Mutua Madrilena Masrers Series 1000 — Madrid, Spain (approximately 2 PM EST, TTC)

Roger Federer:  – 350

Milos Raonic:  + 225


Fed leads 1-0, taking a tight 3 setter from the kid at Indian Wells.  Raonic played the big game against Federer, and pounded serves and forehands, to get up a set.  We knew Federer can be susceptible to the big game, but not for sure whether Raonic could get to Roger with his big game.  In the end, we were satisfied that Raonic can indeed.  The match, in our minds, came down to fitness.  Raonic was gassed after winning the first set breaker 7-4.

The kid has been playing very well on the clay over in Spain, taking out Andy Murray and very narrowly losing to warrior David Ferrer.  And he trains in Spain and his coach, Galo Blanco, is from Spain, so the comfort level is there.  Federer is yet to play a tournament match on clay this season.  Madrid’s blue clay and indoor setting means for faster clay, and that is going to bode well for big hitters such as these.

We aren’t touching this, though we can’t wait to see it play out.  Either way the outcome will not surprise us, unless there’s a blowout.  But guys that hold serve don’t get blown out, so don’t be surprised if this is another close affair.

Sorry to be brief, but this match had to be noted.

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