Flight of the Conchords

images-1Comedy Central’s cult classic Workaholics has given us myriad memorable, moments, hilarious lines, and awkward predicaments, that it seems only the dream team trio of Blake (Blake Anderson, above, l.), Ders (Anders Holm), and our favorite, Adam (Adam Devine, above, r.) can get into and out of, or just into.  To recall a few:  The time, when, to avoid an overzealous security agent, our trio took to the sewers.  The result?  Well, um, shit.  The very, very classic episode called “Muscle I’d Like to Flex” when Laura Kightlinger guests as Sharon Lavarno, the cougar who owns the building where our boys ‘te-lemarket’, and whose gaze lands upon the inimitable Adam DeMamp, while he pumps iron on the roof of the building.  That episode begins with a clip from the beginning of the group’s Wizard Rap (“Wizards Don’t Die”), which we’ve cued for you below from a live set in which the full song appears, and where the sound quality is markedly better than the Youtube show clips.  Take a look:

That episode also gave us the following gem:

“Did you ever meet someone who like gets you on all levels?  Makes you feel like your souls are boning each other in the spirit world?”

Of course, the gem belongs to Adam, who, frankly, has had so many of them that we may reconsider our recent stance that Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) of “The League” is the funniest character on television.


So so many.  On the death of “Homegirl”:

“Brain tumor.  Doctor said it was the size of a p’zone.”

On Anders’ remarks on the taste of spermicide:

“I can’t believe you know what spermicide tastes like.  Have you been deep throating condoms just because you can?”

On his disbelief that Ipecac will make him yack upon drinking some, because Ipecac is a scientific formula:

“Those scientists better check their hypotenuses, dude.”

Then he of course pukes, post haste.  On historical figures:

“Shakespeare was a super important dude.  He was like the president of Rome.”

Not only do we look forward to Adam Devine reprising the Adam DeMamp role, we also look forward to his role in the much anticipated return (to Netflix) of Arrested Development, S4.


Another favorite of ours is “To Friend a Predator”, when the boys set in motion a ruse to lure and catch “Topher” (Chris D’Elia), who has revealed himself as a pedophile, and connoisseur of boys aged “10 to 12.”  Only apprehending Topher becomes more difficult than planned because Topher is the coolest, rather, the “ballingest” guy they’ve ever met, arriving to the trap they’ve set for him at their Rancha Cucamunga, well, um, ranch, armed with a bag of herb and a spud gun to launch projectile potatoes.

Topher ends up taking the boys to Club Damnation, a club that they normally aren’t cool enough to gain entry to.  The boys are out of place but ecstatic nonetheless, despite their less than chic fashion sense being described as “90’s Canadian.”  And all the more ecstatic when Topher introduces them to three female model friends who live in “The Penthouse Penthouse”, a clever takeoff on The Playboy Mansion.  When one of the ladies takes Adam’s phone and enters what is presumably her number, Adam endeavors to dial it.  When Adam sees it is actually ringing, prompting the realization that she had in fact given him her real number, a bewildered Adam declares, “there really is a second time for everything.”

The boys also displayed a bit of a social conscience when they go all “21 Jump Street”, undercover style, at the local high school, to foil neighborhood vandals.  A truly priceless scene comes when Adam, who has gotten in with the cool kids, forces a “swirlie” on Blake when they catch him acting weird in the bathroom, because Blake has not gotten in with the cool kids.  The swirlie.  Long may it live.

Our boys also have time for fun, even in “Business Trip”, when Adam, Blake, and Karl, their friend and homeless drug dealer (Kyle Newacheck, who happens to write much of this brilliant comedy, along with the 3 stars, and who happened to direct the episode), crash Anders’ hotel room when he leaves to close an important client and skips out on their plans to do LSD together.

Adam on when his friend took LSD:

“My buddy did acid once, and he could immediately speak Cantonese.  He was like, “sooong ting taoooo!”

While the boys never actually realized their dream of getting to The Penthouse Penthouse, we’re hoping that that storyline gets revisited sometime during S4, which is set to debut in about 4 weeks time.  Perhaps they will work in more rapping as well, as the boys are the most talented comedic rapping team this side of The Rhymnoceros and The Hip Hop Opotamus, the alter egos of Brett and Jemaine, from an even greater classic, “The Flight of the Choncords”.

And on that note, a word to our recent “fans’ and their “comments”–both loosely termed.  Be more constructive with your feedback please.

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Amy (Laura Dern) and Levi (Luke Wilson) survey Levi’s stash house (above).

We were very happy to see Bored to Death return for a 3rd season, and happier still to see it paired with a new show on Monday night, making for the only non Sunday HBO original programming since our beloved In Treatment went black.  HBO, having had to recognize the strides made by Showtime on Mondays, especially with heroine themed dramedies Tara and The Big C, seemed to go that route, tapping Laura Dern to co-create and star in Enlightened.

The Monday schedule however, even with a staple like BTD, hasn’t really gotten rolling.  We were not surprised when we heard that Enlightened was on the renewal bubble for a 2nd season, even though HBO usually announces renewals very early on when they are behind a show.  BTD has not been the lights out comedy hijinx we have come to know from it which could be part of the reason, along with a non traditional night, for Enlightened’s lukewarm and so far unimpressive numbers.  BTD, 1 of our favorites because of both the Brooklyn n the bud, has been a weaker strain this year, and the beauty of the show, the magical ensemble of the Jason Schwartzman-Zach Galafianakis-Ted Danson triumvirate seems more trite and forced this season.  The show has picked up in recent weeks with Jonathan’s visit to The Dick Cavett show, and was at its best all season Monday when Ray’s already complex love life took a bisexual turn.  The show has drawn on perhaps its all-time best moment, when Jonathan was made to snuggle in bed with his girlfriend’s boyfriend, the signature moment of last season.

We were of course glad to see Sarah Silverman on BTD in the role of friends counseling therapist and thought her funny, though her face has seen better days (sorry Sarah).  Hopefully she gets some more run in the role.  And hopefully the show gets back to basics.  In this case, that would be the bud.  We also understand Enlightened’s problems.  Truth be told, episodes 1 and 2 were very underwhelming.  We sat there waiting for things to happen that never did.  HBO’s audience, frankly, must not be used to the pace of this show, which is very slow.  HBO’s half hour format is usually sensory overload–so many sights (Entourage), so many jokes (Curb, Flight), so much drama (In Treatment).

Enlightened is practically no jokes, hardly any likable characters, and very slow plot machinations. Dern plays a woman fresh off a nervous breakdown and a stint at a mental health facility, who is grating, forcefully repetitive, and who seems to have none of the LA sensibilities or standard sensibilities of the others in her life, which upon further review, don’t seem so sensible, except for Levi (Luke Wilson), who takes drugs so he “doesn’t have to think all the time”.

Dern’s Amy Jellicoe has a mother (Diane Ladd) who is at best disinterested with her and at worst scared of her.  And she lives with her.  How depressing  and yet common is that?  She has an old set of coworkers she thought were friends who are obviously not and a new set of coworkers, a motley crew of company rejects stuck in the basement like her.  One of those coworkers is Jason Mantzoukas, our beloved Tim’s bad boy Dr. (“did you take a hurty poopy?”), who also plays Ruxin’s (Nick Kroll, also of Tim fame) hilariously inappropriate brother-in-law Raffi on The League (when sandwich dancing on the outside of a stripper in Vegas: “He has a lot of money and I have huge dick.  Let’s do this!”)  It would be difficult to make Mantzoukas not funny. Yet Enlightened practically has.

This is probably the most realistic show on HBO’s airwaves right now, the antithesis of shows like Entourage and How to Make It in America that always seem to end on a high note, in fantastical pastry puff worlds.  Enlightened would probably be the karmatic balance of Entourage for HBO.  If there’s any escape at all for the viewer, it could be that our lives are actually better than theirs.  Dern has a meaningless job and only the shell of her former career as some sort of corporate buyer.  She has only pretend friends who are pained at the sight of her.  She is abrasive and over zealous and a lot of the time you say ‘I can’t even like her.’  She forces her unrealistic therapy inspired ideas on the wrong people at the wrong times and places, and she clutches her new found belief system for dear life, as some in recovery tend to do.  You just wanna tell her to save it, not only because the ideas might be bad, but because the people around her are so filled with apathy.

Amy gets every flat tire, is caught in every rainstorm–figurative and literal–and has already chucked her self help bible in the trash.  So far though, she has treated every day like a new day, and she is back each morning at her toil anew.  So far.  We think that’s the point of it all.  Life in general.  Bad jobs and few real friends and inadequate partners and family members.  Bad cars and bad bosses and living arrangements in places where you can walk 10 miles without once encountering a soul that gets you.

But you have to keep going.  Should she stumble, foreshadowed by flashbacks of binge drinking and Levi’s ‘Mexican pharmacy’ it would only indicate that Amy is even more like us than we care to admit, annoying personality ticks and all.

This is a very smart show.  It’s one you may never enjoy, at least not in the usual sense.  Get into the misery.  If you give it a long enough look, a satori might be your eventual reward.

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Yeah that was us a few months back, telling you not to worry about The Office, that their superior writers would make magic out of Steve Carrell’s departure, and that it was Carrell, whose movies largely suck, who we didn’t think was particularly funny except when Michael Scott.  Will Ferrell, a titan of comedy, as the temporary replacement, Deangelo Vickers, was not Michael, but he is a big name and a comedic genius probably of greater stature than Steve Carrell and he could’ve pulled it off.

We don’t know that any of the candidates we were subject to seeing interview last night were capable of pulling off running Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch with the possible exception of James Spader, who we don’t naturally love, but we have to admit that he did interview more dynamically than the others, and was probably the most quirky and unpredictable.  We are definitely not impressed with the process so far, nor are we impressed at all with the apple of show management’s eye, Catherine Tate (above), who we are reading everywhere is in the lead for the role as of right now.

While we waited with baited breath for Danny McBride to sweep into the conference room–something we thought we were assured of and was confirmed–a very weak bunch paraded in instead, and we thought them weak in every sense.  We weren’t thrilled with Will Arnett over a Danny McBride or Rhys Darby, but we still thought he’d do fine.  Well, last night’s Office couldn’t even manage to give Arnett any funny lines, or that extravagant flair he displays as Devin Banks on 30 Rock and of course, as GOB on Arrested Development.  And where in the hell was McBride?  Very upsetting.

Ray Romano?  We love him and written well, the role would be a piece of cake for him.  But like everyone else, he was flat and watching him was a struggle.  Warren Buffett?  Sure it’s a gag, but do they really have time to waste on non serious candidates in the season finale?  They advertise Jim Carrey all week as a candidate and then bring him in as an after thought at minute 58?

And why is Paul Lieberstein so skinny?  Do you guys know that is health status was one of the most frequently queried Google searches in the last 12 hours?  Farbeit from us to speculate on what could be an unfortunate situation for Lieberstein, but he looked like a skeleton, and he has missed a lot of time in the last few years, giving way to Amy Ryan’s Holly Flax.

As for Ricky Gervais, could this guy go away already?  We get it, we get it.  He’s the original David Brent, and as such, has clawed out a de facto EP position on The Office, but this guy should spend more time working on his own projects, which aren’t very funny.  How many shows will HBO hand the man, and when will one of them make us laugh?

It used to be that if HBO gave you a foreigner, it was appointment television.  Then there’s the Ricky Gervais exception.  Can there be any doubt that he isn’t pushing for Catherine Tate, of Dr. Who “fame”?  And what about The Office producers interview with our favorite band manager, Rhys Darby, who played Murray Hewitt hilariously on Flight of the Conchords?  We subsequently read that The Office wasn’t interested in Darby after meeting with him, and failed to grant him the courtesy of any sort of call back.

Bad form!  We’re very disappointed.  We’ll hold out hope that it isn’t Tate, and we’ll give her a chance to change our minds if it is her.  Who knows?  She very well may, but from where we sit, this is not the female John Cleese by any stretch.

If it’s not too late to offer suggestions for new blood, we may as well give it a try.  We thought Thomas Lennon of Reno 911 (Lt. Dangle) was an excellent, quirky boss of funny, oddball types, and we loved the short shorts.  After seeing Catherine Tate tell the cameras she thought she was Jo’s best friend, we also felt a desperate need to push a last ditch campaign for another excellent comedic actor, Bob Odenkirk, who is phenomenal, and always insanely good in a well done show and fine cast.

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Evan Almighty.  Date Night.  Dinner for Schmucks.  We’ve got no problem saying this: The Office, a superior outift with exceptional writers made Michael Scott, not the reverse.  The tired Seth Rogan/Paul Rudd movie factory may have given us 1 good Carrell film–The 40 Year Old Virgin–but little to nothing else with Carrell worth watching.  Most of the reaction we’ve heard with regard to Carrell leaving The Office has been pessimistic pertaining to the future of the show.  We, on the other hand, have no doubts that The Office can function without Michael Scott.






We think Steve Carrell is crazy to leave The Office, which will undoubtedly be the absolute best product he has ever worked on.  We think it’s a poor decision to abandon his $300,000 per episode salary.  And we are extremely confident that the show, which has perhaps needed a shot of enthusiasm for a few seasons (not for lack of trying with the guest addition of Timothy Olyphant and Amy Ryan’s role reprisal of Holly Flax), can be an excellent and dynamic program and can return to the top of network sitcom television.  The Office can even reach new heights if they follow through on their plans to replace Michael Scott’s character with someone from outside the show.  While we love Jim, Dwight, and Andy, none do anything for us in the lead role.

The late summer talk about The Office producers contacting Flight of the Conchords alum Rhys Darby (top) and Eastbound and Down star Danny McBride (bottom), and to a lesser extent, recent rumors about Arrested Development star Will Arnett (middle) have our full attention.  McBride has seemed to generate the most excitement and buzz so far.  Frankly, he is absolutely hilarious as crass, washed up pitcher Kenny Powers, and has one of the funniest hairstyles of all time.  From what we’re reading though, at least out of HBO, is that McBride is unlikely to get the gig.  Producer Paul Lieberstein (Toby) recently denied that McBride was in the running, but it was confirmed that McBride would be doing a guest spot this season.  HBO has been less coy than Lieberstein, saying that McBride is signed up long term to do Kenny Powers, is paid very well, and went so far as to suggest that McBride would have no interest in joining the cast of The Office.

The cable network issued no similar statements with regard to Darby, leading us to believe that something is cooking.  We would emphatically endorse the hire.  Darby, as Brett and Jemaine’s band mannager on Flight of the Conchords was exponentially quirky in a way very reminiscent to the Michael Scott character, only with a New Zealand accent and the added awkwardness of a tourist with less than zero street smarts.  Darby, like Carrell, has even demonstrated his proficiency with the occasional musical number.  Darby’s low profile in America and immense respect in comedic circles would be a win win for a program in need of new talent and a network looking to make a reasonable deal with an actor.

The wildly popular and recognizable McBride would not come cheaply and without obstacles, or at least, that’s what HBO wants us to think.  And we have questions about how well McBride will do without the luxury of of his hysterical foul mouth rants and drug humor, which is not about to play on NBC.  He’d be unwise to leave the role of a lifetime on Eastbound and Down for the huge pressure associated with filling Michael Scott’s shoes.

Recently several Arrested Development actors have been mentioned for the job, including the legendary Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Hale, and most notably, Will Arnett, who Ricky Gervais has been publicly pining for.  We love Tambor.  “Hey Now” Hank Kingsley?  Classic.  George Bluth Sr?  JT played that role to a tee.  And we look forward to his frequent cameos as himself on Entourage, the long term client of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven, another Larry Sanders Show alum).  Tambor isn’t really new blood to us though.  Hale is not a heavy enough hitter, and Arnett, though we love him across the board and loved his GOB character to death, we have way more enthusiasm for Rhys Darby, who we feel is the perfect fit.

Though we will not be surprised if Arnett gets the nod, having done a guest shot on his wife Amy Poehler’s very funny NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, and having played a corporate foil to Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy for 3 years on NBC’s 30 Rock.  Can Arnett jump to a 3rd Thursday night NBC sitcom?  No doubt he could.  But how about Ricky Gervais shuts the fuck up so that BJ Novak (Ryan), Lieberstein, and Mindy Kaling (Kelly), all Office producers, can go with their gut and bring in Darby?





Can you tell that we are really hoping for an Office dick meeting?  Wait…that sounds bad.  Just a Murray Hewitt/Flight of the Conchords reference!


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The cousins (above) have been way too quiet, and after watching an extended preview of this week’s episode of Breaking Bad, entitled “one minute”, we are left wondering if Gus and his state of the art meth lab, are about to get whacked.  Watch the 4 minute episode trailer below.


In a flashback sequence, we see the cousins with Don Salamanca in a lush backyard, as kids, while the Don is on the phone talking about Gus.  Don Salamanca says that Gus is not to be trusted, and that he’s not even Mexican–he’s South American.  Then he submerges one of the twins’ heads in a cooler, for breaking the other’s toy.  When the other tries to save his brother, their uncle tells him he’s going to have to fight a lot harder for the boy’s life, and says, “how much time does he have left?  One minute?”

While Gus put the cousins on Hank the other night, blessing a hit on a D.E.A. agent in his “district” to ensure Walt’s safety, there is definitely some animus between Gus and the Salamancas that could end in bloodshed.  Why wouldn’t they kill Gus, which would free them up to kill whomever else they like, without interference?

Walt cooked last week for the first time in the new lab, and with his new assistant, played by David Costabile (Doug, Flight of the Conchords).  The new lab tech now knows Walt’s formula, which he has a proprietary nature toward, and seeing the new character’s pristine resume, raises questions about Jessie’s future, as it is unlikely that Jessie will join Walt at the new facility.  We look for circumstances to arise that would free Walt from his agreement with Gus, allowing him to return to his partnership with Jessie.

Was it me, or did Walt seem a little uncomfortable around the new lab tech, who had the credentials to replace him?  We wouldn’t be surprised if something happened to the new lab and the new lab tech.  Breaking Bad has never been about an industrial scale cooking operation, but rather, about Walt and Jessie cooking together, and dealing with the consequences, the way they did Sunday night when Hank was this close to discovering that Walt was indeed Heisenberg.

While we had been saying that Jessie needs to lose the RV, and were gratified at seeing it demolished, we look for Walt and Jessie to land another RV, for Gus to get popped soon, and for the dynamic duo to start cooking again in the desert–the way they have always done.  And who would believe that the Heisenberg Operation, after crushing their mobile laboratory, would turn right around and set up another?

Notice on the season 3 poster how Jessie and Walt are out in the desert.  We expect them to return there soon, and that many fireworks will emblazen their path.

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This season on The Life and Times of Tim, Tim fans have been treated to a range of wacky situations and impressive celebrity voice overs.  Will Forte, who some would know as “Ben the actor” (Flight of the Conchords), or from SNL, did a guest spot as Stu’s (Nick Kroll) pot dealer, who was also an actor, and last week comedy fans were treated to the guest voice of Aziz Ansari (Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation), playing a pool hustler in the local bar who gives Tim a big tip on a horse which Tim is confident will win, because the horse’s name reminds him of his girlfriend Amy (MJ Otto), a horse called “Nagging Blonde.”

Aziz Ansari and Will Forte.

Tim has treated us this season to a dalliance with an unethical doctor who calls Tim “fancy”, and a wild pharmaceutical rep who tries to run herself and Tim off of the George Washington Bridge.  Tim smokes pot in front of a jazz club with his boss (Peter Giles), and then is drug tested the next day, and has blackmailed the head of HR at Omnicorp. so that he can have a couch in his cubicle. 

Above is a shot of Tim singing with his boss’s wife’s choir from last year.

This season, Tim also plays hookey from work and takes a Monday road trip to Atlantic City with Stu and Rodney (Matt Johnson), where Tim runs into Amy’s father, his most significant contact with Amy’s parents, who aren’t big Tim fans, until tonight.

Above Tim sits with Amy and her parents as “Debbie the Prostitute” (Bob Morrow), sits on Tim’s lap.  Should all go well, perhaps there’s a wedding in Tim’s future, an idea that was explored a few weeks back when Tim mused that if he married Amy, he could ‘jump on her health plan.’

We are hoping to see that marriage come off, and for our favorite Tim character, “The Priest” (Rick Gomez), to do the honors, as he did when Amy’s sister got married in season 1.

There are only 3 episodes left of The Life and Times of Tim for the season, so make the most of it.  HBO, 9:30 PM, Fridays.


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I hope my fledgling following appreciates this, for tonight I come to you from a new, makeshift computer station, as everything here was thrown for a loop due to severe flooding.  We’ve had constant, heavy rains and winds for 3 straight days, the telephone lines are down, but it could be worse.  Most of my neighbors haven’t had any power in almost 36 hours.

Time to credit HBO for not cashing out when they have a good thing going.  I was very upset when two of the better dramas of the past decade were cut short by HBO: Carnivale and Deadwood, after only 2, and 3 seasons, respectively.  I had previously mentioned that I was upset over what appeared to be HBO abondoning the very moving and well done In Treatment, starring Gabriel Byrne, and Flight of the Conchords, starring Jemaine Clement and Brett McKenzie, and featuring the impressively funny Kristen Schaal, Arj Barker, and Rhys Darby.

Much ado about nothing, it would turn out.  In Treatment has been renewed, Gabriel Byrne has signed on to reprise his role as therapist Paul Weston, and the creators/writers of the short lived HBO series Tell Me You Love Me have been brought in to write season 3.  The writing was a major point of contention for the 3rd season because HBO had exhausted all the episodes that were already written for Be Tipul, which was the Israeli version of the show, adapted for HBO’s In Treatment, a gem unearthed by Mark Wahlberg’s production company, Closest to the Hole, which has also given us the hit Entourage.  In Treatment is such a unique show because it airs 5 new episodes each week, usually running an 8-9 week season, thereby giving the audience way more bang for its buck, and many more first run episodes than any other scripted television show, on network or cable TV.  The workload was also a point of contention, as Gabriel Byrne is never off camera (Byrne’s Paul Weston is either working with patients or seeing his own therapist in each episode, and has described the role as tiring and demanding.).

Thankfully HBO had the good sense to properly compensate Byrne and to bring back this unique and incredibly intense program.

I always watch HBO promos very closely.  I have a friend in film who worked on Oz and who nearly worked on The Sopranos, and who knows HBO’s M.O. very well.  He told me that once HBO discontinues a show, they no longer include any clips of the actors from that show in their promos, because then they have to pay those actors.  So seeing Gabriel Byrne’s face in a lead in promo last week was very fulfilling.

“When I look around the room, I can tell that you, are the most beautiful girl…in the…room.  And when I’m on the street, depending on the street, you are definitely in the top three good looking girls on the street.  Depending on the street.  And when I seen you at my man’s place, I said, ‘what…is…she…doing…at my man’s place?”–“The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room,” by Flight of the Conchords.

 Above is just one sample from one of the Conchords quirky melodies that has been featured in an episode (episode 1) and that has gotten the Conchords international fame, and which has put them on the road to international television and radio stardom.  In addition to the very successful Flight, Jemaine and Brett had a very successful folk/comedy tour throughout the United States last year, and have recently put out another folk/comedy album.

HBO recently anounced that they have greenlit a third season, and that they are ready to go into production whenever The Conchords give the word.  In addition to the show being near and dear to my heart because of its own merits, I also hold it close because it is a local geographic triumph.  It is filmed in Brooklyn (holler!), Manhattan, and Queens, and a very memorable scene was shot at the site of the giant World’s Fair Globe, right outside the National Tennis Center (home of the U.S. Open and the U.S. national developmental program).  A picture of that  globe on a U.S. Open night happens to be the exterior wallpaper on my cell phone.

The Conchords are not limited musically or comedically.  Their songs have ranged from Parisian parodies, to David Bowie encomiums, to dance and even rap music.  Their rap personas, the Hiphipopotamus and the Rhymenoceros, came to life to provide a very interesting rap about The Lord of the Rings (the Conchords hail from New Zealand, and made it there before making it in London, and then here, on HBO) and also, an instant classic in a season 1 episode called “Mugged.”

“Other rappers diss me, say my rhymes are sissy.  Why?  Why?  Why exactly?  Be more constructive with your feedback please!  Is it because I rhyme about reality?  Like me and my grandma having a cup of tea?  There aint no party like my nanna’s tea party.  Hey!  Ho!”

We may have to wait a while for season 3 of Flight and for more of their interesting styles, but the wait should be shorter for the new season of In Treatment, which will come to air in 2010. 

In keeping with my keeping you up to date on the Paribas Open at Indian Wells, it was a shame to see Maria Sharapova, a graceful champion still not right after a bad shoulder injury, struggle so mightily in losing to Jie Zheng.  Sam Querrey, a promising American, looked good in his match and has a very interesting encounter lined up in the next round with another promising American, John Isner.  At the moment, Roger Federer trails in the 2nd set after winning the first in his first tournament action since his straight sets victory over Andy Murray at the Australian Open, giving him his record 16th major title.  And more kudos to James Blake, who just took the first set in style from David Ferrer, 6-1.

And like I said, HBO is back!  Who’s the mother-flipping?