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To get a resolution to Darrelle Revis’ 5 plus week long holdout, the New York Jets signed the all-pro cornerback to a new deal on September 6th, despite Revis’ having three years to go on his rookie contract, which wasn’t exactly a bad deal for the player.  The Jets ponied up a 4 yr/ $46 M contract to their disgruntled star, with a whopping $32 M guaranteed, despite the player having absolutely no negotiating leverage beyond his greatness, and his agents’ ability to scare the Jets by scaring the fan base that the league’s only true lockdown corner would not be in uniform came game 1 against Baltimore.


I am always pro player in money disputes with management, in football and hockey especially.  In those sports, careers can go by in a blink, and management, in general, would have no qualms about turning the table on a player who has given heart and soul to the team, once his play starts to decline.  In football, where the money is not all guaranteed, teams are the most cold hearted when it comes to cutting ties.  Football is the only sport where players actually give back money to their teams, or renegotiate their contracts on the team’s terms, if they feel their team may cut them and force them to uproot their families if the player does not comply. 

Good for Darrelle.  He got his money.  Did he exploit the Jets?  Absolutely.  Did Nick Mangold need to do so to get his new $ 57M contract?  No.  Will David Harris need to pull a lengthy holdout to get paid?  That’s highly doubtful.  Woody Johnson has 27 billion dollars.  Everybody’s going to get paid.  Again, I favor the players.  But when I heard that Darrelle Revis was stopped on Friday doing 80 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, and the excuse he gave, the whole Revis situation, in mind, had to be resivited, with no praise forthcoming in Revis’ direction.

Updated: Friday, 15 Oct 2010, 6:13 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 15 Oct 2010, 6:13 PM EDT

(NewsCore) – New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis was ticketed for speeding and careless driving by police in New Jersey, the Newark Star-Ledger reported Friday.

Revis was reportedly pulled over Thursday in Livingston, northern New Jersey, as he headed to nearby Florham Park, where the Jets’ facilities are located.

He was driving 81 mph in a 40 mph zone, according to the Livingston Municipal Court.

Livingston Police Capt. Jeffrey Payne described the traffic stop as “uneventful, normal.”

Since he was traveling more than 40 mph over the speed limit, Revis will have to appear in court Nov. 4 before resolving the issue.

“I’m not a speedster; I was just trying to get here to work,” said 25-year-old Revis, who is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game at Denver because of a hamstring injury.


Sorry if I am especially sensitive to this issue, but my wife and daughter were in a serious accident at the hands of a careless, wreckless, speeding driver.  And Revis, trying to pull out a common man’s excuse, that he was late to work, is greatly deluded.  First off, Revis was 36 days late to work.  He doesn’t really get to be late to work, after that, after having $32M in guaranteed money bestowed on him. 

No one ever said these guys were smart.  Obviously, Revis, as smart as some may feel he is, a defensive coordinator on the field and whatnot, is football smart only.  We are about 3 weeks removed from Rex Ryan publicly calling for the Jets to stop “being that team” and stop embarrassing their owner with knucklehead decision making away from the field.  Should he have benched Braylon Edwards?  Never.  And he was right on that, and so were we.  We needed him to win, we need to win, therefore, the player must do what he is paid to do: play.  The courts dispense justice, not the Jets. 

I hope the Jets play Revis, as I am sick of hearing about his hamstring, which he hurt because he did not attend training camp.  And I hope he actually contributes this week to their passing defense.  Last week, the Jets hid Revis from Randy Moss, and Revis still got burned by Percy Harvin, and on one play, was tossed to the turf by Harvin like a rag doll.  Revis might be the best Jet–when healthy–but he hasn’t been healthy, and that can be squarely attributed to the player’s greed.

So Revis?  Get to work early.  You are paid well enough.  And do everything right, the way Braylon Edwards has done since getting in hot water.  Because if it’s not about your football greatness and the glory you bring to the New York Jets, then we are all sick of hearing about you.




Tough game for the Jets today in Denver.  They suck on the west coast, historically.


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D’Brickashaw Ferguson, the Jets’ bookend left tackle, charged with protecting star QB Mark Sanchez, signed a 6 year extension worth a potential $ 60 M today which will keep the borderline All Pro with the New York Jets.  Under the terms of the extension, Ferguson will be guaranteed no less than $ 34.8 M.

The team and Ferguson have “verbally” agreed to terms on a long-term extension that will keep him with the Jets through 2017, according to Ferguson’s agent, Brad Blank.

With the six-year, $60 million extension, Ferguson will be making $73.6 million over the next eight years, including $34.8 million in guarantees, according to a person with direct knowledge of the terms of the deal. The person requested anonymity because the deal has not been signed yet.

The guaranteed money is a record for offensive linemen. Ferguson is expected to sign tomorrow.


Ferguson, best friends with Mark Sanchez, has won himself quite a contract–a record contract for offensive linemen in fact–a good sign considering the Jets are negotiating a new contract with their franchise player, CB Darrelle Revis, who is also expected to set a benchmark with his next contract.










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