Deja vu, anyone?

2012 Dubai Duty Free Championships Mens Final — 10 AM EST

Roger Federer:  – 135

Andy Murray:  + 105


We’ll get into some stuff, we’re sure, in the next couple of days.  This is just a quick hit.  Federer trailed the second set tie-breaker 5-0 before recovering to take Del Potro in 2 sets, and 8-6 in that breaker.  Surreal.  It was some shit, in short.  And how about Murray?  Breezes out to a 6-2, 5-2 lead on the King, Lord Novak Djokovic, before things got interesting for a second.  The Djoker camp has surely taken note that Andy Murray, in his last 3 shindigs with the Serbian Assassin, has made for a rather uncomfortable playmate.  Credit Murray for the Lendl hire, as we are seeing dividends already, and in the very top echelon of the game.  In Cincy, it was Murray, 6-4, 3-0, we believe, when Vlade’s boy called it quitskys.  In Melbourne in that semi, only Djokovic’s will survived intact, in a 7-5 5th set in which he went down a break before asserting his destiny.  We thinks Andy, with his off speed stuff, throws things at Djokovic that other than him, only Federer can.  Murray will kill you with you variety, and he’s been doing the South Beach workout or whatever maybe while Djokovic has been, maybe, sipping on the bubbly a tad too much.  We’ve got a Murray-Djoker situation and we’d probably best like to see that played out in Flushing or at SW-19, for maximum grokk value.  And a word on DP, before we forget.  We haven’t seen him come up with much against, Rafa, Djoker, or Murray since the wrist tragedy.  Too bad, because he had the power, pre-wrist devastation, to be the guy that notched regular W’s against the cream of the crop.

But we’re not sure so much about Roger, who has gotten in the kid’s head.  They weren’t any tears of joy that were slicking the face of Murray, who recalls the sting too well.  Even though it’s a tacky hardcourt, marked up from rocks like Stade Roland Garros, Federer claimed his last major against Andy with almost identical conditions, on that teary day for the lad, and for Merry Old as well.  Tennis is match-ups.  In this one, we’ll take Roger, because he will dictate, and because he’s played this match to perfection and to all world results a few times now, and it’s on the Scot’s brain.

That said, if Murray intends to play his first serves as he has recently against the King, then The Djoker will probably be locked in more death struggles with Murray for majors this year, making Murray a man with a very good chance to get Merry Old off the major stump in the near future.  Perhaps perhaps perhaps even on in mud.

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