We don’t do much on politics except drug politics.  Yet here we are.  So this must be important.  The other day when driving behind a car with the red Rutgers “R”, a flood of negativity rushed in.  We had recently read, in full, the pleas for leniency made to the court by the parents of Dharun Ravi.


His mom says he has suffered enough.  He can’t eat, she says.  He has no social life.  The media made him a monster, she says.  The whole case is a media distortion, she says.  She says that there has never been any truth.  None.  Her son loves his family dog and his baby brother, she says.  She says that on the 2 or 3 weekends before Tyler Clementi took his own life, her son came home to be with his family.  These were the linchpins of her argument as to the glowing character of her son.

And of course, she says he doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body.  Of course he doesn’t.  He’s a great guy, right?  The father says the same.  The father also says they are not a closed household and that they celebrate diversity, the whole American way nonsense, as anyone could’ve easily predicted he would.  What is he gonna say?

Actually, if it was my son for whom I was applying for leniency, I would not hesitate to fall on my sword.  Yes, we were hateful and please please save him because this is all our fault.  We obviously failed to bring up a productive member of society.  Don’t punish him for that.

But Mr. Ravi is intent on having the court know that the Ravis are “good people.” As easy as it would be to call such nonsense laughable, who really knows?  Maybe they are.  Not Dharun, of course.  Clearly he is most despicable.  A destructive member of society.  If you can not agree with us on that then just X this out.  But maybe they are good and life is just complicated, as they say.

This next bit is not so complicated.  A jury read about 300 guilty verdicts against him.  We can’t go count for count, but bias intimidation counts are essentially hate crimes, are they not?  Now one does not have to hold hate in his heart in order to commit hateful acts.  And these were hateful acts, under taken repetitively.  Also, one can hold much hate inside and not act on that hate.  The Ravis want to make this about Dharun Ravi not being hateful.

That doesn’t even matter.  It is completely irrelevant.  If Tyler Clementi was not gay would Dharun Ravi have webcammed his trysts?  Please.  So that nonsense ends right there.  The other nonsense is that Dharun Ravi didn’t make Tyler Clementi commit suicide.  We beg to differ.

Dharun Ravi did not get charged with murder.  That is a fact.  If he is not responsible for Clementi’s death, who is?  Well, Rutgers.  Obviously.  How do you leave kids together who express these apprehensions, on record, to the U.?  They will get theirs, for sure, and we’ll leave that for another day.

Dharun Ravi is also responsible.  One does not get to say, ‘well, I told Rutgers I didn’t wanna live with him’ and offer that for absolution.  Although, Ravi’s parents are quick, and many liberals whom I thought were of our own ilk, are quick as well to point out that Ravi didn’t make Clementi commit suicide.  I guess not.  He just made the action that caused the suicide.  Pure semantics.  He wasn’t on trial for murder or manslaughter or whatever anyway.  He did the crimes he is guilty of.  There was no reasonable doubt created.

How about the part of the pleas for leniency where they say ‘remember that Dharun Ravi didn’t make Tyler commit suicide’?  That’s gall.  Right.  Because that is what you believe if you are the parents of a monster.  It’s all the victim’s fault, right?  Guess what?  Since then, high schoolers who prompted a bullying related suicide in NJ have been charged with manslaughter.  The perception of this type of situation changed after the Ravi incident, because it is so so so so serious.  And Ravi has gotten off easy.

In that regard, the blame game, the Ravis understand the American system quite well.  But in the most important ways, they do not.  The dad, a well written man, says the judge should not send a kid to prison, ruining 2 people’s lives on account of this sad situation.  Fine.  We don’t have that much problem with Ravi’s exceedingly lenient sentence of 30 days in jail.  Jails are no place for 19-20 year old kids, for the most part.  Although, the gov’t does throw one hell of an expensive proceeding just to give a kid a 30 day bid.

We actually would have to applaud Judge Berman for not bowing to the inherent pressure in the sentencing guidelines.  When a judge refuses to be just a rubber stamp, the system works more fairly.  Judges should have a wealth of common sense accumulated, and should use it.  Judges who apologize as they hand out sentences are worthless.  Any dummy could do that.

But the people who argue that Dharun Ravi should not be deported when the court is within its right to do so are not considering this case from the right side.  The side of Tyler Clementi’s family.  I do not know if they even want Ravi to be deported.  We don’t mean ‘their side’ as the deport him side, but rather, from the victim’s side.  We all could have a kid in the unenviable position of a Tyler Clementi.  But let’s be real.  For someone to be a Dharun Ravi, a great lot has to go very wrong.  We all will not have children in the position of a Dharun Ravi, because who’s kids are as cold, mean, and unenlightened?  And who act on it?

Dharun Ravi’s mom says her son has no social life.  That he never even gets out of the house for a sandwich, that he has lost 20 lbs. since this all began and she longs for the day when he will eat like a normal kid.  What a gut wrenching tale of woe.  Stupid questions: who wants to be friends with a person like that?  So Tyler Clementi’s parents must’ve really gotten the short end of the stick, huh?

Dharun Ravi is not an American citizen.  He does not deserve any more protection from the law.  At what point can we cast aside youthful indiscretion as an excuse for heinous acts?  Can’t we in this case, or is this not serious enough?

If it is not enough, we want to know why not.  We can’t see how this kid deserves to have a life here.  He doesn’t deserve a heavy handed sentence, as that may be excessively cruel.  But America is far too good for this kid.  That is something that should reverberate loudly from these crimes.

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