Victoria Gotti (below), widow of John Gotti Sr. is being sued by Valerie Palleschi.  The two were involved in a traffic accident on Montauk Highway in 2009.

Many assume the Gotti widow is wealthy but the Gotti Sr. crime fortune was never recovered.  There are many possible reasons.  Some believe that John Gotti Sr’s brothers were supposed to deliver her money that the late John Gotti had provided and set aside, but that they did not.  The government is also very interested in any possible money that Gotti may have left his heirs.

Above you can see a 9 minute video of Victoria Gotti, discussing primarily her sons legal tribulations with the government.  Gotti talks about being an artist.  Her paintings have received quite an audience and earn her an income.

Above is a painting Victoria did of John Gotti Sr.  You can check out her paintings at  They sell for $200 a print.

And to read more about the accident and suit:

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