Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton (above).

Was there some sort of altercation between the God of clean cycling, Lance Armstrong, and former teammate and now, witness for the prosecution, Tyler Hamilton in a fancy Colorado establishment over the weekend?

Sounds like maybe he did to those rascals at the FBI.

Federal investigators have requested surveillance video from an Aspen restaurant, presumably to determine if a weekend confrontation between Lance Armstrong and his former teammate Tyler Hamilton violated witness-tampering laws.

Jodi Larner, co-owner of Cache Cache, said an FBI agent who contacted her on Monday told her she would receive a subpoena for the video. She said she will comply.

A little more…

As the Daily News reported Monday night, Hamilton‘s attorney, Chris Manderson, said he had notified federal authorities on Monday about Hamilton’s awkward reunion with Armstrong. Manderson said the run-in may have constituted witness tampering.

“I’m glad that the FBI is investigating this and moving to preserve evidence,” Manderson said. “I hope the FBI will interview Jodi Larner and other witnesses under penalty of perjury to force them to tell the truth.”

Hamilton testified last year before a federal grand jury in Los Angeles investigating Armstrong and other cyclists accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. Hamilton accused the seven-time Tour de France winner of using banned substances during a May 22 interview with “60 Minutes.” Hamilton also acknowledged his own drug use on the show.

Hamilton, in Aspen for an event sponsored by Outside magazine, joined about a dozen people for dinner on at Cache Cache Saturday evening. Manderson said the Olympic gold medalist was pushing his way through the crowded bar area when Armstrong, who was sitting at the bar with friends, blocked his path.

According to Manderson, Armstrong was very confrontational with his former U.S. Postal Service teammate. Armstrong accused Hamilton of accepting money from CBS for the “60 Minutes” interview and threatened to make his life a “living hell.”

Outside editor Abe Streep, who ran into Hamilton shortly after the incident, wrote on his blog that the cyclist seemed visibly shaken by the run-in.

We like that line best that goes, “under penalty of perjury…”   So Lance Armstrong is a bully?  Do wonders never cease?

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