Came across a very weird article in the New York Daily News, linked above.  An English tourist, male, 51 yrs old, was arrested along with a convicted cocaine and marijuana mule who is believed to be running a bestiality farm in the state of Washington.

The Englishman is accused of having sex with 3 dogs, while the Washington man was arrested and is being detained for breaking the conditions of his release.  The police found thousands of images of bestiality and supposed child pornography, as well as many horses, dogs, and mice on the property.

Sex with mice?  Douglass Spink, the Washington man accused here of running this farm, is giving marijuana and cocaine mules a bad name.  But his lawyer says that there’s very little “hard” evidence, even though a Tennessee man died after visiting the ranch in 2005, after he had sex with a horse.

Be Careful,

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