American Ryan Sweeting (above).

Whatever happens from here out, and we expect nothing if not a huge push and big fight from warrior David Ferrer, but world #68 Ryan Sweeting has absolutely taken it to the Spaniard thus far, crushing the ball from the baseline and showing deft feel and at times dominance up at net.  Sweeting took the first set in a tie-breaker, dropped the second, and won the third, in what would be a monumental upset–the biggest of the tournament by far so far–and a signature win for the 24 year old American.

Sweeting has been the aggressor all day, and in a 69 minute first set, he made an improbable 19 of 20 points at net.  We must say kudos to that.  He has out-winnered Ferrer 36-23 so far, and 10-3 in the 3rd set, which Sweeting took convincingly.  Sweeting has been unloading off both wings, regularly taking Ferrer’s time away.  Ferrer, at the moment, has 2 break points to go ahead 3-1 in the fourth, but his hands are most definitely full with the spirited American today.

For Ferrer to win, he is going to have to do more than play the ball back.  Since the match is far from over, check it out if you can.  Definitely one of the best matches of tournament so far.

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