The above 6 pills have all surfaced in Canada since May 3rd, 2012.  All are adulterated and contain no known MDXX.  Read their pill reports at or by clicking on the links below:

(The links appear in inverse order of their pictures displayed above.)

We generally don’t publish much on specific pills anymore because, as we told you last year in our most recent analysis of the lab results from, that it was depressing to do so, considering the state of the game world wide.  We called last summer a “bad season for Ecstasy.”  Since then, each season has been as dismal.  In comments, we have said repeatedly that the thing to do, if you are in the scene, is find pure MDMA in the powder form, AKA “Molly.”  Of late, the Pokeball operation out west has kept pumping out pills containing MDMA, albeit they are still adulterated, and the Mint operation in the midwest has continued to churn out the pills of the highest purity and quality, while also putting out the odd MDA roll.  Good for them.  Kudos.  Other than those, we are only seeing odd pills here and there test as the real deal, as we anticipated, forecasted, written, preached, cried about, etc.

Perhaps no place near has a worse scene than Canada, as we have also been up on the soap box about.  It had gotten so ridiculous that we stopped writing it down for you.  It’s a broken record by now, and you should all get the idea.  Speed merchants have been dominating the Canadian scene for who really knows how long, and really, that is a sad and depressing state of affairs for their underground, truth be told.

We came on the scene about 2.5 years back, and in that time, we have written about many dozens of amphetamine hits that are branded like Ecstasy and that are practically being advertised by pillreports, with whom we have a love/hate affair.  PR is great for the information they provide, but where we don’t endorse them is in all the mistakes and shoddy reporting, and all the nonsensical rules about their trip reports, like it is some kind of high holy medical resource.  Please.

Then, some idiot there decided to take us on.  They said ‘we wanna be pillreports’ or some nonsense.  In fact, why would we want to ‘wanna be’ something who knows less than us?  We’ve only been cracking since before most of these morons have been alive.  Foolishly, they did not take the Canadian speed scourge seriously.  We did.

So a shame it is for Canada and all that, bottom line.  And our point has always been belied by the facts, and also, by the concept that you have to be, as a member of the community, discerning about what you call Ecstasy else the standards will drop.  Piperazines haven’t helped the cause either, but obviously, this is not a discerning community, and that is why Canada has 6 amphetamine pills and another 7 unknown/adulterated pills on PR this month, and not one real ass fucking pill to be found since Blue Dolphins were conclusively tested by ggpr3 on March 22nd.  Good work by ggpr3, who also posted a nice test for Red Buddhas that day containing MDA.  That’s a tough call based on the pics available but we’ll defer to ggpr3 since he saw the actual results’ color scheme (

So Canada had produced literally scores of amphetamine pill pill reports since the last real pill they tested up there, over two months ago.  So who is still in need of a diagram on these matters?  Canadian gib heads?  The teenagers at PR?  We’ve had our rest, and are ready to start calling some pills out again in the hopes that people will start doing the right thing by the scene.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (