Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor is still smoking crack, apparently, we can conclude, after hearing the story of how his defense team plans to explain his actions in his 3rd degree rape case.  Even though the “skinny Spanish girl” that Taylor paid $300 for insists she had intercourse with the former legend, Taylor is sticking to the story that he did not have intercourse with anyone that night.

Listen to this explanation his lawyers have cooked up:

Team Taylor will acknowledge that he was in the Rockland County hotel room with the Bronx teen last week, but that he engaged in a “masturbatory act” and did not have actual intercourse with the girl, reported Tuesday.

Taylor’s tactic appears to be an attempt to scuttle a third-degree rape charge which could send him to jail for up to four years.

In an interview with The Daily News, the baby-faced teen insisted Tuesday that she and Taylor “definitely had intercourse” – and that he paid her $300 in cash when they were done.

“If he’s saying we didn’t, that’s not true,” she told the News.

The curly-haired, teenager recounted again how Taylor’s condom “got stuck inside” and how he told her not to worry about getting pregnant because “he was fixed.”

“He had to put his fingers inside me to get it out,” she said.

Obviously the thought of up to 4 years in jail on that rape count has driven Taylor and his lawyers to crack.  Now they intend to put the victim on trial and that is disgusting. 

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Let’s get this rolling with a couple of mug shots…

LT (left) and his pimp, Rasheed Davis (right).

The 17 year old sister of the girl Lawrence Taylor paid to have sex with, has spoken to her sister about the incident, and here is what she had to say:

“She said she had no choice but to go along with it,” the sister said.
“She doesn’t blame Mr. Taylor because he had no idea (she was a minor).”

The 17-year-old sis said the “date” with Taylor was arranged by a music producer who knows both the ex-Giant and Davis. She did not know his name.

“He relayed the message that Mr. Taylor was willing to pay $300 for a skinny Spanish girl,” the sister said. “Since Rasheed knew my sister, he volunteered her for this. He forced her into becoming a prostitute that night.”

Taylor spent an hour with the teenager in Room 160, the sister said.

“I know she is very traumatized by it,” she said. “She was taking showers a lot. She said she feels very dirty.”

Translation: Taylor’s lawyers have already gotten to the victim’s family, and they had a pow wow at which they agreed to throw pimp Rasheed Davis under the bus.  Might not be good enough for LT though.  The authorities have collected a used condom that will probably link Taylor’s DNA to the victim.  Normally I’d say “good luck” to the 51 year old black man who had sex with the 16 year old, where there is also DNA evidence, and who is claiming he thought the girl was 19.

I’d say “have fun registering as a sex offender after  you get released from Sing Sing.”  But this is LT, 2 time New York Giants Super Bowl champion.  And he hasn’t broken the law in like a whole year or anything.  He’s practically a saint.  What’s a judge to do?

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LT dropped 35 lbs. on Nutrisystem, but this morning the weight loss company dropped LT in the wake of his 3rd degree rape and patronizing a prostitute charges…

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Above, one of LT’s many mug shots.

The prosecution, citing Lawrence Taylor’s lengthy criminal background, asked for bail to be set at $100,000 on charges of patronizing a prostitute, which carries a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail, and 3rd degree rape, which carries a maximum penalty of 4 years in jail.

The judge set Taylor’s bail at $75,000.  He is scheduled for his next court appearance on June 10th.,,20367343,00.html

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Lawrence Taylor (above), on Dancing With the Stars last year.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that in the wake of a 3rd degree sexual assault charge filed against him today, that Lawrence Taylor would field a strong defense.  To that end, Taylor has hired Keneth Gribetz, the former district attorney of Rockland County.

Taylor’s lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz, said he has not seen the charges or the details of accusations.
Gribetz, a former Rockland district attorney, said he’s confident Taylor will be released on bail later Thursday afternoon and eventually exonerated. He said Taylor will plead not guilty at the arraignment.
“We firmly contend he is innocent of the charges and will be fully exonerated,” Gribetz said.
Gribetz and his law partner, Deborah Loewenberg, met with Taylor at the Ramapo police lockup.
“He’s upset as anyone would in this situation,” Gribetz said of Taylor. “He’s looking forward to an early arraignment and release.”

Already some of the particulars in the story have begun to change.  The victim’s age has risen from 15 to 16.  Can’t you just hear the defense lawyers cooing about that?  and it’s good to know how upset Lawrence Taylor is about the whole thing.  Is he a civic wunderkind or what?  He shouldn’t get himself too worked up though.  Rockland is full of Giants fans.

If he needed a hooker last night after a little golf, I wonder what kind of party LT will have tonight after sitting in jail all day.

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Lawrence Taylor (above), #56 in white.

The best player in New York Giants history, Lawrence Taylor, has been arrested for having sex with a minor.  The girl was a 15 year old runaway from New York City.  The girl was also beaten, and early reports suggested that Taylor was responsible for the beating, though that is probably not the case.

From what I can tell, here’s what happened: Taylor was in Rockland County playing golf.  He shot his round, then called a local pimp.  The pimp provided a girl to Taylor and they had sex at an upstate hotel.  The girl was beaten badly, before, during, or after sex, and Taylor’s lawyers will definitely say the pimp hit her and not Taylor.  At this point it looks like a story the authorities are believing, since Taylor has ‘only’ been charged with 3rd degree sexual assault.  The girl texted her uncle after the incident, and the uncle called police who apprehended Taylor and the pimp.

What kind of pimp let’s a ho have her own cell phone?  That’s odd.

We will be following this story closely as more details come to light.  And let me just say for the record that the worst thing that Joe Namath did, the best Jet in their club’s history, was kiss Suzy Kolber.

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