The Office’s Andy Bernard (actor Ed Helms).

The above title is not meant to be misleading.  Even though The Office is not a 40 or 60 minute episode tonight, we’d defy any true Office fan to differ with our classification of tonight’s show as special.  Especially given the fact that in tonight’s episode, one of our favorites, Andy Bernard is set to star in a community theatre production of Sweeney Todd, and he’s invited all of his co-workers to the show.  The episode is entitled “Andy’s Play.”

The musically inclined Helms, whose Andy character famously showered Pam (Jenna Fischer) once upon a time with a Ukulele rendition of “Rainbow Connection” (video below), should be inspired, if not inspiring in tonight’s show within a show.  We are expecting visceral reactions from Michael (Steve Carrell) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) in the very least.

We can’t wait.  See pics of Andy as Anthony from Sweeney Todd at the link below.

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