Recently fired Jeff Lewis employees Sarah and Trace (above).

As the new season of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis was set to start, and Bravo was running their catch up marathons, several fans left us comments expressing their out and out disdain for Lewis.  In fact, one angry viewer and reader even bluntly theorized that for Jeff Lewis to treat his minions as he does, he must have a “small dick.”  We put it mildly.  And we defended our favorite gay man that side of Andy Cohen, and explained to the readers that Jeff has the talent to get away with treating people badly, and that he does makes the show.

Now we find ourselves more on the side of angry readers and viewers who are dissatisfied, and are increasingly upset at what the show has become.  There’s no doubting that Jeff Lewis is a singular talent and we firmly believe that for a while, was one of the funniest and most unique characters anywhere on television.  We thought most of his kidding to be good natured, and most of his insults to be tongue and cheek, and that most of his entourage who were in effect, his family, actual and for real intents and purposes, would be safe no matter how much the man protested otherwise.

It’s not true.  Jeff Lewis is a mean dick, becoming worse by the second, contradicting his claim for the need to expand his business by firing employees who were more than just employees for petty reasons, goaded by his Machiavellian boyfriend to act on petulant whims rather than the calculated acumen that made him the success he is.  Let’s be real. Who the fuck is Gage, from what rock did he crawl out from under, and does anyone like him and not take him for the controlling, backstabbing scumbag he is?

For the past few seasons, Jeff lived in a big, beautiful house called Valley Oak, got on pretty well with his staff, aside from his ego manufacturing problems with Jenni and Sarah, and was frequently depicted having nice takeout lunches and cocktails with his people.  We saw Jeff put Trace threw the mill with a client who got physical with him, we saw a proud Jeff Lewis design beam at Trace’s graduation, and we saw Jeff and Sarah get on like girlfriends, and Jeff dote over his houseboy Jett’s baby.

Jett has a baby and Sarah is related to Jeff through marriage, and Trace was a beloved protege.  Enter Gage, who had undermined Sarah all season until Jeff did what we thought was the unthinkable and fired her last week, who for no apparent reason, opened an email on Trace’s computer that he was not asked to open, leading to Trace’s dismissal, and who openly lobbied for Jett’s firing, a guy trying to support a family.  As Jett’s performance review approached, Gage sarcastically quipped to him “good luck with that”, and afterward, denied that he pushed for Jett’s firing, when he was the only one who did.

When Jeff sat with his sister-in-law, who is Sarah’s sister, and told her that he had to fire Sarah, she said as long as he didn’t disrespect her in the process, it wouldn’t cause a family a problem.  Jeff said no problem, but had already disrespected Sarah so thoroughly beyond the point of no return by, well, flipping out on her so early and often.  Sarah was not about to beg for her job, the way Jeff’s ego no doubt desired, because, well, the job wasn’t worth the abuse.  And Trace?  Fired for doing a design of his closet on Jeff’s time.  If that’s really such a big problem, but with Trace like family at this point, and so integral an employee on so many levels, couldn’t Jeff have just had a word with him and docked him some pay?  It’s a 22 year old kid, after all, who one would think would make mistakes here and there, and who we have seen rarely at fault.  When Gage opened the email of Trace’s closet plan, it was he who was beaming, and who questioned aloud, “what to do now?” as if he hadn’t just struck for a personal jackpot.

We really don’t think Trace deserved to be fired and we certainly don’t think that Trace deserved to be called an arrogant asshole by Jeff, or to be screamed at.  So at Trace’s performance review, when he was ambushed by Jeff and Gage, Trace, a quick study, caught on really well, and didn’t defend himself, knowing he had won his ticket out of the mad, angry world of Jeff Lewis, driving off into the sunset in his Range Rover.

Now Jeff lives in a smaller house, under a palpable cloud of discontent, fostered by Gage’s greed and jealousy.  Sarah was a relation and had to go.  He made sure Jeff got rid of her.  Trace was younger and prettier.  Gage got rid of him too.  Jett is just a nice guy, struggling in life, doing whatever he can, like pissing in a jug, handling Zoila’s panties, and shining shoes, but he’s also younger and prettier, if straight, so we would bet on Gage getting his way and forcing Jeff to get rid of Jett too.

And where is all of this next level business Gage was supposed to be helping Jeff land?  All we see is Jeff scrambling to hold on to Cole, eating shit from this annoying Jewish lady who hates Jenni, and managing some low budget renovation for some aging rockstar’s wife.  It’s certainly not like doing the kitchen of the year, or a high traffic restauraunt, plus several homes, like last year.

It all begs the question, what was Gage doing before Jeff came along?  Because he certainly only seems to be this great business manager in Jeff’s mind, and he has wreaked havoc on the office and on Jeff’s already tenuous personal life. 

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Chaz does diss Jeff Lewis Design and choose someone else for his New York salon?  Or perhaps a better way to phrase it would be, wouldn’t it be deserved?  Because there’s probably some equally talented designers out there who are also nice people and who don’t surround themselves with cold and conniving twerps.  We certainly hope Zoila and Jenni are untouchable, but for all we know, Gage is plotting their demise as well.

Would Jenni still get a producer’s credit if that were the case?  And would she still write catchy jams like “Prostitution Whore” and “Joisey’s in Da House”?  Leave it to Gage to fuck up an entire cable network.  Hopefully, Andy Cohen will call out Gage and Jeff on their shenanigans on WWHL and the reunion show, as he is so good at doing.

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