Rafael-Nadal-vs-Nicolas-Almagro-Quarter-Final-Preview-French-Open-2012-160222Spaniards, friends and countrymen, Rafa and talented one hander Nicolas Almagro (above).

Abierto Mexicano (Acapulco, Mexico) — Men’s Semi-Final

To air @ approximately 11 PM EST — TTC

__ __ __ __

Nicolas Almagro:  + 325

Rafael Nadal: -450


Nadal leads this matchup 8-0, and frankly, this has been one of the least competitive matchups that we can remember.  Almagro, who we feel is very talented, despite being a clay court specialist, like Roger Federer, has a great deal of trouble with Nadal’s forehand in the forehand to backhand rally that Nadal lives off, and in this case, has feasted off.  But this line is off.  If Vegas was taking Nadal as seriously as they normally do on clay, Nadal would have came off around (-1200).  Like at the Dubai Duty Free, where there is a similar lopsided matchup, with Berdych taking on Djokovic, whom he really can not beat (Djoker leads the h2h 12-1), the odds are as follows:

Dubai Duty Free (U.A.E) — Final

Saturday, March 2nd — 10 AM EST

__ __ __ __

Tomas Berdych:  + 550

Novak Djokovic:  + 900


Frankly, we love the dogs.  Berdych is in fine form, beating Federer today and fighting off 3 MP’s.  Sure there is the business about Djokovic deciding to overhaul his training regimen and commitment level to the sport after his loss to Berdych at Wimbledon in 2010.  Losing to Berdych on grass is no shame at all either.  But since then, Djokovic has been on a different planet, which really started to kick in after he lost the 2010 US Open Final to Nadal.  Djokovic is undefeated this year, and is looking for his 11th straight win to start the season, and an over all win streak of at least 16, all on hard courts.

We don’t really expect either dog to win, but despite the record, Berdych is a very formidable opponent for Djokovic, and not a great deal separates them.  As for Rafa, he is a shell of himself right now.  If that is to continue, we shall see, but this may just be the best opportunity that Almagro gets in this matchup, in which he has only taken two sets for his career.  We think it would be an excellent sign if Almagro were able to compete hard, which we don’t always believe to be the case, especially against Rafa, who seems to psyche him out.

Crack (

Green Fleur di Lys with a full range of their reagent test results (above).

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the page has been light on hits these months.  Indeed it is so.  We figured that we may as well mirror the times, with so little decent product in the form of pills popping up to peak our attention.  We aren’t crying about it, don’t get us wrong.  Why would anyone make a real pill that’s illegal, when they can make a totally legal bunk knockoff?  Especially when a lot of the people out there are too stupid to know the difference.

Bringing us to mincha23 and his girlfriend and their trip report, recently filed with  Take a look:

Green Saints  
Date Submitted: June 6, 2011, 4:14 am GMT
Submitted By: mincha23 (member since June 6, 2011)
Name: Green Saints
State/Province: California
Logo: New Orleans Saints
Colour: Green
Shape: Round
Texture: Chalky
Edges: Round
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: If this is your first time, DO NOT TAKE..
Suspected Contents: Piperazine + Another
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 1030PM: Popped the first one with some friends1045PM: Took another, no feeling1130PM: Took another, very light feeling but nothing major.1150PM: Dropped one last one.1240AM: All of them kicked in and kicked my ass. Feeling good, looking at the lights and felt amazing. Not as good as the other pills I took.

200AM: Same feeling but slowly coming down. These pills made me feel really lazy, and did not want to do anything.

400AM: Able to drive about 25 miles to go home. As soon as i started to drive felt really sick, and my gf threw up as soon as we got home.

600AM: Went to sleep, slept well. Easy to sleep on.

1200PM: Woke up and felt really lazy, went back to sleep.

600PM: GF still feels sick cant get out of bed.

900PM: Still sick and cant move!

So mincha23 popped ’em and kept popping them until he had a piperazine overdose.  And his girl too.  Brilliant.  Bravo.  This kid truly was born yesterday.  Certainly not the responsible reporter the likes of the kaspkes, chemlovers, and jm6755s of the world.  Honestly, I don’t think I’d have shared that bit if it were me.  With this level of stupidity, we doubt it would have mattered if he had known the proper name of the pill, but apropos nontheless that he’s tagged them as Green Saints.

Have we not been over and back with this?  But who are we, really?  Just an army of one, but we’d like these pills off the market already and have only been calling for all of North America to avoid these pills for more than a year now.  Even knows what’s up with these biscuits.  We don’t commonly refer to hits as biscuits as some do, but in this case, the texture of the pill calls that word to mind.  If you have handled these pills, you’d notice that they are kind of airy, kind of porous. 

Now we’ll begin to put the current state of affairs in Layer Cake like terms, as we are getting very juiced for John Connolly’s sequel, Viva la Madness, set for release in a mere 3 months time.  Part government indifference, part shameless greed, and part user stupidity have teamed to give us a market flooded with piperazines, because they are legal, much like the way that MDMA replaced MDA in the scene several years ago.  Why take the risk to keep MDA alive when it went schedule I when chemists could add an extra methyl group and gain 16 years of legal freedom, prior to analog laws?  Where did it get us?

Well, MDA, the real deal, has been backburnered into obscurity, and today’s crackhead is lucky if he can tell the difference between MDMA and piperazine, and needs pillreports to sort it for him.  How’d you like to be the guy to roll in, pardon puns, to the ER having been the fucking dope to stroke out on ringworm medicine and industrial lubricants.

Nowadays, the really pukkah gear is not pressed all fancy in Amsterdam.  Amsterdam is done.  Pukkah gear is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in sketchy places, and shifted as powder, so as not to have a logo on it.  It’s piperazine pills that have the fancy stamps, for the most part.  Pressed shit is a must test, and we mean, chemical test, unless your boys really, really know the deal, as we laid out for you in the case of those luscious Red Diamonds.   If your gear tests really well, up and down and back and forth, chances are, powder got shifted here and pressed here, unless you are out west, where Mexico has got the game on lock.

It’s 2 years later, and this firm is still passing off these pipes, and they aren’t even changing the colors up anymore.  We hope all of the community starts paying attention, but our hopes are dim.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (,

Red Diamonds (above).

It’s very hard to say what’s up with these pills, but we thank melikeyrolls, once again, for providing us with some information.  All the test results we’ve seen on Pink/Red Diamonds have indicated the presence of MDMA.  These Diamond Tops could be weak, as melikeyrolls insists.  He sounds reliable.  Though, it has been our experience that real pills that have such an intricate stamp/design/dimensions are usually good pills.  Don’t misunderstand us.  We are talking about real pills, as these Diamonds are.  Just a theory, but it’s a theory that’s been a long time in the making.  An op that makes a real pill and goes through this much trouble to make its design ring out is usually a prideful outfit.

I’d advise you to think long and hard about melikeyrolls advice.  As for us, we’ve been picturing these pills in our belly for quite a while.  The amateur scientist in me would like first hand knowledge of this pill.  I would pick these up, theoretically, if my boys could score them.


A funny thing happened to me over the holidays.  One of my most trusted sources reached out to me with a short message to tell me had access to Red Diamonds.  Now if he was talking about the Red Diamonds that I’ve tracked for you on this page, then we were in business.  Since where I live took on two and a half feet of snow, a low end estimate, it was a bit hard to get to my friend with the hits.  Crackbillionair is here to tell you that all the effort was worth the time, ragged conditions, and travel hardship.  It also served to validate this page in a very unorhtodox and satisfying way.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  When I got to my friend’s pad, he was so proud to show me these bombs.  Beaming actually.

“They look crazy, right?” he asked.  They looked incredible, actually.  I’ve been around hits for more than 15 years, and he has too.  We agreed as to the exquisite workmanship and uniqueness of these pills.  But all that doesn’t mean shit unless they do the trick.

“Feedback?”  I asked.

“Everybody loves ’em.” he said.  But most importantly for me, my boy loved them.  He rated them as the best hits in these parts outside of real G Spots.  The kicker?  My boy was owed a debt by a kid who didn’t have cash but did have Red Diamonds.  So my boy and another friend’s fiance googled “Red Diamonds Ecstasy.”  Guess what happened?  This site’s ‘Diamond District…’ pages popped up.  My friend’s fiance, we’ll call her “Lady X,” clicked on it.  She read the page and said excitedly, “Crack wrote about these!  He says they’re good!  He says he’s looking for them!”

My assessment caused my boy to settle a debt in diamonds.  Merry fucking Christmas to us!  So it was written and so it was done.  Now do I have a deluxe reagent testing kit?  You think I don’t?  Of course I do, motherfuckers.  This might seem hypocritical, because I believe in stringent testing and always advise you to test your shit.  While I hate to quote R.E.M. on yall, I will: “Oh, life is bigger/  It’s bigger than you/  And you are not me…”

Just like I have not wasted one speck of dust off a real G Spot for testing because I was confident in other’s tests and the trip reports of trusted allies, the same can be said for these dear Diamonds of ours.  And eating them was truly divine.  Let me not bore you with some pedestrian account of mine and Dr. Jet’s seemingly endless waves of pleasure!  Know that no heavy machinery was operated, that G-13 and Purple Grandaddy were in the flawless Vapir NO2 (justice calls for a separate page devoted to such a brilliant device!), and our girl Kathy was also on hand.  As far as melikeyrolls opinion?  You can throw that sucker out the window or file it under Pink, not Red Diamonds.  Clean but weak?  First of all, sounds like melikeyrolls is a bit of a light weight.  He’s bitching about taking 2 hits.  Around here, we may have reason to call that naive, or worse.  Though the pills are a lot bigger than they appear–257 mgs–we haven’t seen an ecstasydata lab micrology break down on how many mgs there are of MDMA in the pill, and otherwise have no way of knowing the size of the dose in the pill at this point.  But we were on vacation.  My boy ate 3 and then re-dosed with 2 about 2.5 hours later, and I may have eaten 3 and re-dosed with 1 at that time.  A true head has got to be willing to take enough of a dose to feel the love, and that could be many pills, sorry to tell those idiot mods at  I always laugh when they slam some guy for taking a lot of pills and put links about counseling and whatnot.  What a bunch of morons!  You might take 10 pills and only get 150-200 mgs of real MDMA, total.  Are we telling you to over eat?  Of course not.  We’re just discussing information and berating morons is all.

Now the post-game wrap up on Red Diamonds I had with our leading scientific expert, my dear friend Dr. J, provided more meaningful information.  Since we are aware of Pink Diamonds that popped up in London, England some time back, and Yellow Diamonds in Detroit, I asked him if he thought this was a foreign or domestic op.  We were leaning toward domestic, personally, but Dr. J is way more expert on the technical side.  But we have analyzed scores of pill data from Europe, and conclude that their scene is far more decimated than ours, and chock way more full of adulterants, and scary ones.  The good shit–Mints, G Spots, and Red Diamonds are American made.  Ecstasy is an American scene and has been ever since Sasha Shulgin dusted off the old German recipe for MDMA and said to himself, “people could use this.”  MDA has been an American scene since Dr. Alles did the same for MDA, and then Dr. Yensen did his masterful thesis on Maddy, in which he coined the phrase for the chemical’s effect, “overwhelming wellness.”   The most prolific Ecstasy operation America is privy to is the Pokeball, which while adulterated, are widely hailed throughout the Western part of the nation.  Because of the geographic proximity to Mexico of capital Pokeball states California, Texas, and Arizona, the general lawlessness of Mexico, and the growing influence of Mexico in the drug world–already rather substantial–makes it very clear to us that the Pokeball op is Mexican.  Easier to acquire the starter materials in Mexico to produce such enormous numbers, and variation.  The variety is egregiously flagrant and much easier to pull off south of the border.

Our thinking is that the London Diamonds originated in NY and that a small number made their way across the pond , probably in someone’s luggage or via parcel.  Red Diamonds, also a NY thing in our opinion, have a different press, and at certain angles appear hexagonal, which we see as a possible homage to a benzene ring.  Extremely clever.  And these pills dance around the palm like dice, unlike any other pill we have ever seen or laid hands on.  Dr. J gave me a great insight as to the particulars of this op, and other possible Diamond ops, and Mints, for that matter.  that’s some 411 we are not about to share.  Figure it out with your own chemical expert.

Notice the round bottoms, and the thick sides, which are different from Red Diamonds.  We wish these world class chemists nothing but continued success and prosperity and hold them in the highest esteem.  Respect.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (,

Peach Ohm Pokeballs (above).

Texas has been besieged of late by Ohm Pokeballs, and they are receiving good reviews.  The question is not, are they good pills, but rather, are they real Pokeballs.  A recent viewer’s comments suggest that people are having trouble determining the difference between good pills that look like Pokeballs, and real Pokeballs, which are adultertated with caffeine.

Here are the words of the estimable chemlover, who we trust absolutely on testing issues, and his take on Blue Ohm Pokeballs:

As an avid tester I would have to say that these are not genuine pokeballs, but a copy. I say this because of the following reasons:

1) Size: these are much shorter than every pokeball I have come across or genuine ones I have seen online.
2) Texture: these are extremely powdery to the extent that I had several broken and worn down into powder when I bought them.
3) Pokeball Dot: does not seem to be the same size as previous pokeballs I have tested.
4) Strength: according to several friends they are not the ‘high’ rating you would see in pokeballs, but rather a ‘medium to low-high’ which is on par with the normal beans I post. (see previous posts to see what tabs I am referring to)

Here’s a more recent comment from someone who doesn’t seem to grasp the issue:

        2010/09/18 at 8:10 am

        blue batman pokeballs r not fake i hade em n they were sooo fuckn bomb

If you will care to go read below, or perhaps you already know, that Blue Batman Pokeballs are believed to be counterfits as well.  The above comment by fr3nzy regards our piece on Blue Batman Pokeballs, and on the emerging science/industry of counterfitting Pokeballs.

fr3nzy fails to realize our meaning.  These pills are fakes, not fake.  They are not necessarily bad pills.  They would be coming from the same place, which we believe is Mexico, where chemists/ops have access to the real precursor chemicals.  They wouldn’t need to make piperazines.  And how ironic, if the counterfits are ‘sooooo fucking bomb’, then a fake Pokeball could theoretically trump a “real one” in terms of popularity and purity.  All a maker would need to do would be to make a purer pill of a strong dosage, and then copy the stamps.

Anyway, here are telinks to two pill reports out of Texas we’ve flagged on Peach Ohm Pokeballs, so take a look and then decide whether you agree with our take on the fake Pokeball scene. 

Indeed we’d be pulling for that sort of irony to be glimpsed in real life in this instance.  As good as real Pokeballs may be, they aren’t pure, and that will never sit well with someone who so deeply supports mind openers as part of a philosophical movement.

Cheers to Texas, who may have some good, clean, fake Pokeballs.

Be Smart and Don’t Take Any Crap,

Crack (,

Blue Blue’s Clues Pokeballs (above).

Blue Blue’s Clues Pokeballs have popped up in California, according to a trip report submitted to by steveiscrazy earlier today.  As far as we can tell, this amounts to a new Pokeball sighting.

Let’s view steveiscrazy’s report:

blues clues / blue paws pokeballs  
Date Submitted: September 22, 2010, 5:03 am GMT
Last Updated: September 22, 2010, 5:58 pm GMT
Submitted By: steveiscrazy
Name: blues clues / blue paws pokeballs
State/Province: ca
Logo: blues clues dog paw / pokeball
Colour: light blue
Shape: round
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: round, double stacked, light blue with light sparkles. powdery.
pokeball on the otherside.
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: took one @ 9:10pm with one glass of water,i sat back and watched CNN news, i was already feeling the tingle @ 9:25pm.
9:47pm i was rolling moderately and after 20 mins i was rolling super hard. i felt like i was god, and whoever i got it from was higher than me. i felt happier than ive ever been in my life. Midnight…i was still rolling hard….1am i was still good but i decided to take another one….7am still going…8am i was laying down (still going though) but just relaxing and recapping the night. no come down at all. slept for 5 hours and still did what i had to do. awesome stuff.** About 10:15pm there was eye wiggling, continued to intensify throughout the night and early morning. Euphoria? Of course, i felt like i can do anything. I like to add that i’ve tried many pills, only a few kinds i would actually do over and over, and the blues clues would be one of them. The other one would be the green telephones/pokeballs (i think thats what theyre called). There was a lot of jaw clenching, hard/deep breathing, rubbing my own arms/chest. 11pm i couldn’t read anything on my tv or computer anymore. my friend put some light shows on from and i was GONE! i wouldnt recommend anyone to do it by them self. btw i had to call someone to come join me.

We’ve gotta hand it to the Mexican cartel behind the Pokeball phenomenon for impressing pills with the logo from a show my 2 year-old watches.  Way to scoop the younger side of the market.  Kudos.  If you pull up this report you might enjoy the “Pokeballs are adulterated with Ketamine” nonsense argument that’s raging, and how some people at, admittedly, don’t know what Ketamine is.

While Pokeballs are not adulterated with Ketamine, they are adulterated.  Every Pokeball tested so far by labs have found that Pokeballs contain caffeine.

Be Smart,

Crack (,

Yellow Elephant Pokeballs (above).

By way of our friend smoketrees420 in Las Vegas comes recent word that a new Pokeball has popped up in Las Vegas.  Let’s look at smoketrees420’s trip report to

Yellow Elephant Pokeballs  
Date Submitted: September 13, 2010, 11:22 pm GMT
Last Updated: September 14, 2010, 10:43 pm GMT
Submitted By: smoketrees420
Name: Yellow Elephant Pokeballs
State/Province: las vegas nevada
Logo: Elephant/Pokeball
Colour: Yellow /white
Shape: round
Texture: very chalky clean press
Report Quality Rating: no stars (0 stars, 1 vote)
Description: newest real pokeballsYellow Elephant pokeballs
i guess its an old pressa little chalky but very clean press yellow whitish like the zoo yorks.

last time i rolled was 5 days ago


Very clean roll

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 445pm popped an elephant530pm started feeling it clammy hands jaw started to clench and i could feel the pill taking me545pm really feeling it now just smoked a cigg and smoked a blunt my eyes are wiggling outta control music is enhanced it was still sunny outside never rolled during daylight before it looked very vivid.

610pm i get slapped outta know where jaw is just clenching im sweating me and my gf start messing around in bed with the music just loud and rushing through me.

800pm both chewed a pokeball very biter

845pm starting to peak from the second pill still rolling off the 1st.

930pm my homie hits me up and we go get some more swishers and cigs then get back to my house smoked a couple cigs and a blunt.

10pm me and my homie tryed playing call of duty but i couldnt consentrate so i said fuck it

1030pm smoked another blunt and walk around the neighborhood a little bit with my homie and my gf

1130pm ate my 3rd pokeball.

12pm my homie told me the new halo just came out so i went down to walmart cuz we were started feeling the 3rd pill and needed a lil adventure

1230pm my homie had to dip so i took him home then went home and before i could even try to open halo and play my girls got me back in my bed and didnt let me out til this morning when she woke up

finnally got to sleep around 4 woke up at like 1030 with a little sore jaw

theses are very clean pills a lot of euphoria jawclenching the whole time no trouble sleeping no depression next day or lack of appetite havent ate yet but i just woke up and my stomachs empty so ill probably hit up the jack in the box

overall 9/10 white diamonds are still my favorite but these might be number 2 in my book

Nine of ten?  Okay, smoketrees420, but keep in mind they are probably adulterated.  By the way, we love your name.  Thanks for the information, friend.

Be Smart,

Crack (,

Blue Ohms, but are they Pokeballs (above)?

By way of our good friend chemlover in Texas comes recent word of Blue Ohm Pokeballs, but the skilled, veteran tester sees inconsistencies with these Ohms, both in their look, and in the quality of MDxx, that makes him and us wonder if these new Pokeballs aren’t the real thing.

Here’s the test report chemlover submitted to

Ohm Pokeball  
Date Submitted: September 7, 2010, 7:54 pm GMT
Submitted By: chemlover
Name: Ohm Pokeball
State/Province: TX – DFW
Logo: Ohm symbol
Colour: Blue
Shape: Round
Height: 5 mm
Width: 8 mm
Texture: Very chalky, falling apart
Edges: Smooth, no bevel
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: I have never given more that simple test results, but to avoid confusion on this particular pill, I have included the following…..As an avid tester I would have to say that these are not genuine pokeballs, but a copy. I say this because of the following reasons:

1) Size: these are much shorter than every pokeball I have come across or genuine ones I have seen online.
2) Texture: these are extremely powdery to the extent that I had several broken and worn down into powder when I bought them.
3) Pokeball Dot: does not seem to be the same size as previous pokeballs I have tested.
4) Strength: according to several friends they are not the ‘high’ rating you would see in pokeballs, but rather a ‘medium to low-high’ which is on par with the normal beans I post. (see previous posts to see what tabs I am referring to)

Also, in my picture it is very hard to see the poke mark since it is rubbed off as well as the logo. I have included a picture of what the logo is for everyone’s reference.

Mecke Reagent – Green to black almost instantly.

Simon’s Reagent – Cobalt blue in under 2 seconds.

Marquis Reagent – Started changing colors immediately with some bubbling and was black within a couple seconds.

Although the test results and time it took for each test closely matched pokeballs, I still do not feel these are genuine. With that in mind, the test results are good and several friends have given them a thumbs up.


Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: Tested Only
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Marquis Reagent: Black
Mecke Reagent: Black
Simons Reagent: Blue
Consumed: no

Let me repeat for you the essence of chemlover’s evidence that these are copycats:

As an avid tester I would have to say that these are not genuine pokeballs, but a copy. I say this because of the following reasons:

1) Size: these are much shorter than every pokeball I have come across or genuine ones I have seen online.
2) Texture: these are extremely powdery to the extent that I had several broken and worn down into powder when I bought them.
3) Pokeball Dot: does not seem to be the same size as previous pokeballs I have tested.
4) Strength: according to several friends they are not the ‘high’ rating you would see in pokeballs, but rather a ‘medium to low-high’ which is on par with the normal beans I post. (see previous posts to see what tabs I am referring to)

chemlover, situated in Texas, has a good feel for pills coming in from Mexico, where we have always felt that Pokeballs are coming from, considering their enormous numbers in Texas and California.  Friends of mine in the know feel that Mexcio has by far eclipsed anyone else as the Ecstasy producing capital of North America because of the power and force of crime syndicates or cartels, the relative disorganization and lack of resources on the part of the Mexican government, and the dismal state of Mexico’s economy.

In our opinion, it would be just as easy for a rival cartel to set up a counterfit Pokeball ring as it was for the original Pokeball ring to be organized.  And it would be very profitable, considering the name recognition and rep that the Pokeball brand has built.

We’ll keep an eye on this for you.  I mean, what could be more entertaining for a person such as myself than following rings of counterfitters knocking off adulterated pills?  Wouldn’t it be a kicker too, if any of these counterfitters–yes plural–(Pokeball is too big a brand cornering too much of the market to not have multiple counterfitters) comes out with a knock off that is of higher quality than real Pokeballs, and not adulterated?

Even if that’s not the case today, which it probably is, the development is still inevitable.

Be Smart like Chemlover,

Crack (,