A personal picture of ours of the infamous and dangerous Blue Fleur di Lys (above), almost 2 years old.

A pic posted to pillreports, we believe, by mustafa91 in recent days (above).

Light Blue Fleur di Lys, it would appear, have made their way down the East Coast from New York, according to a recent pill report.

Saint / fleur di lis  
Date Submitted: June 9, 2011, 12:22 am GMT
Last Updated: June 10, 2011, 1:31 am GMT
Submitted By: mustafa91 (member since May 20, 2011)
Name: Saint / fleur di lis
State/Province: Washington DC
Logo: Blue Eagle Saints fleur-de-lis
Colour: Blue
Shape: circular
Texture: slightly grainy – smooth
Edges: slightly thick
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: My man got these “blue eagles” for me — said he’s rolled on these in the past (of course, no guarantee they’re still good). I’m basically trying to avoid piperazines and other bullshit, because I just don’t have the time to waste tripping and recovering at work the next day. Guess the only way to find out is by consuming it…
Suspected Contents: Unknown
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Consumed at + 0 hours. I chewed pill and to my surprise it broke apart pretty easily in my mouth. The taste is very bitter, almost metallic. There is a strong aftertaste lingering on my taste buds.t + 0:05 no effectst + 0:12 no effectst + 0:15 Is it getting hotter?t + 0:21 Pulse is 84 bpm.. my normal resting heart rate is 60-65

t + 0:24 My stomach is churning

t + 0:30 Feeling some obvious physiological changes. Hands are clammy, feel kind of faint.

t + 0:36 Listening to atb – 9 pm. Music is enhanced. Feet and hands feel colder. Dick has receded.

t + 0:45 Heart rate is steady at about 85 bpm. Music sounds better.. almost suspended in a sense. It also feels good to.. feel .. my biceps. I’m an amateur bodybuilder, so this is not uncommon. I’m pretty sure there’s no mdma in this pill, though I’m also pretty sure there’s no pipes because this isn’t unpleasant, per se.

t + 1:10 Laid back.. relieved that I’m not about to get caught up in some pipes (pun intended)

t + 1:24 I feel some jaw tension. The effects seem a tad more potent, in proper perspective, so it probably merits the rating of adulterated. Not sure what this shit is and I couldn’t be motivated to give a fuck.

t + 1:40 Went out to get some fresh blunts and as soon as I was outside, noticed that I’m much more spun than I thought. A little input generates a lot more output, in terms of physical strength. I could glide a flight of stairs like it’s nothing. My pupils are really dilated. This pretty much snuck up on me.

Trying to find mdma (east coast) is like .. mining for gold — almost like you’d be hard pressed to prove the existence of mdma out here. At least with cocaine I can get some shit before it’s cooked and not that cut, and I know there will be ~50% coke, albeit at a very high premium. Ya feel me? With the crackheads out here, the coke market will ALWAYS be alive in some form.

As far as the search for good pills, the only good news is that I can return the pills and get my money back.

Though mustafa91 has apparently misidentified these pills as Eagles, and has a warped view of the benefits of the Cocaine market, he does give a description of the pill’s taste and consistency.  Even before testing, we were a bit put off by the fact that these pills broke so easily.  Not crumbled, mind you, but broke, into hard pieces.

Along with the Green FDL’s that popped up in California, this makes two sightings of these volatile pipes in one week, on both coasts.  Now, a message to mustafa91.  There are excellent dance clubs in Washington D.C. and House Music is extremely popular.  DC is where several prominent acts rose up, including one of our favorites, Saeed and Palash, as well as the legendary duo, Deep Dish, the fact that they have now sold out many times over not withstanding.  Sure, we have a problem with how t hey make tracks with Puffy and the whole name change nonsense.  Dubfire…your name is Ali, moron.

Anyways, there are plenty of good drugs in DC.  You have plenty of college kids and lots of young, affluent professionals in the market for designer drugs and psychedelics.  Wasn’t a group of enterprising young Hoyas busted a few months back for making DMT in their dorm?

Mustafa91, get yourself out to the right clubs, and get rolling in the right circles.  Everything that’s available in NY is available in DC, and vice versa.  It’s a four hour ride, son.  In fact, we’d venture to guess that mostly everything available in DC came from NY, and you can get shit here.  And listen to those telling you to get a test kit.  The pill scene is bleak, but not quite as bad as you make it out to be.

Don’t Be A Quitter,

Crack (,