Dominant interior defender Chris Obepka (above) for St. John’s today in Jamaica.

Despite being home at Carnesecca to start the season, we were not expecting big things from St. John’s today against Detroit.  So when we picked up the action late in the first half and the Johnnies were trailing 30-25, and 34-28, we were not surprised.  In the second half, the team looked a bit better, but they were missing key free throws and open jumpers until about half way through.  One kid in particular with a penchant for fall away jump shots had us particularly rankled, and longing for Norvel Pelle.  St. John’s had definitely stepped up their intensity and their defensive effort in the 2nd half, which led to several fast break opportunities, but when failing to convert them, the Johnnies had let Detroit’s lead grow to 49-41 and at that point, we were just watching to see what happened next, and not particularly expecting much.

But then that kid who seemed to like fall aways from the elbow decided to justify Lavin’s faith for awarding him a precious late scholarship, which so many fans questioned at the time.  Chris Obekpa, all of 6’8, took over the game, putting a virtual lid on the basket, along with one of the jewels of the 2011 class, D’Angelo Harrison, who contributed 15 2nd half points, and 13 in the final 7 minutes, for 22 points in 29 minutes off the bench, allowing St. John’s to come back from down 60-53 with 9 or so minutes to play, and to end the game on a 24-14 run, en route to a 77-74 victory.  The win already gives St. John’s an impressive non-conference victory in their first game in a game where hard core supporters like us were probably not expecting the world, despite the Johnnies coming in as a slim favorite, in all likelihood, because of their home court advantage.

Lavin was back on the sideline where he belongs, back in his tie-less suit and white sneakers.  LOL.  He might have dressed it up a little more had he known it was to be one for the record books.  Nigerian freshman by way of Long Island, Chris Obepka, broke Rob Werdann’s 23 year old blocked shot record, finishing with 8 on the afternoon.  We counted 9 ourselves, but we can not quibble over Obepka’s tally, who, frankly, already has turned heads and has us praying that he isn’t going to be a one and done kind of kid.

Many believed that Jakarr Sampson would be a one and done guy, but his debut was not as sterling.  Sampson struggled, and though he started, converted on only 1-7 FG’s, for 2 points (but he did manage 6 boards).  St. John’s outshot Detroit (45.9% to 35.1%), and out-rebounded Detroit (31-21), excelling in both categories largely on the strength of Obekpa, who also had 8 boards, and who, by game’s end had us reverse our thinking on Pelle.  Because frankly, we don’t think the Johnnies have had a defensive player of Obepka’s size and ability ever.

In addition to Sampson, Lavin started Obekpa, Amir Garrett (who thankfully is sticking with basketball despite being 6’7 with a 95 MPH fast ball), Phil Greene, Freshman Christian Jones, with Harrison and Pointer off the bench.

Also, notably, Greene played the entire 40 minutes and had 20 pts.  Garrett contributed 15 and 11 boards in 34 minutes.  Harrison, who led the offensive surge in the 2nd half, came off the bench along with Dom Pointer, who, seemed out of place to us.  He had only 3 points in 18 minutes and was routinely beaten off the dribble, despite his reputation for defensive prowess.

Thursday @ 5 PM St. John’s will play its 1st road game against the College of Charleston.


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Some time ago we wrote a blog called Cannabis cause can not be stopped.  Since then, shows like Weed Wars (loves it!) and American Weed (kinda loves it despite useless pig cops and moron politicos hating on the plant) have further highlighted the legal medical marijuana scene.

Where it exists.

It does not exist on the East Coast.  For shame.  Are the people out west entitled to a higher degree of medical care than the people back east?

It certainly seems that way.  Because it is that way.

People on the East Coast need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!  California and other states are light years ahead of us in terms of their progressiveness, ability to mobilize politically, and the strength of their convictions and intelligent advocation in favor of legalization.

We are so disgusted by the inequity between the rights of the people in legal states as opposed to our own that we may not even light up today (or vape up even).

And frankly, the absence of legal cannabis is not only unjust, but it is racist, blatant ageism, and discriminatory, promoting very harmful opiates over cannabis, which are a scourge upon the nation and obvious Machiavellian all cost capitalism.

So another happy 420 for Cali.  And another bullshit fucking 420 for NY.

Weed Nation needs to vote strictly, down the line, for the pro-legalization ticket.  And the people here need to make their voices heard.  Cali has it because they want it more and their citizens are smarter than ours.

Bottom line.

So fuck the “holiday.”

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So the Nets, Pistons, and Denver virtually agreed on a 3 team blockbuster 2 or 3 weeks ago that would see 17 players and hundreds of millions in salary change hands, including the apple of our eye, New York native Carmelo Anthony, and have stood on this monumental precipice in limbo for almost a month?  We’ve always thought this nonsense, pathetically and desperately spun by lazy, stupid reporters who have made mountains out of the wishful daydreams of Denver novice GM Masai Ujiri, Joe Dumars, and Net GM “he aint won a thing” Billy King.

We can’t even blame Dumars or Ujiri that hard.  If you’re Dumars, who has rings as a player and team builder, and 2 teams come to you presenting you the chance to shed a 33 year old Rip Hamilton with 2 years and $25M remaining on his contract, you’d have to jump all over that.  You’d want it to go down so badly you might even hold Hamilton out of the lineup for over a week to facilitate the fantasy.  Butlet’s be real.  This would not be a basketball trade for the Pistons.  It’s a money trade.  Hamilton could run a marathon, contract malaria, become pregnant, and get hit in the eye by a bow and arrow and he’s still going to Newark in this twisted vision.

Ujiri?  Not gonna kill the poor guy.  In his first task of substance as a big league GM, he is left to  sort through this mess.  It’s like getting called up from double A to face Babe Ruth with the bases loaded.  He must do his diligence and try to make the deal that’s best for his club, which is Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and the Nets lottery pick in 2011, plus 2 other 1st rounders.  At the end of the day though, it was a whole lot of leg work for naught.

Chris Sheridan, like us, has maintained all along that Anthony will be traded to the Knicks.  Some of his most pointed remarks on the topic came yesterday when Sheridan told ESPN radio that Anthony unequivocally refuses to sign an extension with any team other than New York.  Bottom line, Anthony holds all the leverage, and the Nets, and no one, for that matter, will trade 5 out of 6 of their top assets for a rental player.  The Nuggets and Pistons can arrange whatever deals they like, but Ujiri has no way of convincing ‘Melo to accept the trade, and Dumars can do no more than sit on his hands and pray for the impossible in Detroit. 

Carmelo is the trade.  If he is not held out of games for fear of injury, then no deals are imminent.  Anthony is playing tonight against OKC.  He has done better than pronouncing his intention to participate in all games for the foreseeable future.  He told Ujiri not to grant permission to Nets ownership to speak to him about the trade and the extension.  Against his wishes, they granted the Nets permission to speak to Anthony today.  Supposedly, Prokhorov and Jay Zee flew to Denver today to make their pitch.  Then ESPN runs the newsflash that the Nets have stopped pursuing Anthony and that the deal is forever dead.

So what happened when Prokhorov and Mr. Hip Hop finally got their chance to meet with Carmelo?  Here’s what happened: Anthony sent them home unceremoniously with an emphatic no.  Now ESPN reports that Anthony is not even a definite free agent this summer, that he has 1 year to go on his deal at $18M and will opt out of the deal if he is traded to a team (not New York) dumb enough to trade for him sans the extension.  By the way, how many guys is Jay Zee going to try to woo here and strike out with in his little amatuer NBA owner hour?  Embarrassing.

Look for the Nuggets, absolutely desperate to unload the disgruntled star and come away with something, to take back from New York Landry Fields, Danilo Gallinari, Minnesota’s pick (acquired for Anthony Randolph), and a first rounder the Knicks will purchase for cash money from a team like the Spurs or Blazers.  And as for Amar’e’s proclamation that he hasn’t spoken to Carmelo at all through this process?  He’s telling the truth.  They don’t talk.  They just text each other constantly.


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Philadelphia standout point guard prospect Nurideen Lindsey (above).

Lindsey, the former Philly prep star now at Redlands CC in Oklahoma, accepted a scholarship offer from the Red Storm Tuesday. The other finalist for his services was Auburn, though Kentucky, South Florida, Oklahoma State and LSU all were involved too.

“The thing that made St. John’s right for him was the relationship and comfort he has with the coaching staff,” said Redland coach Yaphett King. “They made it clear with their action how much he mattered to them. Every opportunity they could see him, they were there.”

In 2008 the 6-3 Lindsay played at Philadelphia‘s Overbrook High and committed to LaSalle, where current Storm assistant Tony Chiles was on staff at the time. That year he averaged 35.8 points in league play, the sixth highest ever with Chamberlain holding two of the top five spots. Chamberlain also attended Overbrook.

Lindsey, sadly, saw two of his brothers murdered in Philadelphia, which swayed him to leave his hometown for Redlands CC in Oklahoma.  The 6’3 lead guard was one of the best high school scorers in Pennsylvania history, and had originally decided to attend Lasalle.  It was current St. John’s assistant Tony Chiles, then at Lasalle, who was instrumental in signing Lindsey, then and now, successfully re-recruiting one of the nation’s most talented guard prospects to St. John’s. 

St. John’s also secured a commitment from Detroit area small forward and defensive “stopper” Dominick Pointer, who considers himself a lockdown forward.  With the Pointer and Lindsay signings, new St. John’s coach Steve Lavin can boast that the program has gone into 5 high school basketball hotbeds and landed a stud from each: Dwayne Polee Jr (Los Angeles), Maurice Harkless (NYC), D’Angelo Harrison (Houston), Pointer (Detroit), and Lindsay (Phily).  Lavin also received a commitment from Akron, Ohio HS star Jakarr Sampson.

Though we expected St. John’s to make a big splash at point guard, we were thinking more along the lines of a traditional distributor at the lead guard position.  Since St. John’s still has 5 scholarships to give in the 2011 class, we are hoping they can still sign a pass first point.  But for a team that has struggled to score for almost 15 years, it’s refreshing to have 2 respected scorers in the backcourt, as well as Polee, who we think will fill it up in the front court.  As for style of play, we know special advisor Gene Keady always favored a methodical approach, and that he preaches patience and taking care of the ball. 

It should be interesting to see how Lavin and Keady find the right mix of styles to suit the stable of thoroughbreds Lavin has brought in, which is essentially made up of two scoring guards, as Lindsay is a shoot first player, and 4 small forwards.  Expect Lavin to turn his attention to signing at least a few impact big men with the remaining 5 scholarships he has available.

We’re actually more excited about St. John’s than the Knicks right now.  Feels like old times.

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10 PM EST, HBO…..

Blue Batman Pokeballs (above).

It seems that the pictured Blue Batman Pokeballs, tested in Arizona by bonkers90, had a slow and slightly off color reaction on the Marquis Reagent.  This news comes in as we have just learned from that Blue Lacoste Pokeballs are also adulterated with caffeine, making them the fifth variety of Pokeball we know of to turn up conclusively adulterated in the last few months.

1965 Blue Lacoste Pokebal
  • MDMA
  • Caffeine
  • 5
  • 1
Aug 25, 2010 Aug 25, 2010 Arleta, CA 285 mg, 8.3 x 5.7

Let’s take a look at bonkers90’s test report and how he describes that weird Marquis reaction:

batman pokeball  
Date Submitted: September 7, 2010, 6:19 am GMT
Submitted By: bonkers90
Name: batman pokeball
State/Province: AZ
Logo: batman
Colour: blue
Shape: round
Texture: smooth/hard
Edges: round
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 3 votes)
Description: mecke- turned instantly to a dark green turqoise to blacksimons- turned blue

marquis- turned to a purpleish brown to black reaction was not quick but did turn black.

the press is very clean. the pokeball press on the back of the pill is not consistant on all the pills but is the pokeball logo without a doubt. yes the pill is alot harder then the original pokeballs and does not cruble easily.

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: Tested Only
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Marquis Reagent: Black
Mecke Reagent: Black
Simons Reagent: Blue
Consumed: no

Purply brown, slowly to black?  And what does it mean that the backs of the pills weren’t consistent?  Consistent with other Pokeballs or with each other?  They are scored with the trademark dot, so I’d say there’s no doubt as to what they are.  The reaction seems shaky, but I’d say we don’t have a lot to go on right now, as we are going to call the proficiency of the tester into question.

Not that we don’t think they are adulterated.  We just need to be precise about the specifics.

Be Smart,

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White Angry Bomb Pokeballs (above).

Our best and only friend from Oklahoma, trakstar, has gotten his hands on some White Angry Bomb Pokeballs–boy is he happy.  Let’s take a look at trakstar’s submission yesterday to, and then we’ll tell you why we are taking issue with the only Sooner we know.

White Angry Bomb Pokeball  
Date Submitted: September 5, 2010, 4:51 am GMT
Last Updated: September 6, 2010, 2:10 am GMT
Submitted By: trakstar
Name: White Angry Bomb Pokeball
State/Province: Oklahoma, Okc
Logo: Angry Bomb
Colour: White
Shape: round
Texture: Chalky
Edges: Smooth
Report Quality Rating: not rated

:::photo cred goes to thizzleface::::

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 10:00 pm – Let 1 dissolve on my tongue and it just melted in my mouth but it was the worst taste ever!

10:20 pm – Im already starting to feel it and i feel so good, my body is numb and warm!

11:00 pm – I was rollin’ balls now, im callin old friends and just gettin so emotional haha..

11:30 pm – Still feel the same, I have crazy eye wiggles and my jaws are going crazy!

12:00 am – Starting to get light shows now, Everything looks and sounds amazing. I feel like i have no problems in the world and my life couldnt get any better!

12:45 am – Let another 1 dissolve on my tongue and again it melts and tastes so BAD!

1:15 am – Im back up and callin’ everyone and just can not shut up to safe my life.

1:45 am – Felt like goin’ outside so i took a walk and outside felt amazing, the grass felt amazing, everthing was just amazing! haha

2:30 am – i headed back to the house still feelin’ good and talkin to everyone

3:00 am – started getting light shows again and the lights were so intense.

3:30 am – Coming down now, still feel good, just relaxing and listening to music.

4:00 am – decided to lay in bed and just relax.

about 15 minutes later i was out, woke up around 12:30 and had no problem eating!


Why would a guy as smart as trakstar assume that a purple pill he found at in April of 09 was of the same chemical makeup to the ones he ingested in Septemper of 2010?  Me thinks trakstar assumes too much.  Take a look at two Angry Bombs we found at–trakstar’s believed bomb, and a more recent Bomb which we feel is more likely to be close in composition to the pictured pills, though there are obviously no guarantees.

We’re thinking that while these pills might be “the bomb” for an Oklahoman, there is a much greater chance that trakstar scored caffeine adulterated Pokeballs.

And you can check out another report from trakstar below:

Be Smart,

Crack (,

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