Kathy Griffin, one of our favorite female comics, returns tonight for the premiere of season 6 of My Life on the D List on Bravo.  Griffin, who to be honest, we weren’t sure we were into, has made us big fans by way of her overwhelming candor in interviews, to the point where we gave My Life on the D List a shot a few years ago.  We haven’t turned the channel since on Griffin, whose standup, despite great titles, such as the all time great She’ll Cut a Bitch, always seemed a bit forced, and her material, well, not our style.  I watched Will and Grace and frankly, it left me in bad shape for more fag hag comedy.

But Griffin’s show is very different from her standup, when she tells mostly Cher, Chelsea, and Jonas Brothers jokes.  My Life on the D List is the perfect vehicle for Griffin with its loose structure, which plays well to Griffin’s hilarious off the cuff humor–as she is perhaps the best impromptu comic this side of Sacha Baron Cohen.  Griffin’s honest reality based comedy has seen her banned in many parts.  She’s been banned by all the big talkshows, including Leno, Letterman, Conan–who seemed uncomfortable with Griffin for bringing up the fact they once dated, and The View, for some perceived slight to Barbara Walters.

One show that’s always embraced Griffin is Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show, on which she has shared many unexpected gems with the audience, such as having sex with Jack Black when they were both young comics, seeing Robin Quivers late night at an upscale City hotel collecting on a booty call from a much younger man, and sharing with the audience that her older brother was a dangerous pedophile, and that her own relationship with her father was strained because her father was quick to defend the brother.  In the link below, Griffin discusses her affair with Black and her brother.


Griffin also has a great sidekick on her show, My Life on the D List: her 90 year old mom Maggie (pictured with Kathy above), who is funny in her own right, and who seems to always be drinking a glass of wine.  Though much of Griffin’s show is built around her celebrity relationships, which could be trying if you don’t care about Rosie O’Donnell or Gloria Estefan, the real genius of the show is Kathy Griffin’s remarks on the fly and commentary, as well as her mom.

That genius is back tonight for a new season on Bravo at 9 PM EST.  We’ll be watching.

–Crack (http://crackbillionair.tumblr.com)