Have you been buying those long girlish locks that New England star Tom Brady has been sporting (below)?

You might not, but it appears that Brady himself might soon be making a purchase in that regard–at the insistence of the boss.  No, not Bill Belichik, who has run New England’s evil cheat ridden empire for the last 11 years.  We instead refer to Gisele Bundchen, Brady’s wife and primary play caller.

Reporters from the National Enquirer tracked Brady to the offices of Dr. Robert Leonard, a hair transplant specialist in Rhode Island who has worked on the noggins of several Boston Bruins.

The weekly says Brady went there on orders from the missus.

“Gisele wants to maintain that perfect-couple image – the handsome quarterback with a head full of hair and the stunning model with her own long flowing locks,” the Enquirer reported.


The image obsessed Bundchen, who Brady dumped his 8 months pregnant girlfriend for, actress Briddget Moynahan, is obviously running a very tight ship.  It’s no wonder her former beau Leonardo DiCaprio kicked her to the curb.  But when Brady kicked Moynahan to the curb it created so much acrimony between the pair that the actress barred Brady from the delivery room, and named his son after the team he hates most–Jet (John Edward Thomas).

Whatever will be Monday night in the in-season Superbowl at Foxboro in which the Pats are a 3.5 pt. favorite over our beloved Jets, we can’t thank Gisele enough, and the National Enquirer, for the image in our head of Brady and Zdeno Chara sitting side by side and having their scalps lasered at some Rhode Island hair clinic.



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