We love Sarah Silverman (above between McCarver and Buck).  And we aren’t that big on baseball, or in game ads, or shameless network promotions, or when at baseball or football games, the star of some new FOX or CBS show will happen to be in the crowd and then happens to pop into the booth to tell us how great their new show is, though that show is bound to fail and be awful, just like every other “new” show in history.  So when Sarah Silverman got her chance as the celebrity Red Sox fan on Saturday–some new genius twist by FOX–to do commentary for an inning, because obviously, baseball, on its own merits in May, is short merits, she made them pay.  And we applaud her.

Conceived of the same logic that got us a neon enhanced puck or Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football, was FOX’s celebrity fan feature.  Silverman, a New Hampshire native, honored the segment by declaring that she didn’t care about the Red Sox, that she had some baseball facts that she could run with–but when asked to name one stayed silent (hilarious!), and then talked about Doc Ellis, who pitched a no hitter on LSD while both Tim McCarver and Joe Buck were yelling “NO NO NO!”

Here’s the epic Silverman inning:

Now really, how dumb is FOX?  If they know anything about Sarah Silverman at all, they have to know she has won a major coup by getting on national TV to talk baseball, or in other words, to perpetrate a massively major goof on the establishment.  Kudos.

And we miss her cookie parties!

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