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Jets’ receiver David Clowney, whose foundation raised over $10,000 for charity last night at a New Jersey Applebee’s, where New York Jets’ players were the wait staff.

“David’s one of my best dudes, so I just needed him to tell me where to be and I was here,” linebacker Vernon Gholston said. “This is like my first extra job outside of football, so this is a little different.”

So was watching the Jets players do all kinds of balancing acts and slow walks to make sure the food they were delivering reached their tables.

“I almost dropped a dessert,” guard Brandon Moore said, grinning. “But I was OK.”

Fans paid $65 for reservations, with $50 of each paid ticket going to The David Clowney Foundation. The wide receiver is raising funds in advance of his trip in July. Over $10,000 was raised. Among the other Jets who helped out were linebacker Bart Scott, quarterback Kellen Clemens, first-round pick Kyle Wilson.

Many of the fans in attendance were decked out in green and white Jets gear.

“It’s just a great thing having the support of my teammates and the fans to help with this,” Clowney said. “I’ve been jumping around since I got here and having fun with everybody.”


Clowney should be applauded for organizing an event that the fans would relish, and that wasn’t too expensive, in light of the economy.  We began to follow Clowney’s efforts on this page as soon as we heard about his trip to Haiti and this unique event. 


Hopefully Clowney shows the same type of promise on the field for the 2010 New York Jets.

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Above is Jets wide receiver David Clowney catching a touchdown in a route over the Oakland Raiders.

I have watched David Clowney at Jets camp who is tall and athletic and who had the best speed among the Jets receiving corps until the additions of Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes.  When you see the guy on the practice field, you fall in love with the guy, and then spend all season wondering why he barely plays.

But I don’t want to talk about his football skills right now.  In May, Clowney’s charity will hold an event at a New Jersey Applebees, where they will charge $65 per ticket, and that will include dinner and a donation to Haitian relief efforts.  It’s a very affordable ticket considering that the actual New York Jets will be the waiters, what Clowney calls a “cool twist” on a traditional evening.

On a recent trip to Haiti, Clowney and a few other Jets were quite moved by what they saw:

“You see little kids right outside the airport, 12, 11, 10 years old and younger, and they’re trying to grab your bags so you can tip them,” he said, shaking his head. “They’re just out there trying to do anything they can. For them to be that young and have to go through that, that’s kind of troubling to me.”

David Clowney has a 10 year old brother who he raises, and images of kids like him living so impoverishedly affected him profoundly.  He said he couldn’t imagine his brother having to live like that. 

I like Clowney as a Jet and as a citizen of the world.  While other guys are whipping out their johnson in Georgia, Clowney is a responsible family man, activist, and philanthropist.  The Jets wide receiver position is getting kind of crowded, with Cotchery, Edwards, Smith, Holmes, Clowney, and converted slot receiver Danny Woodhead.  And this is before the draft and undrafted free agent signings, which could crowd things considerably more.  I feel he is talented enough to make the team, though by no means is he a lock.

David Clowney will at least be a Jet through training camp though, worst case scenario.  And his activism in Haiti has led to him visiting Ghana in July for humanitarian reasons.

You can read more about Clowney’s efforts below:


We will be following Clowney’s philanthropic efforts, and we are sincerely rooting for him to make the Jets.  But if not, we are going to follow him anyway.  We’ll keep you posted.  And we’ve also heard that Clowney is dating the fathead girl, and we’ll look for pics and updates with regard to her as well.


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