Mark Sanchez will be throwing the ball more this season, but will Jets fans be able to watch? 

A league source with knowledge of the situation told The Post the Jets’ unsold PSLs numbered a whopping 17,000. Johnson disputed that figure yesterday but did not deny the number was still north of 10,000.

Johnson also told The Post that he will refuse to lift the hugely unpopular PSLs for the unsold lower-bowl sea s on a game-by-game basis just to avoid blackouts this fall.

“No, we’re not going to do that,” Johnson said of selling the lower-bowl seats without PSLs for individual games, shaking his head for emphasis.

Additionally, Johnson said the team has ruled out cutting the price of the unsold PSLs, which range from $5,000 each to as high as $30,000 each for club seats and from $4,000 each up to $20,000 each for lower-bowl seats not in club sections or suites.

“[They are] fairly priced right now,” Johnson told The Post when asked about dropping the PSL cost. “[They’re] selling, and [they’re] selling right along our trendlines, so we’re good to go.”

I’m not going to go nuts about this right now, because the chances of the New York Jets being blacked out have got to be pretty slim.  But is old Woody delusional?  Selling a license for $5000-$30,000 that gives the consumer the right to purchase a ticket in a failing economy in which Governor Patterson is attempting to furlough $100,000/yr state employees, is simply outrageous.  Hmmm.  Should I go see the Jets this year or should I put my kids throughh college?

Too bad they are illegal, guv.  Woody Johnson must have caught an immediate negative “trendline” from the blackout controversy, because the lackeys over at countered with:

The New York Jets are confident they will sell their remaining personal seat licenses before the regular season begins, adding their fans do not have to worry about home games being blacked out on TV.

I am on the record as being a huge Woody Johnson supporter, despite his support for the Republican Party at its low point.  But Woody, you aren’t just selling bandaids here.  I am going to border on heresy for a minute and say that the Jets are asking too much of their fans, and over time, have given their fans way too little.

The Giants and the Yankees can get away with this.  The Jets and the Mets can not.  I’m sure if the Jets have another good season, they will sell out their stadium, even with ridiculous PSLs.  In the meantime, this gets worked out, and I stay nice and calm.  The NFL may protect and promote criminals on a daily basis, but they aren’t going to let the New York market be blacked out.  This isn’t Jacksonville.  Or is it?

Be Smart,

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