Muscle bound Junior Seau and girlfriend (above).

Former 12 time pro bowl selection Junior Seau, who was still playing in a starting role last year at one of the NFL’s most intensely violent positions, at the ripe old age of 40, was arrested in San Diego for alleged domestic abuse on his 25 year old fitness freak girlfriend, and then drove his car off a cliff upon his release.  Accidentally, of course.

Seau…told police at the hospital that the one-car crash happened when he became sleepy.The story about one of San Diego’s most popular athletes lit up the Internet and led to speculation he may have tried to commit suicide.

Seau’s ex-wife, Gina Seau, said those reports were false. She made her comments soon after she and the couple’s three children visited him in the hospital. She repeatedly said the crash and arrest were not related.

“He would never try to harm himself or anyone else,” Gina Seau said. “He’s fine. He’s emotionally upset. No, he’s not even emotionally upset. He’s going to get through this, and he’s going to move on.”

How about that ex-wife going to bat like that for Seau?  She needs to keep that gravy train rolling.  He’s not even emotionally upset, le’s make it, on second thought.  But, how can you say reports of battery are false with such self-assurance?

You can’t. 

Morning drive guys here conjectured on these unfortunate circumstances, and debated the question of whether steroids played any role.  How dare they!  Hogwash, right?  I mean, Brian Cushing himself called us to tell us Junior’s clean.  Those Muscle and Fitness layout guys really stick together.

Now let’s be real.  Who really thinks that Seau is all natural?  That giant head and Mr. Olympia body, into his 40’s?  What Patriot elderly defender didn’t juice?  Rodney Harrison?  Whose mailman always brings juice–the FBI would beg to differ.  Ted Johnson?  Well, he actually admitted it, and said that New England’s steroid culture was pervasive.  Teddy Bruschi?  No way!  He stroked out those times, for sure, but Alberto Contador dropped us a line to say food contamination issues were at play.

Was Seau drunk or high when he slapped his girlfriend around, allegedly?  He could’ve been.  How about 9 hours later, when he was released?  Very doubtful.  But as to the steroid question, Seau would probably be ahead of the testing curve, on the best shit money can buy. 

Habituated steroid users may still be prone to mood swings, even when they aren’t on a cycle.  Natural body-builders?  Who pose in major publications?  That’s an oxymoron.

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