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The Community season finale began with our beloved Annie (Alison Brie) in a liplock with her granola boyfriend, Vaughn (pictured below), Greendale’s resident guitar strumming shirtless hacky sacker, but would end on a surprise note, if not one that wouldn’t include our little Annie hooking up again.

The very solid season finale contained a little bit of everything, including a keg party.  Finally.  See Troy below, dancing up a storm at the party thrown by Abed, and which was attended by the usual suspects, including Professor Slater, who once again is interested in getting with Jeff.  In fact, while Winger’s love life provided most of the drama, with Britta (Gillian Jacobs) not about to let go of her claim to Jeff so easily, Annie’s sudden rash decision to transfer to a Delaware school with Vaughn (Eric Christian Olsen), who has been offered a place on a “premiere” hacky sack team, and a chance to be the next hacky sack phenom the calibre of a Yeng Yeng Mackadeng Deng Jr., and friction between Troy and Abed, who won’t invite Troy to be his roommate despite their close friendship, Community, as it usually does, had many irons in the fire.

Britta, nominated as candidate for transfer queen, or “Tranny Queen”, which Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) thinks sounds better, is conflicted about the nomination on a feminist level, detesting the way the spectacle will objectify women, who always keeps it real, asks her free shrink, Professor Duncan (John Oliver), “You think I’d feel better about myself if I got all sexed up, went over there, and tried to win crowned queen of the dingbats?”

With Slater again vying for Jeff though, that’s exactly what Britta will do.  With the semester over, and Abed’s kegger in the past, at which the uptight Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) engaged in a keg stand (good for her!), the only school function left for the year is the “Tranny Pageant”, which opens with Pierce (Chevy Chase), playing the Greendale theme song that he ‘wrote’, an obvious rip off of Bruce Hornsby’s The Way it Is.  Pierce then gives a hilarious speech to Troy, in which he invites him to come and live in his mansion–a dynamic with the potential to be comedy gold for the show going forward.  Says Pierce:

You, me, Jeff, Rainman, Big Boobs, Medium Boobs, and Black Boobs have to stick together.

Troy’s reply was as precious:

Am I black boobs?

The dance becomes even more eventful, when Annie pulls Jeff (Joel McHale) aside, to tell her that she is leaving for Delaware with Vaughn (pictured below), and then says her touching goodbyes to the entire group, but we know one of our favorite Mad Men actresses, and there are many of those, can’t really be leaving forever, can she?

Then the dance really heats up, when Britta and Slater (Lauren Stamile) begin competing for Jeff, at one point even double teaming his face (below)–which he would have enjoyed under different circumstances, but instead, is confounded, pressured and confused about who to choose.

Britta, who is called to the fore by the dean, thinking she won the pageant, grabs the microphone, and starts a premature victory speech, but when she sees Slater kissing Jeff, she breaks the speech off, and speaks from the heart, true to her character, declaring her love for Jeff awkwardly (below) in front of a cast of characters that included Dean Pelton’s 2 dalmation costumed dates, a drunk Professor Duncan, Senor Chang (Ken Jeong), now a student, and even a Matt Jones sighting (Badger, Breaking Bad).  But Jeff, unsure of who to choose in what is a very public moment, cuts out without making a choice, saying he needs time to think.

Meanwhile, the affable and wise Abed (Danny Pudi) makes peace with Troy, who realizes that Abed was not offering him a bunk to preserve their good friendship.  It took a stomach ache from a really enormous cookie meant to be divided for all at the party that Troy commandeers solo to make him realize that Abed was right when he told Troy he should live with someone he likes but whose friendship “won’t be altered by constant irritation.”

Jeff, who has fled the scene of Britta’s uncomfortable pronouncement of affection, is getting some air when Annie returns with the news that she and Vaughn have broken up.  Then the season ends with a makeout session between Winger and Annie, their second kiss, which was foreshadowed by their first, a kiss that supposedly meant nothing that took place at a Greendale debate competition.

The finale lived up to the expectations set by the fine season of television Community has given us, set up a prime time romance between two of the shows brightest stars, while putting many interesting storylines into play for next season.  And we even got to see the annoying Brit Professor Duncan, especially snide at every opportunity, get assaulted, deservedly, by Senor Chang, who punched him in the face with a roll of quarters in his fist.

We hope you didn’t miss it.

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