Drugs Inc.

A sealed bottle of Ketamine (above).

From the get go I criticized this completely misleading and non representative hour of garbage.  I mean from the actual first second when some morons are snorting some really chunky K.  Do they not know they have to crunch those shards down into powder?  Powder 101, lesson 1: increase the surface area.  And do it with love.  Crush that shit up and powder it, manicure that shit, and take out every, um, bump.  A lot of people do so with the back of a bottle cap, or perhaps, with a lighter that they run over a Metrocard that’s on top of the K.  Then they trotted out the spoke’s girl.  How awesome.  The face of K, my baby, with these tattooed eyelashes.  Great idea Kathy.  Then she shoots up.  Sorry but we are offended by these damned dumb Drugs Inc. people, their ignorance, and what could be none other than an ulterior right wing agenda.

What about this?

“They call it a bumper.”

Who is this moron talking?  And does he understand he is paid to speak this dog shit?  That thing was a bullet, because it looks exactly like a bullet, and anyone in any head shop anywhere knows it is a bullet.  Because that’s its name.  This show did not even have the decency to do basic research, underscored by the Ketamine shooter junkie first up, and followed by Mr. Bumper Boy’s arm squeeze, stressing the needle as a medium when Ketamine via the injection mode is an absolute rarity.  The mode of ingestion is nasal.

What these far right fascists are portraying would be like presenting Cannabis as a drug usually plugged up one’s ass.

Very rare it is, they say, that people die who do shoot it.  Ya think?  If it wasn’t a safe drug with medically accepted uses, a schedule 3, they wouldn’t let dentists inject it in children every day.  What’s gonna happen to you if your dentist shoots you up with too much novacaine?  Be real.  Think about it.  Ketamine is approved by the federal government and Cannabis is not.

Ketamine use applied to set and setting, is totally safe.  You shouldn’t do any and then drive a car, just as you should not drink and drive.

Ketamine is not speedy, another inaccurate and careless portrayal by Drugs Inc.  It is an anesthetic chemical which is also a psychedelic disassociative, divorcing mind from body and then mind from mind as well, which is why the branded junkie had such a hard time describing it.  Among other reasons.  But it is in no way a substance meant to replace Cocaine.  Cocaine will never be replaced.  Ketamine won’t be either.

In all honesty, Ketamine wreaks havoc on the short term memory, so again, set and setting.  And protracted use will see you tired and irritable the next day.  But if you had the bad day or if you are already rolling and wanna make it all really pop, then Ketamine, in the least, will deliver your head to where you want to go.

And while Ketamine does seem to be a wonder drug linked in several studies to the treatment of serious addictions and depression, and while it is already recognized by the federal gov’t and in practical use, really, very little is known so far about the true extent of the range of its benefits and healing capabilities.

Most reasonable people get or convert Ketamine to liquid, and then steam or heat out the moisture and then nasally ingest it as a dried powder.  You like how these idiots are telling you that so and so Indian crime family is stealing K and shipping the bottles?  Hello?  The bottles say Ketamine on the label.  Who is gonna run a risk like importing a labeled narcotic?  That’s why Ketamine can be hard to find in the pharmaceutical bottle, sometimes all but impossible.

These giant busts you saw on the program were Ketamine HCL busts, or what we refer to as Base Ketamine, because it is a chemical that becomes the liquid form when mixed with water.  So the guy who is talking about getting $10 worth online is describing the chemical that gets converted to usable Ketamine.  Indian crime outfits are not robbing poor 35 grand child having Indian grandpa delivery men because these pharmaceutical companies in India are selling those huge bags you saw in those busts to those gangs for a few thousand American per kilo.

So as you can imagine, while we’re into Ketamine, we are not into Drugs Inc.: Ketamine.  Because it’s not realistic, not accurate, not smart or even tolerable for someone knowledgeable in the community.

Most of these drug programs have been nonsense, if you must know.  Since they are picking horrible subjects in non representative situations, how can we possibly get a good read on any of these drugs, if we are not knowledgeable members of the community?

How about the cop in the Drugs Inc.: LSD?  This guy wants us to feel sorry for him because he was dumb enough to touch LSD and absorbed the drug through his skin.  Unreal.  Hey pig, you’re supposed to wear these strange things called gloves, dude.

Was that really the best they can do?  The drug was only at the heart of a social revolution but we gotta hear some pig crying about getting dosed with good Acid.  What a dick, what dicks, what dick.  And how does an Acid Inc. come off at all without any mention of the original Acid Inc., Owsley Stanley, who pressed the creamiest Acid and supplied just about everyone who was turned on to it including Ken Kesey and The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead?

The Beatles loved LSD.  Is that not news or entertainment worthy for your little shitty weak ass documentary bullshit for morons?

No.  We wanna hear about some dope fiends in a Toronto slum who call that which they bump from, a bumper.

I’m betting that that cop motherfucker is so stupid that he’d have ended up brain damaged one way or another.

Drugs Inc. is devoid of all production value and advances a simplistic rightist agenda.  Especially when depicting complicated chemicals like Ketamine, MDMA, and LSD.

We beg you to get your information elsewhere, preferably first hand.  Supporting the movement means not supporting garbage like this.  Word.

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