Rex Ryan at his son’s high school football game (above).

Tony Dungy (above) at his son’s funeral.

updated 10:01 p.m. ET, Fri., Dec . 23, 2005 //

TAMPA, Fla. – A medical examiner’s preliminary report Friday confirmed that the 18-year-old son of Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy took his own life, although the cause of death will not be determined for four to six weeks.

Dr. Jacqueline Lee released the findings and said there was no evidence of foul play. Lee ordered a toxicology study, and until it is finished the cause and manner of James Dungy’s death are listed as pending.

His girlfriend found him unresponsive early Thursday, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. Carter said evidence at the scene indicated he had killed himself.

Tony Dungy hates curse words, you know?  He mentored former Jets coach and one of the worst NFL coaches in the last 15 years, Herm Edwards so well on that point, that Edwards came to New York and instituted a “no cussing” policy on the field and in the Jets locker room.  Definitely a novel approach to coaching NFL football, and for the ill equipped Edwards, who in his second head coaching stop in Kansas City, managed to do the impossible.  He obliterated the surest thing in football–the Kansas City Chiefs’ home field advantage at Arrowhead Stadium.  Dungy’s big on mentoring, you know?  Maybe not so much in the case of his own son, who obviously needed something he was not getting, but Dungy has plenty of time to mentor Michael Vick, and he’s done a great job of that, right?  I mean, Vick’s posse has only been in one gunfight since he was paroled and returned to the NFL.

“I want to assure everyone that I had nothing to do with that incident,” Vick said in a statement released to the press Thursday night, almost a week after the June 25 shooting. “I left the restaurant prior to it occurring and did not witness what happened.”

The above statement was very reassuring, for a while.  Then the police reviewed the surveillance video from the club that night, and ascertained that Vick was lying, and that he had not really left when he said he did.  The guy who got shot, Quanis Phillips, was Vick’s co-defendant in his dog fighting case, but that had to be purely coincidental, right?  Vick’s homie from childhood who took the charges with him and who was chilling with Vick at Vick’s birthday party got shot, but of course, that’s of sheer coincidence.

Just like Ben Roethlisberger raping a young girl and taking his shwantz out in public repeatedly are the acts of a community pillar.  But I don’t recall Dungy, the NFL’s morality czar–total oxymoron–coming down so hard on Big Ben after Big Ben came down so hard on a defenseless college girl who could have been any of our daughters.

Instead, Dungy has singled out the villainous Jets and their profane coach, Rex Ryan, for cursing on a show that airs in the mature audience television time slot, and on a pay channel–HBO.  Now I have watched the Jets on Hard Knocks religiously, and have heard Ryan and many other Jet coaches use words like “fuck”, “ass”, and “shit.” 

So what?  Apparently, it’s no big deal to commissioner Goodell, but really, what is? 

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t follow Tony Dungy‘s critical lead when he chimed in on the profanity from Jets players and coaches on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series, which concluded Wednesday night. “Hard Knocks is designed to give our fans an inside view of what it’s like to be in a training camp,” Goodell told ESPN Radio Wednesday. “Obviously, at times you’re going to get language that’s not appropriate for all ages, and it’s something that I guess we’re not proud of, but it is a reality of what’s happening in those camps.”

 Here’s Tony Dungy though, still running his mouth about the Jets’ Hard Knocks show on HBO, even after Rex Ryan called Dungy and Dungy came out to Jets’ camp one day as a special guest of the coach, when the two seemed to put this issue behind them:

Dungy on Thursday was back on “The Dan Patrick Show,” where he first made disapproving comment’s about Ryan’s vulgar vocabulary, prevalent on HBO‘s “Hard Knocks.”.

“It wasn’t personal,” Dungy said. “And it wasn’t that I was offended by that language at all. I’ve heard that, it goes on in locker rooms, I understand that. My problem was putting it on a TV show where you know it’s going on TV to all your fans.

The commissioner calls the cursing that happens around a football team “a reality.”  Tony Dungy would rather beat an unrealistic dead horse, by intimating that such language is insulting to a team’s own fans.  Hmmm.  I can think of probably ten things that have happened off the top of my head recently that are actually embarrassing to a team’s fans, like say, sexual assault, or vehicular homicide, or gunfights or dog fighting. 

Obviously Dungy doesn’t have the most realistic views.  Listen to this:

“I had heard from Jets fans, I mean die-hard Jets fans, that said, ‘I wanted to let my son watch this because he’s such a Jets fan, he’s such a Rex Ryan fan, but I don’t want him to hear that language.’ ”

An HBO spokesman told The Post the foul language in “Hard Knocks” is “bleeped” for daytime viewing.

You know what?  I’ve really heard from Jets’ fans.  I think, actually, that they are who I learned my colorful vocabulary from, once upon a time.  And I don’t know one Jets’ fan who was not thrilled that the Jets were on Hard Knocks, and who hasn’t treated each Wednesday at 10 PM like Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve.  Word.

But Dungy thinks we Jets’ fans can’t show our kids the show, even though everyone knows that HBO airs an edited, clean version of Hard Knocks every Thursday at 3 PM–specifically for those families trying to shield their children from the horrors that Dungy has been on a soap box over for 5 weeks now. 

Tony Dungy is a badly mistaken hypocrite of the highest order.  I can and have shown my son the Jets on Hard Knocks.  That he can’t show his son the Jets on Hard Knocks is a problem that is his and his alone.


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