, Francesca Schiavone, and Kim Clijsters both featured.  But there will be heavyweights going all day.  Beat this: Juan Martin Del Potro versus Robin Soderling.  Talk about ball crushers.  Great for the game that Del Potro is becoming a factor again, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he was a little too hot for Soderling to handle tomorrow.  Soderling, having a great year, is yet to produce much on American soil, and JMDP might just thrive in this environment. 

Giant John Isner in action against Murray’s slayer, journeyman Alex Bogmolov Jr.  Interesting that Murray has given career best wins to Donald Young and Bogmolov Jr. in successive tournaments. 


How charitable is the Scot?  That’s what happens when you keep pushing balls back and you never take any initiative.  Speaking of charity, the very gifted but now scorned James Blake, will take on Novak Djokovic, still undefeated this season.  If Blake ever wanted to do something, having let myriad opportunities just slip away, tomorrow night might be a good time to go for for broke.

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