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Red Equal Sign Mint (above).

What several heads are unequivocally pronouncing the best Ecstasy in the nation–the Mint franchise, which seems to be operating out of Chicago–has dropped three new pills on the scene: Grey Equal Sign Mints and Red Microdot Mints out of Chicago, and Red/Pink Equal Sign Mints, which our friend bigslam420 in Iowa enjoyed in a most unique way–with deer steak!

Let’s take a look at bigslam420’s most interesting trip report, recently filed with

Red Equal Sign =  
Date Submitted: December 17, 2010, 2:15 pm GMT
Submitted By: bigslam420
Name: Red Equal Sign =
State/Province: Ne IA
Logo: =
Colour: Red with red specs
Shape: Round
Height: 3 mm
Width: 7 mm
Texture: Hard pressed, Chalky
Edges: smooth, slightly beveled bottom
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Was made to test this pill out my friend gave me one and told me to test it out. Heard these were Mint man rolls. So I prepared.
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: First off to the other red =s out there the reports are right on Most enjoyable roll i’ve had. Tasted and looked similar in color even to some of the recent rock molly i had. SUPER BITTER.

4:20-Smokin a bowl an friend tells me to test it out. Tarted during our bowl.

4:45-Started just rattling couldnt shut up. Jammin to sum tunes feelin it coming.

5:20-Boom I felt it in my face and my legs. Couldn’t stand my legs were jello. Best feeling ive had off a roll.

6:20-Called my ride up from my friends to come and get me an bring me to the bar and i got a couple sodas.

7:20-The Rush is finely warring off feeling really spacey right now.

7:30-Reach my vehicle. Smoked a cig with my buddy an then parted ways drove home.

8:00-Made it home just fine still feeling really spacey yet up and focused.

8:30-Ate some deer steak just fine felt good still just very spacey an still could talk for hours

9-1am- Layed in my bed watched movies spaced out just up texting my girl an a few other friends still the urge to talk.

1:20 or so Passed out. Good night sweetheart ;]

Great rolls 15/10 love you mint man. green A’s are my next to test

bigslam420?  When you talk about testing a roll, you make scientific types think that you are going to actually test the roll, and not sample it.  Anyway, we are getting the idea.  The loud support for Mints of all sorts coming from the Chicago area are heard very clearly here.  It’s not to say NYC has nothing going for it right now because that’s not true.  We are getting a lot of MDMA powder here right now, and real G Spots keep popping up, and at 395 mgs, and unadulterated, we can’t see as how Mints half the size are better.  Especially since we have tried Orange and Blue G Spots and are very impressed.

But the arguments from the Chicago contingent, which is vehemently proud of its local product, are right on.  There are several fake G Spots here, and there doesn’t seem to be any fake Mints.  And we understand that pride very well.  Personally, I am still singing the praises of White Sunflowers and Big Number Ones, MDA pills that set this scene on fire and virtually controlled it from approximately 2002-2006. 

Here are the links to the other reports on the new Mints mentioned above, that unfortunately, we have yet to see pics of.  We are especially curious to see the Microdot Mint, though we are fairly sure it looks like the Bowling Ball Mint, except with only 1 dot.  Still, Microdots were big pills here in the scene about 10 years ago, and since the name pays homage to LSD, they have our attention. (Red Microdot) (Grey Equal Sign)

And here are some links to Mints we have followed throughout the course of this page:

One word of caution to the Mint makers: a few months back, I received a suspicious comment from someone looking for Mints in Chicago, and I totally, 100 % feel that it was the D.E.A. soliciting.  If you are interested in seeing the comment and my reply, just go through the comments.  But it was very shady.  Watch out for stupid people, feel?  Hate for anyone’s good thing to end like that.

Be Smart,

Crack (,

In late July/early August we devoted a few pages to Light Purple Star Fish, which were getting bad reviews, and likely tested as piperazines.  The links are below:

Recently we received a comment from a valued reader, ive done those, further warning us off these bad pills.  Here’s what he said:

ive done those Says:
November 15, 2010 at 7:42 pm e yea those pills are bad. i bought like 30 of them to supply my boys party. we all started poppin 2. we wer all excited for that first jolt and roll, but it didnt come. i just started feeling really uncomfortable, and my jaw clenched like i was rolling. i noticed 2 of the other people disapeared and i found them outside sittin in the middle of the lawn. one of them was crying saying the room was closeing in on them and their clothes were too tight. once we all got out of the hot basement with flashing lights we all started calming down. a few group hugs, pledgein the love and what not. but the VISUALS were crazy! i’ve done lsd and mushrooms but it was never like this. the stars in the sky were explodeing like fireworks, everyone looked like they had glasses on. some people faces completely morphed into ugly creatures with deep wrinkles. my one friend looked like an avatar with blue gem encrusted skin. (all of the intense visuals occured in the dark)luckily i kept my cool because some of these visuals were terrifying and overwhelming. i wound up doing 4 of them by the end of the night. it was the craziest trip. my one friend who took them was there first time. her boyfriend held her all night as she cried that she was blacking out for hours at a time, and that she was dieing. idk about you,but i have never seen anyone have a negetive reaction to pure mdma. i mean half of us had a fun time and just went with the flow and tripped balls. the other half were going crazy. very weird pills. not recomended lol

The most recent round of conclusive test results from the laboratories at gave a comprehensive breakdown on these Star Fish:

2021 Purple Starfish
  • BZP
  • MDMA
  • 3
  • 1
  • 0.1
Oct 29, 2010 Oct 29, 2010 Manchester, NH 365 mg, 10.5 x 6.2

Very tricky on the part of the maker to throw in that 0.1 part MDMA, but for the most part, we see the same volatile mix of BZP and TFMPP found in some Fleur di Lys that were inducing stroke like symptoms.  Thankfully, itstimeslikethese, who tested the pill back in August is a thorough and conscientious tester, and was not fooled by the small amount of MDMA in the pill, no doubt in the mix to try to trick pill testers.

Very good job by the community in NYC to root these bad bombs out.  And of course, many thanks to ive done those for reading and giving us a head’s up.  Sorry it turned out that way for you, IDT.  Crying, dying, and disappearing friends?  Do us a favor and don’t double up next time unless you are sure about what you have (in a good way).

Be Safe,

Crack (,

Dark Green (impressed) Glock (above).

Marquis Reagent on the Glock (above).  The sample turned purple/black instantly.  FYI, there are many outpressed Glocks that have gone around NYC and the rest of the country that are pipes.  I have seen light green, purple, and blue in my area, and recently, saw the light green ones on  Here’s a pic and a link to an older pill report on the Light Green Glock (outpressed).

Mecke Reagent on the Dark Green Glock (above).  The sample went dark blue instantly, and stayed dark blue. 

Yellow Star (above) with 2 oval eyeballs impressed (cutout).

Marquis Reagent on the Yellow Star.  No reaction.  It does look yellow, which might cause some to think DXM.  But the pill was uniformly yellow, so what you are seeing is the color of the pill broken down.  Seconds earlier, and for probably close to a minute, the puddle stayed clear.  These pills looked very unique, and we had both commented that we hoped it was the real deal.  Classic cutout bullshit.  Keep in mind that these Yellow Stars have two ovals impressed in the center that look like eyes.

Mecke Reagent on the Yellow Star (above).  Again, it seems yellow, but more accurately, the sample stayed clear.

Orange G Lady (above).  Don’t get too excited.  This isn’t the Orange G Lady/G Spot.  This pill had the Lady print on one side and nothing on the other side–no G.  Also, the pill was flat on one side and lightly domed on the other.  But I did like the results.  Take a look:

Marquis Reagent on the Orange Lady (above).  The sample went to purple/black fairly immediately, but not quite as quickly as the Green Glock.

Mecke Reagent on the Orange Lady (above).  The sample went very dark very quickly.

A look at all 3 and their results (above).

Be Careful,

Crack (,

Blue Original Batman Pokeballs (above).

Blue Batman Pokeballs in which the Batman logo is inside an oval, have hit Southern California, and have gotten very high marks from socallovelife in a recent trip report submitted to  These Batman Pokeballs are the third variety of Batman Pokeballs we have seen in recent months–White Batman Pokeballs (logo not inside oval) and Blue Dark Night Batman Pokeballs, the latter whose validity have been widely doubted, are the other two.

Here’s socallovelife’s trip report:

Blue Batman Pokeball  
Date Submitted: November 13, 2010, 8:36 pm GMT
Last Updated: November 14, 2010, 1:26 am GMT
Submitted By: socallovelife
Name: Blue Batman Pokeball
State/Province: OC, CA
Logo: original batman
Colour: blue
Shape: round
Texture: smooth, hard pressed
Edges: well defined
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: the stamp is very clean, hard pressed on these. most pokeballs I have taken in the past were quite chalky but these are harder pressed.
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: This is my first report so please be patient. I consider myself a relatively experienced user having been rolling since 07, pill count about 60 or so. I was reluctant to buy these at first after seeing the copycats going around on PR but my connect assured me they weren’t the same & that they were real pokeballs, which I agreed with once I saw them in person. I even scraped a little shavings off a pill before leaving to taste it, definitely tasted like ecstasy (that bitter-salty taste). Anyway on to the point.

Got to an event not long ago and dropped as soon as I got in, roughly 615pm.

I figure out my game plan for stages and DJs to see for the night and go buy a gatorade. I was on an empty stomach (from experience I personally don’t digest e well after eating) so the pill began to hit quickly. Started coming up at about 630-640 or so, by 7 oclock I had been thrown into a very nice roll: euphoric, body felt very light to the sound of great music, sense of touch is fantastic. Impressive feeling for only 1.

I drop again at 830, not necessarily because it was wearing off but more because my favorite DJs for the night were going to be coming on soon. Anyway, about ten minutes later I am skyrocketed into a harder roll (not to say I wasn’t rolling hard off of one, but this sends me off). Intense euphoria, absolutely floating to music, kissing my girl sends me soaring, lights are fascinating. No jaw clenching at all or any feelings of massive energy whatsoever (did not feel any amp) but that didn’t stop me from dancing all night (have heard that caffeine is used in pokeballs these days?). The peak was incredible. I rolled hard for about 5-6 hours off only two.
Comedown was smooth; sleep came easy, woke up in the morning feeling as if I had not rolled at all the prior night (which I have noticed for all the pokeball batches I have tried lately, no comedown the next day whatsoever). I was starving and proceeded to make a hearty breakfast to nourish my body after a night of partying. Cleeeeaaan strong rolls, gotta love em! These are BOMBB, I would compare them to the green telephones that have also been going around, highly recommended

Hope my report was satisfactory, will be more active in the community and post more that I try. If I missed any info, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Stay safe

Here’s where we’d usually warn you that Pokeballs are adulterated with caffeine, as all that have been conclusively tested have been shown to be.  But as we told you earlier in the week, recently tested Pokeballs have shown different compositions with negligible amounts caffeine.

Be Smart,

Crack (,

Yellow Elephant Pokeballs (pictured) have been tested by the laboratories at, and unlike the other Pokeballs tested conclusively prior to last month, they do not have the trademark ratio of 5 parts MDMA to 1 part caffeine.  Recent results from also show that Green G Lady Pokeballs do not have the trademark 5 parts to 1, MDMA to caffeine ratio.

Yellow Elephant Pokeballs, to our surprise, have come back from’s lab at a composition ratio of 30 parts MDMA to 1 part caffeine.  Take a look below:

ID: 2019
Name: elephant
Other Names:  
Marquis Test:More infoThe Marquis Test is a reagent field test conducted by placing a drop of reagent liquid onto a small sample of the material being tested. The chemicals in the reagent react differently with different chemicals, turning a variety of colors based on the what is in the material being tested. Black / Purple
Mecke Test:More infoAs with the Marquis Test, The Mecke Test is a reagent field test conducted by placing a drop of liquid reagent onto a sample of the material in question. Mecke reagent is primarily used for the identification of heroin and other opiates. Green to Purple
GC/MS:More infoThe GC/MSTest
  • MDMA: 30
  • Caffeine: 1

In case you are wondering about the authenticity of Yellow Elephant Pokeballs, we did too, but they are legitimate upon review.  The size and dimensions of the pill, as well as the fact that they are domed on both sides line up perfectly well with other legitimate Pokeballs

Test Date: Oct 29, 2010
Pub. Date: Oct 29, 2010
Location: San Diego, CA
Color: Off White or Yellow
Size: 305 mg, 8.1 x 5.9
Data Source:
Tested by: DDL

All legitimate Pokeballs come in around 290-310 mgs, and are 8.1 x 5.9 mms.  The Green G Lady Pokeball came back from the lab at a composition ratio of 10 parts MDMA to 1 part caffeine, well above the normal Pokeball ratio.  By the way, if you are doubting this information based on the pic, we’d say that would be a poor basis for doubt.  Frequently EcstasyData’s pics are poor.  When taking into account the size, dimensions, and domed nature of the pill, we see it as a real Pokeball.

2008 Green Lady
  • MDMA
  • Caffeine
  • 10
  • 1
Oct 05, 2010 Oct 01, 2010 Scottsdale, AZ 305 mg, 8.1 x 5.9

On the surface, we are very impressed by this development, pardon the pun.  Especially in the case of the Elephant Pokeballs, the caffeine in the pill would appear to be a negligible amount.  That Pokeballs would seem to increase in their MDMA ratio is shocking, unexpected, and goes totally against the grain.  Could the quality of the MDMA contained declined?  It could have.  It could also have improved.

Let’s reserve any further comment for the time being while we try to make better sense of this.

Be Smart,

Crack (,

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