Green Lollipop (above).

Green Lollipops seem like decent rolls in California, according to thcmike and the report he submitted earlier to  We’d have to take issue with thcmike though, when he calls these pills Pokeballs.  Recent information suggests that Lollipops do not have the trademark Pokeball score on one side, as all Pokeballs do.

Let’s take a look at thcmike’s trip report:

Date Submitted: August 13, 2010, 7:04 am GMT
Last Updated: August 13, 2010, 6:56 pm GMT
Submitted By: thcmike
Name: Green Lollipop / Pokeball
State/Province: California
Logo: Lollipop / Pokeball
Colour: Green
Shape: Round
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: The shape is similar to a red devil if you’ve ever had one.
Suspected Contents: MDxx + Unknown
Rating: MDxx Medium
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 10:00 – I take my pill10:38 – I start to notice pupil dilation and start to feel a bit funny. Colors seem a lot more vivid.

10:47 – Very intense. i suspect something other than mdma (i suspect ketamine though i have no experience with it) in this but my boy told me it’s just mdma, and its very intense. It feels some what like a psychedelic.

10:56 – Still intense, everything very speedy but psychedelic and vivid at the same time. Never experienced this before so it was a little overwhelming.

11:12 – Still intense, tried to play guitar, i don’t feel like it so i listen to music.

11:20 – Time moves really slow, which i love. psychedelic feeling starting to fade.

11:24 – Intensity is moving away, not as psychedelic. It was a dopeeee feeling though.

1:05 – I go outside and smoke a cigarette, most of the time in between was just chillin(music and what not), rolls still going a bit.

After that the roll was pretty much over within the next half an hour. It was a unique experience to say the least.

Edit: There wasn’t as much jaw clenching as normal, just a little bit, and i never get eye wiggles. I didn’t get as much sleep as i wanted so if we don’t count being tired, the next day was pretty good, not too much of a hangover, slight afterglow.

There was euphoria and empathy and the usual effects of mdma, but it’s almost like after the most intense effects went away it was like i was rolling, but a it was a lot weaker. This is my first report, forgive me for having to update so much.

We thank thcmike and congratulate him on his first report.  Until we get picture confirmation, we won’t know for sure, but at this point, we really don’t think Lollipops are Pokeballs.  Keep in mind that 4 types of Pokeballs have been conclusively tested and found to be adulterated with caffeine.

Be Smart,

Crack (,

Blue Thundercat Pokeballs (above).

It’s always a treat when one of our all-time favorite pill reporters checks in.  In this case, our man steamroller out in Southern California gives us news of a so far little known Pokeball, the Blue Thundercat.  You may remember steamroller, whose other report became quite legendary around here.

In case you are wondering, yes, steamroller plugged (anally ingested) these Thundercats.  Let’s take a look at his trip report, recently submitted to

Blue Thundercats  
Date Submitted: August 10, 2010, 8:27 am GMT
Submitted By: steamroller
Name: Blue Thundercats
State/Province: California
Logo: Thundercats
Colour: Blue
Shape: Round
Texture: Real solid press.
Edges: Like I said, not crumbly.
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Clean thundercat logo, with the pokeball score on the back. Ah…getting messed up with childhood cartoons.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: It’s my second report, thankfully this one had much better results.

11:15: Swallowed the first pill around 20 minutes before making it to downtown San Diego.

11:30: Start feeling onset, really surprised, it was really fast and I had a light meal beforehand. Nothing too intense, my buddy starts to feel it, it’s his first time.

11:45: Parked by Horton Plaza and walked down towards the baseball stadium. Really happy.

12:15: My buddy swallows his other pill, I pop one and plug the other, whole pill I didn’t crush it up and mix it with water first due to being in public. Both not peaked, but rolling for sure.

12:40: Peaked on the first pill, coming up on the other two. We sit in the car when we went back for water and cigarettes. Listen to some music. My buddy tells me this is the best night of his life, first time of many. Eye wiggles start.

1:00 back around the hard rock hotel, can’t get in for some reason, but we stare at the HUGE TV and dance outside to music. Eye shakes get really intense, but it feels good. Jaw clenching utilized to fuck trident layers with my mouth.

1:15: Meet the HOTTEST Ukrainian tourists asking random girls for hugs. They can’t speak english so well, and I guess they had to take off. Best hug ever though. Waves are coursing over my body. I just want to be with everyone.

1:45: Walking in a more deserted area of SD, raced up some stairs which felt AMAZING but made us both ridiculously out of breath for a long time. Eye wiggles make it IMPOSSIBLE to read fine print. Deep conversation flowing. Still clenching jaw.

2:15: No sign of coming down yet, hopped a couple fences and stripped down to jump into a hotel hot tub. Oh good lord did it feel good. Swam, both making sure the other wasn’t overheating or anything, just sitting underwater for a second is amazing.

2:30: abandon our wet underwear and bail, buddy fails to pee hahaha. Being wet in the wind is bliss. Somehow get into a few other hotels that require keys. Stand on balconies and look down in amazement.

3:00: Coming down a little but not much. We’re rubbing each others head which is the greatest come-back ever. Random hugs, tlaking to every sketchy person who walks by.

3:30 we make it back to the gaslamp, buddy gives money to every homeless person he came across. Definitely coming down, we both sit down and play guitar with a panhandler, talk to the most fucked up person ever, buy a hot girl a sandwhich. More random hugs. Legs are SOOOO tired.

4:00: Back at the car, we chill listening to music, almost all the way down. No eye wiggles, but plenty of jaw clenching. Not really depressed at all.

5:00 after a pretty quiet hour I start up the car, I haven’t felt too messed up to drive in over an hour, so I start to drive back. Concentrating is a little hard, but I’m fine.

After I got home, I never slept. Not until the next night. My jaw clenched all day, regardless of magnesium supplements. No depression, only good memories, still in the after-glow 🙂

They were pretty clean, real good pills. They definitely have MDMA, and it was suggested by a friend maybe a little caffeine because of the jaw clenching. Awesome come up time, slammed me from 0 to ROLLING in about an hour max.

Plugging is a more effective method of ingesting ecstasy, IMO. It reduces nausea, shortens the come up by a LOT, and for me 2 pills swallowed = 1 pill plugged. Some claim it’s like three. I swear by it! Look up good methods, it’s not as uncomfortable as you think!

Be safe! When I roll I end up doing stupid stuff like driving (my last report ended with a car crash) or breaking into places, even if it’s just a closed hot tub! But it’s good advice to try to abide by any and all laws when rolling, because if the cops show it’s bad news.

A grade pills, not the best I’ve had, but the second best.

I’d like to take a moment to thank steamroller publicly for his very informative report.  Over the weekend, steamroller contacted me, told me about his experience, and asked if he should make a report.  I’d like to thank him, once again, for reaching out to us, and for going ahead and filing the report, which is an excellent description of his experience.

steamroller, I love your writing!  Your night really comes to life for us.  I can almost feel a hot Ukrainian girl hugging up on me, and the gratitude of the hottie you bought a sandwich for!  And you are absolutely right about plugging.  It is one of the “best” modes of ingestion, and one of the strongest.  It can amplify the effects of the pill dramatically, as you suggest.  It may also give you better insight into the substances you are ingesting.  Remember that it was steamroller, after plugging that Blue Angry Bomb Pokeball months ago, who said he thought the pill seemed dirty.  That was one of the first reports on Pokeballs we’ve seen that wasn’t totally glowing.  Good catch.

We’re very glad that you drove safely and had a great time.  Keep on plugging and reporting.

Be Safe,

Crackbillionair (,

Orange Lollipops (above), but are they Pokeballs?

I have seen people call these Pokeballs but nothing to me indicates they r made from the same guy. Its a lollipop, not a pokeball, backside is completely blank, what is shown in the pic is all that you see.


Big news.  Let’s take a look at boltfan909’s highly informational trip report, recently filed with

Orange Lollipop  
Date Submitted: August 8, 2010, 7:21 pm GMT
Last Updated: August 8, 2010, 7:38 pm GMT
Submitted By: boltfan909
Name: Orange Lollipop
State/Province: CA-909
Logo: Lollipop
Colour: Orange
Shape: Round
Texture: Chalky
Edges: Sharpe with a slight raised edge
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 2 votes)
Description: This was my 3rd time rolling. At home for first time while rolling, setting was legit.– I have seen people call these Pokeballs but nothing to me indicates they r made from the same guy. Its a lollipop, not a pokeball, backside is completely blank, what is shown in the pic is all that you see.
Suspected Contents: Unknown
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: T+0- Popped half a pill, tasted really tarty, unlike the Yellow Clover Pokes I took my first two times.

T+1hour- Started feeling a little light headed, tingly, palms and feet were SWEATING pretty bad. I was wearing flip flops and when I walked my feet were sliding around in them. Pupils diated, i’d say medium. It was my friends first roll and he has blue eyes, they were about all pupils at this point.

T+1h15- Take the other half.

T+130mins- Started feeling pretty decent, still not a whole lot of euphoria, feeling really upidity wanting to talk and smoke cigs. Moving around alot NOT getting floory feeling like other pill I mentioned.

T1h45mins- pop 1 more full pill.

T2h- All the lights are off, just messing with a couple orbit light toys and bumping some good tunes. Seeing some tracers, lights are looking pretty damn good. No eye wiggles or blured vision, in fact everything was very clear. Minor jaw movement, but was more of the ansy jaw swaying I get when on coke, not locked up like MDMA typically does.

T2h30mins– Not feeling very euphoric, honestly feels like I took about 30-40mg of MDMA and 15 or so mg of Adderall. Mouth is very dry, drinking water and some coors lights.

T3h– Kind of get the point that this was all I was gonna get so I popped half of my yellow clover pokes

T3h20mins– Nicee, feeling the poke started feeling more relaxed, sitting down just messing with the lights. Enjoying everything a bit more.

T3h45 mins– Smoke a bowl, start to get a little sleepy.

T4h– Prety much coming down, buddies leave and I pop an ativan to relax a bit.

Fall right asleep, wake up feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel e-tarded or slow at all in fact. Looking back it seems weird that my friend, for his FIRST roll ended up taking 2.5 and honestly looked twacked out the whole night. He rarely sat down, was up pacing, talking, messing with my perfect pull up. He said he felt like he could climb a mountain (NOT what I wanna do when im “rolling”). I do not wanna make false claims but from what I got these things are pretty low in MDxx and have some amp. Whether its adderall or speed..not sure but it’s not just caffeine IMO. I hadn’t rolled in almost 2 months so I expected to get pretty hammered on 2.5 pills are I really didn’t. Trippy part was with all the up feelings, nobody had a terrible time falling asleep. Though we all took a small dose of benzos I just would think if there was meth it wouldn’t have mattered.

We feel boltfan909 may be right.  We have never seen the back of a Lollipop, and don’t know if it has the trademark Pokeball score.  Also, we saw a recent report on White Lollipops in which the tester said that White Lollipops, which look identical to the orange ones, tested nothing like any other Pokeball they had seen.

If you’ll remember pushxtoxopen’s report, he got a purple reaction the Marquis which indicates the presence of MDEA–definitely out of character for a Pokeball.

There is a press of a lollipop but I have heard that is a 3D pokeball but to me it resembles a lollipop.


I would also add that just about all the Pokeballs we’ve seen have been impressed, but these Lollipops, in all colors, have been outpressed.  We will are actively in the process of looking for confirmation.

Thanks to boltfan909 (sorry about that Jets handing you your ass last year) and pushxtoxopen for their impressive reporting. 

Be Discerning,

Crack (,