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Shawn Southwick, who last month may have made a suicide try from a famaily home in Utah, overdosing on presecription drugs, and Larry King have called off their divorce.`Southwick is known to have opiate addiction problems, but reportedly overdosed on psych meds.

Outgoing CNN talk show host Larry King and wife Shawn Southwick have made their reconciliation official.

King and his wife filed separate petitions Wednesday in Los Angeles to dismiss their divorce case, and report.,0,7114924.story

Interesting development.  I guess they resolved the sister in law and baseball coach reported affairs.

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Dapper 200 hundred year old Larry King, with estranged wife Shawn Southwick (above).

Shawn Southwick’s May 28th overdose, which was suppressed from the media from May 28th to June 8th, is now being called a suicide attempt.

Police found multiple empty pill bottles on her bed, in her purse and in her bathroom, according to the report. The containers had held Compro, Prometrium, Clonaxepam, Ambien, Klonopin, Subutex, Cymbalta and Lyrica.

Some of the bottles had a “prescription of 30, others of 60, all of which were empty and which had been filled within 10 days,” read the report.

Police also found what they believed to be a suicide note left by Shawn.

“At this time, it is unknown whose writing this letter was in, however wording on the letter led me to believe that [King] had intentionally taken the quantity of pills,” read the report.

The report also states that the note indicated that she “was leaving, or that she might hurt herself” and that she wanted to be buried in Utah.

Subutex is a powerful opioid used to treat opiate dependency.

Klonopin is a powerful anti anxiety medicine, Ambien a powerful sleep drug, Cymblta is used to treat severe depression, and Lyrica is an anti-epileptic drug. 

Apparently Southwick is a lot sicker than first projected.

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Larry King’s 7th wife, Shawn Southwick, and probably his 8th divorce (above).

A decrepit Larry King with his latest young family, all wearing ugly, stupid looking sneakers (above).

Shawn Southwick, the estranged 7th wife of Larry King, overdosed on various unnamed prescription drugs on May 28th, but the news of the incident was suppressed from the media until yesterday.

Southwick, 50, OD’ed on pills May 28, but news of the event just surfaced June 8.

It’s unclear what drugs Shawn took, but her dad suggested it may have been depression or anxiety medication.


In a 911 call obtained by RadarOnline, Shawn’s father, Karl Engemann, tells the operator that he came home and found his daughter unconscious at her Provo, Utah, house May 28.

“I can’t wake her up,” Engemann, 76, tells the 911 operator, who dispatches an ambulance. “She may have overmedicated.”

He added: “She’s unconscious. I slap her and I holler at her and she opens her eyes half way and puts them back down again.”

This is just the last development in a long line of odd circumstances between King and Southwick, that include allegations of adultery on both sides.  Recently it came to light that Southwick was having an affair with Hector Penate, a guy who basically solicited King to tutor his sons at baseball.  See video of Penate, a struggling actor and baseball instructor, as he talks about his affair with Southwick below.

Southwick has denied the affair, vehemently doing so to the media and on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show.  She even agreed to take a lie detector test on air, but then backed out.  In fact, Southwick has a history of telling Howard many strange things, including the fact that she wears “magic underwear”, a Mormon temple garment.  Say what? (Howard discusses King’s divorce) (Howard with Southwick, pt 1) (Howard with Southwick, pt 2)

To millions of Mormons around the world, garments are a special piece of clothing worn as a symbolic gesture of the promises that they have made to God. The garment is always worn under other clothing, next to the skin. For most people who wear it, the garment takes the place of regular underwear. (For this reason, some people refer to the garment as Mormon undergarments or as Mormon underwear. Most LDS prefer simply using the term “garment” instead.)The garment is directly related to Mormon temples. It is there that faithful members first receive the garment after individual instruction on what it stands for and how it should be cared for. The garment is worn as part of a special ceremony called the temple endowment. The garment is worn at all times (day and night) by members as a constant reminder of the promises they have made to God in the Temple to be honest and faithful to the commandments of the Lord.

I guess the promises Mormons make to God gloss over adultery, or perhaps Southwick doesn’t wear her magic underwear when she knows she’s going to be getting some.  Southwick has also made claims that the 76 year old King (is he really that young?) has had a sexual relationship with her sister, model Shannon Engemann, and those claims sound true, despite King’s protests that he supported her financially out of a sense of familial obligation.

King admits to lavishing Engemann with gifts, including a $160,000 automobile.  Though Southwick’s camp say she probably overdosed on anxiety and depression meds, she entered a rehab facility in 2008 for painkillers.

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