The above 6 pills have all surfaced in Canada since May 3rd, 2012.  All are adulterated and contain no known MDXX.  Read their pill reports at or by clicking on the links below:

(The links appear in inverse order of their pictures displayed above.)

We generally don’t publish much on specific pills anymore because, as we told you last year in our most recent analysis of the lab results from, that it was depressing to do so, considering the state of the game world wide.  We called last summer a “bad season for Ecstasy.”  Since then, each season has been as dismal.  In comments, we have said repeatedly that the thing to do, if you are in the scene, is find pure MDMA in the powder form, AKA “Molly.”  Of late, the Pokeball operation out west has kept pumping out pills containing MDMA, albeit they are still adulterated, and the Mint operation in the midwest has continued to churn out the pills of the highest purity and quality, while also putting out the odd MDA roll.  Good for them.  Kudos.  Other than those, we are only seeing odd pills here and there test as the real deal, as we anticipated, forecasted, written, preached, cried about, etc.

Perhaps no place near has a worse scene than Canada, as we have also been up on the soap box about.  It had gotten so ridiculous that we stopped writing it down for you.  It’s a broken record by now, and you should all get the idea.  Speed merchants have been dominating the Canadian scene for who really knows how long, and really, that is a sad and depressing state of affairs for their underground, truth be told.

We came on the scene about 2.5 years back, and in that time, we have written about many dozens of amphetamine hits that are branded like Ecstasy and that are practically being advertised by pillreports, with whom we have a love/hate affair.  PR is great for the information they provide, but where we don’t endorse them is in all the mistakes and shoddy reporting, and all the nonsensical rules about their trip reports, like it is some kind of high holy medical resource.  Please.

Then, some idiot there decided to take us on.  They said ‘we wanna be pillreports’ or some nonsense.  In fact, why would we want to ‘wanna be’ something who knows less than us?  We’ve only been cracking since before most of these morons have been alive.  Foolishly, they did not take the Canadian speed scourge seriously.  We did.

So a shame it is for Canada and all that, bottom line.  And our point has always been belied by the facts, and also, by the concept that you have to be, as a member of the community, discerning about what you call Ecstasy else the standards will drop.  Piperazines haven’t helped the cause either, but obviously, this is not a discerning community, and that is why Canada has 6 amphetamine pills and another 7 unknown/adulterated pills on PR this month, and not one real ass fucking pill to be found since Blue Dolphins were conclusively tested by ggpr3 on March 22nd.  Good work by ggpr3, who also posted a nice test for Red Buddhas that day containing MDA.  That’s a tough call based on the pics available but we’ll defer to ggpr3 since he saw the actual results’ color scheme (

So Canada had produced literally scores of amphetamine pill pill reports since the last real pill they tested up there, over two months ago.  So who is still in need of a diagram on these matters?  Canadian gib heads?  The teenagers at PR?  We’ve had our rest, and are ready to start calling some pills out again in the hopes that people will start doing the right thing by the scene.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (        


Red Diamonds (above).

It’s very hard to say what’s up with these pills, but we thank melikeyrolls, once again, for providing us with some information.  All the test results we’ve seen on Pink/Red Diamonds have indicated the presence of MDMA.  These Diamond Tops could be weak, as melikeyrolls insists.  He sounds reliable.  Though, it has been our experience that real pills that have such an intricate stamp/design/dimensions are usually good pills.  Don’t misunderstand us.  We are talking about real pills, as these Diamonds are.  Just a theory, but it’s a theory that’s been a long time in the making.  An op that makes a real pill and goes through this much trouble to make its design ring out is usually a prideful outfit.

I’d advise you to think long and hard about melikeyrolls advice.  As for us, we’ve been picturing these pills in our belly for quite a while.  The amateur scientist in me would like first hand knowledge of this pill.  I would pick these up, theoretically, if my boys could score them.


A funny thing happened to me over the holidays.  One of my most trusted sources reached out to me with a short message to tell me had access to Red Diamonds.  Now if he was talking about the Red Diamonds that I’ve tracked for you on this page, then we were in business.  Since where I live took on two and a half feet of snow, a low end estimate, it was a bit hard to get to my friend with the hits.  Crackbillionair is here to tell you that all the effort was worth the time, ragged conditions, and travel hardship.  It also served to validate this page in a very unorhtodox and satisfying way.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  When I got to my friend’s pad, he was so proud to show me these bombs.  Beaming actually.

“They look crazy, right?” he asked.  They looked incredible, actually.  I’ve been around hits for more than 15 years, and he has too.  We agreed as to the exquisite workmanship and uniqueness of these pills.  But all that doesn’t mean shit unless they do the trick.

“Feedback?”  I asked.

“Everybody loves ’em.” he said.  But most importantly for me, my boy loved them.  He rated them as the best hits in these parts outside of real G Spots.  The kicker?  My boy was owed a debt by a kid who didn’t have cash but did have Red Diamonds.  So my boy and another friend’s fiance googled “Red Diamonds Ecstasy.”  Guess what happened?  This site’s ‘Diamond District…’ pages popped up.  My friend’s fiance, we’ll call her “Lady X,” clicked on it.  She read the page and said excitedly, “Crack wrote about these!  He says they’re good!  He says he’s looking for them!”

My assessment caused my boy to settle a debt in diamonds.  Merry fucking Christmas to us!  So it was written and so it was done.  Now do I have a deluxe reagent testing kit?  You think I don’t?  Of course I do, motherfuckers.  This might seem hypocritical, because I believe in stringent testing and always advise you to test your shit.  While I hate to quote R.E.M. on yall, I will: “Oh, life is bigger/  It’s bigger than you/  And you are not me…”

Just like I have not wasted one speck of dust off a real G Spot for testing because I was confident in other’s tests and the trip reports of trusted allies, the same can be said for these dear Diamonds of ours.  And eating them was truly divine.  Let me not bore you with some pedestrian account of mine and Dr. Jet’s seemingly endless waves of pleasure!  Know that no heavy machinery was operated, that G-13 and Purple Grandaddy were in the flawless Vapir NO2 (justice calls for a separate page devoted to such a brilliant device!), and our girl Kathy was also on hand.  As far as melikeyrolls opinion?  You can throw that sucker out the window or file it under Pink, not Red Diamonds.  Clean but weak?  First of all, sounds like melikeyrolls is a bit of a light weight.  He’s bitching about taking 2 hits.  Around here, we may have reason to call that naive, or worse.  Though the pills are a lot bigger than they appear–257 mgs–we haven’t seen an ecstasydata lab micrology break down on how many mgs there are of MDMA in the pill, and otherwise have no way of knowing the size of the dose in the pill at this point.  But we were on vacation.  My boy ate 3 and then re-dosed with 2 about 2.5 hours later, and I may have eaten 3 and re-dosed with 1 at that time.  A true head has got to be willing to take enough of a dose to feel the love, and that could be many pills, sorry to tell those idiot mods at  I always laugh when they slam some guy for taking a lot of pills and put links about counseling and whatnot.  What a bunch of morons!  You might take 10 pills and only get 150-200 mgs of real MDMA, total.  Are we telling you to over eat?  Of course not.  We’re just discussing information and berating morons is all.

Now the post-game wrap up on Red Diamonds I had with our leading scientific expert, my dear friend Dr. J, provided more meaningful information.  Since we are aware of Pink Diamonds that popped up in London, England some time back, and Yellow Diamonds in Detroit, I asked him if he thought this was a foreign or domestic op.  We were leaning toward domestic, personally, but Dr. J is way more expert on the technical side.  But we have analyzed scores of pill data from Europe, and conclude that their scene is far more decimated than ours, and chock way more full of adulterants, and scary ones.  The good shit–Mints, G Spots, and Red Diamonds are American made.  Ecstasy is an American scene and has been ever since Sasha Shulgin dusted off the old German recipe for MDMA and said to himself, “people could use this.”  MDA has been an American scene since Dr. Alles did the same for MDA, and then Dr. Yensen did his masterful thesis on Maddy, in which he coined the phrase for the chemical’s effect, “overwhelming wellness.”   The most prolific Ecstasy operation America is privy to is the Pokeball, which while adulterated, are widely hailed throughout the Western part of the nation.  Because of the geographic proximity to Mexico of capital Pokeball states California, Texas, and Arizona, the general lawlessness of Mexico, and the growing influence of Mexico in the drug world–already rather substantial–makes it very clear to us that the Pokeball op is Mexican.  Easier to acquire the starter materials in Mexico to produce such enormous numbers, and variation.  The variety is egregiously flagrant and much easier to pull off south of the border.

Our thinking is that the London Diamonds originated in NY and that a small number made their way across the pond , probably in someone’s luggage or via parcel.  Red Diamonds, also a NY thing in our opinion, have a different press, and at certain angles appear hexagonal, which we see as a possible homage to a benzene ring.  Extremely clever.  And these pills dance around the palm like dice, unlike any other pill we have ever seen or laid hands on.  Dr. J gave me a great insight as to the particulars of this op, and other possible Diamond ops, and Mints, for that matter.  that’s some 411 we are not about to share.  Figure it out with your own chemical expert.

Notice the round bottoms, and the thick sides, which are different from Red Diamonds.  We wish these world class chemists nothing but continued success and prosperity and hold them in the highest esteem.  Respect.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (,

Blue Blanks Mints next to a deep blue Mecke reaction (above).

 Sven Says:
September 23, 2010 at 7:13 pm e

Hey! I’m in Chi-town and really want to get my hands on some of the good E floating around, but really am not sure how to get any, since I’m new to the scene. Can you email me privately with some ideas or anyone that may be able to help?

  1. September 23, 2010 at 8:34 pm eNo. Listen bro, you smell like a fucking pig. Just my two cents. If you can’t figure out how to score, you are a dumb loser. I am here to inform the community–not to help anyone get drugs. Honestly, I am very offended by this comment. Normally I thank people for reading and commenting, but for you it’s gonna be different. Go suck a dick. Maybe you’ll catch a buzz off the white stuff, troop.

September 23, 2010 at 8:41 pm eWow. My apologies. No offense intended. Again… sorry.

  • September 25, 2010 at 1:48 pm eApologies are accepted. We’ve done a series following amphetamine pills in Quebec, and part of my anger w/regard to that situation is over the fact that these idiots in Quebec are marketing adulterated pills–or any pills–on pill reports. We don’t need any of our best resources on E data shut down because of drug seekers/pushers. Take that to heart. I am only here to shed light on the issues regarding our community. And you should only be here to read about those issues, not to solicit narcotics.

  • Sven is D.E.A or Sven is very stupid.  Either way, Chicago?  Stay away from Sven.  Protect, the deck, Mint Man.  Respect!

    Be Smart,

    Crackbillionair (,

    Red Equal Sign Mint (above).

    What several heads are unequivocally pronouncing the best Ecstasy in the nation–the Mint franchise, which seems to be operating out of Chicago–has dropped three new pills on the scene: Grey Equal Sign Mints and Red Microdot Mints out of Chicago, and Red/Pink Equal Sign Mints, which our friend bigslam420 in Iowa enjoyed in a most unique way–with deer steak!

    Let’s take a look at bigslam420’s most interesting trip report, recently filed with

    Red Equal Sign =  
    Date Submitted: December 17, 2010, 2:15 pm GMT
    Submitted By: bigslam420
    Name: Red Equal Sign =
    State/Province: Ne IA
    Logo: =
    Colour: Red with red specs
    Shape: Round
    Height: 3 mm
    Width: 7 mm
    Texture: Hard pressed, Chalky
    Edges: smooth, slightly beveled bottom
    Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
    Description: Was made to test this pill out my friend gave me one and told me to test it out. Heard these were Mint man rolls. So I prepared.
    Suspected Contents: MDxx
    Rating: MDxx High
    Warning: no
    Tested: no
    Consumed: yes
    User Report: First off to the other red =s out there the reports are right on Most enjoyable roll i’ve had. Tasted and looked similar in color even to some of the recent rock molly i had. SUPER BITTER.

    4:20-Smokin a bowl an friend tells me to test it out. Tarted during our bowl.

    4:45-Started just rattling couldnt shut up. Jammin to sum tunes feelin it coming.

    5:20-Boom I felt it in my face and my legs. Couldn’t stand my legs were jello. Best feeling ive had off a roll.

    6:20-Called my ride up from my friends to come and get me an bring me to the bar and i got a couple sodas.

    7:20-The Rush is finely warring off feeling really spacey right now.

    7:30-Reach my vehicle. Smoked a cig with my buddy an then parted ways drove home.

    8:00-Made it home just fine still feeling really spacey yet up and focused.

    8:30-Ate some deer steak just fine felt good still just very spacey an still could talk for hours

    9-1am- Layed in my bed watched movies spaced out just up texting my girl an a few other friends still the urge to talk.

    1:20 or so Passed out. Good night sweetheart ;]

    Great rolls 15/10 love you mint man. green A’s are my next to test

    bigslam420?  When you talk about testing a roll, you make scientific types think that you are going to actually test the roll, and not sample it.  Anyway, we are getting the idea.  The loud support for Mints of all sorts coming from the Chicago area are heard very clearly here.  It’s not to say NYC has nothing going for it right now because that’s not true.  We are getting a lot of MDMA powder here right now, and real G Spots keep popping up, and at 395 mgs, and unadulterated, we can’t see as how Mints half the size are better.  Especially since we have tried Orange and Blue G Spots and are very impressed.

    But the arguments from the Chicago contingent, which is vehemently proud of its local product, are right on.  There are several fake G Spots here, and there doesn’t seem to be any fake Mints.  And we understand that pride very well.  Personally, I am still singing the praises of White Sunflowers and Big Number Ones, MDA pills that set this scene on fire and virtually controlled it from approximately 2002-2006. 

    Here are the links to the other reports on the new Mints mentioned above, that unfortunately, we have yet to see pics of.  We are especially curious to see the Microdot Mint, though we are fairly sure it looks like the Bowling Ball Mint, except with only 1 dot.  Still, Microdots were big pills here in the scene about 10 years ago, and since the name pays homage to LSD, they have our attention. (Red Microdot) (Grey Equal Sign)

    And here are some links to Mints we have followed throughout the course of this page:

    One word of caution to the Mint makers: a few months back, I received a suspicious comment from someone looking for Mints in Chicago, and I totally, 100 % feel that it was the D.E.A. soliciting.  If you are interested in seeing the comment and my reply, just go through the comments.  But it was very shady.  Watch out for stupid people, feel?  Hate for anyone’s good thing to end like that.

    Be Smart,

    Crack (,

    Green A’s (top) and Blue Equals (above), both also called Mints throughout the midwest, have been tested in Illinois, and have tested well, according to the pictures above, and to the test results recently submitted by clubbinchef to

    Here are clubbinchef’s test reports:

    Green A (Mint) *Test Results Only  
    Date Submitted: October 2, 2010, 4:21 am GMT
    Submitted By: clubbinchef
    Name: Green A (Mint) *Test Results Only
    State/Province: Illinois
    Logo: A
    Colour: Green
    Shape: Round, flat, MINT
    Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 2 votes)
    Description: Marquis – Purple instantly,fading into black

    Mecke – Instant bright green then to blue and eventually very dark blue.

    Mandelin – Purple instantly, fading into black.

    Suspected Contents: MDMA
    Rating: Tested Only
    Warning: no
    Tested: yes
    Mandelin Reagent: Black
    Marquis Reagent: Black
    Mecke Reagent: Blue
    Consumed: no
    Blue Equals (Mint) * Tested Only  
    Date Submitted: October 2, 2010, 4:27 am GMT
    Submitted By: clubbinchef
    Name: Blue Equals (Mint) * Tested Only
    State/Province: Illinois
    Logo: Equals Sign (=)
    Colour: Blue
    Shape: Round, flat, MINT
    Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
    Description: Marquis – Instantly purple, faded to black

    Mecke – Instantly bright green, faded to blue then to dark blue/ black

    Mandelin – Instantly bright reddish purple, faded to dark purple then to black

    Suspected Contents: MDMA
    Rating: Tested Only
    Warning: no
    Tested: yes
    Mandelin Reagent: Black
    Marquis Reagent: Black
    Mecke Reagent: Blue
    Consumed: no

    We’d have suspected quality results on the pills that seem to have heads from Chicago to Minnesota to Wisconsin alight.  Nice to see these test results, on what we believe is in the top two brands of Ecstasy one can find in this country right now (the other being real G Spots, which we’d put at number one, due to our numerous personal experiences with them).

    We thank clubbinchef very much for testing.

    Be Smart,

    Crack (,

    Purple Euro Pokeballs (above).

    Let’s look at firstmoment’s glowing review, recently submitted to from California:

    Purple Euro Pokeball  
    Date Submitted: September 28, 2010, 6:18 pm GMT
    Submitted By: firstmoment
    Name: Purple Euro Pokeball
    State/Province: California
    Logo: Euro
    Colour: Purple
    Shape: Round
    Texture: Typical texture of real pokeball
    Edges: Defined
    Report Quality Rating: not rated
    Description: picture credit is due to someone who took a far better picture of this pill than i could have taken. thank you for taking the time to upload this image.
    Suspected Contents: MDMA
    Rating: MDxx High
    Warning: no
    Tested: no
    Consumed: yes
    User Report: It has been over a month since my last consumption of Ecstasy. In that time I have been living a healthy lifestyle by eating a pretty balanced diet, and exercising.

    I took this babies at a rather large southern california end of september event.

    And this was my experience:

    9:30pm- take first pill.

    10pm- perhaps i felt a change in my mood, a little light headed maybe.

    10:30pm- consumed second pill. at this time i felt the effects from the first pill. heart rate increased at this point, and body temperature raised considerably. It was an exceptionally strong wave of euphoria at this point, and all felt not only right in the world, but the thought of living basically gave my brain an orgasm.

    11pm- consumed third pill. at this time all the best music at the event was playing (imo.) and it sounded amazing at this point, as if it were playing from inside of me. ligts were vivid and beautiful. being around so many people made me feel like there was an energy that flowed through us all, conecting us. and that united feeling added to the incredible euphoria that i had been feeling.

    11:30pm- dancing felt AMAZING. lights were god damn beautiul. pupils were fully dialated. i could feel the bass massaging my skin. audio and visual perceptions were enhanced 100%.

    12midnight- woah. had to sit down and rehydrate. talking to people with alot of empathy. getting tracers from light shows. i had a giant smile on my face and my brain was still having an amazing orgasm.

    12:30am- got back to the dance floor. dancing and kissing felt amazing. and it was at this point that i felt the most intense euphoria i have ever felt from a pill. i felt bliss, or as if i were glowing or radiating positive energy. there really are not enough adjectives to describe the amazing euphoric energy i was feeling.

    12:45am- jaw was stimulated the most at this point. but i didnt chew anything or clench it. instead i relaxed it by opening wide as if yawning to reduce pain the next day. but it was seriously stimulated.

    1am- still feeling the intense euphoric energy. light and sound was at its most beautiful point for the last 30min. 12:30-1am was without a doubt the most intensly amazing peak i have ever had.

    1:30am- can distinguish that the roll is gradually wearing off at this point. roll has decreased by 50% at this point compared to what i was feeling an hour ago.

    2am- roll is now at 15-20% of what it was at its peak. i feel almost sober at this point if i compare it to the peak experience. but the thought of the peak experience and over all experience, still makes me considerably happy.

    2:30am- roll is over. no effects noticable, and i am tired and very thirsty.

    3am- feel completely sober, there was no rough come down that i experienced and i do not feel sped-up. i feel relaxed, calm, almost zen-like.

    4am- get home, no appetite or energy. get into bed and fall right to sleep.

    got about 7 hours of sleep. woke up with a great appetite and food really sounded so good. but i laid in bed until 4 or 5 drinking water and going in and out of sleep. when i did get up food was fantastic.

    in my opinion, these were the best pills i have ever had. so much euphoria. and the come down was unique because it was extremely calm for me.

    i do not recomend taking roughly 250mgs of mdma in an hour and thirty minutes if you are not an experienced/educated or responsible user of this drug.

    i very strongly suspect the only active contents in these pills to be a high dose of MDMA, based on my experience with the drug, and this pill.

    today is tuesday, around 60hours after consumption and i feel great, especially psycologically, my outlook on life is positive and i physically feel tip top, considering the amount of dancing i did.

    i hope everyone stays safe and healthy. and please be careful and educate yourself when using this drug. and thank you for reading this report.

    We get, we get it, Mr. Brain Mind Orgasm, or whatever.  Listen, I suspect that it’s a lot of kids out on the West Coast, who just started rolling yesterday, who have taken so strongly to this Pokeball craze.  I need to hear from a grizzled veteran of tripping on Pokeballs, really.  Until someone who I have rolled with tells me about Pokeballs this mind orgasm shit, I have to be very suspicious of an adulterated pill.

    I know what good pills my friends have taken, because I have taken them too.  So it would be easy for me to put the Pokeball craze in perspective had I that ability to hear from a friend whose use history I know well.  I would have to say that the best pills around this summer, it seems, have been Blue G Spots in New York and Mints in Chicago.

    Don’t Take Any Crap,

    Crack (,

    Red A’s, or as they are better known in the midwest, Mints, have got Chicago impressed, according to a recent trip report submitted to by el roll1n.

    Let’s review el roll1n’s report:

    A (Mint)  
    Date Submitted: September 4, 2010, 12:39 pm GMT
    Last Updated: September 4, 2010, 12:40 pm GMT
    Submitted By: el r0ll1n
    Name: A (Mint)
    State/Province: Chi-Town
    Logo: A
    Colour: Red
    Shape: Circluar
    Texture: pretty solid press, but bursts in your mouth
    Edges: smooth
    Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 2 votes)
    Description: WIll upload pictures tomorrow. I do not own a test kit yet, so these have only been consumed and not tested.
    Suspected Contents: MDxx
    Rating: MDxx High
    Warning: no
    Tested: no
    Consumed: yes
    User Report: took this pill last night at an event. have slept and ate just fine this morning… don’t feel any ‘adverse’ effects.

    dropped the pill around 7…
    7:30 starting to feel that loved up euphoric feeling, pretty subtle comeup however.
    8:00 ish very intense peaks, eye wiggles, sweaty palms, etc ya get the point?
    8:45 i took another pill and around i’d say…
    9:15 I was pretty floored. the headliners came on and put on a bad ass old school set for us chicago edm heads lol.
    10:00 concert’s over, still rolling balls however. roll for another another 2.5 hours, smoked some kush and fell asleep around 3:30 ish. it’s almost 7 45 and I have got to get to work, so everyone have a wonderful day PLUR chicago, this weekends gonna legendary.

    el roll1n…we absolutely love that name.  Do us a favor and get that picture attached, so that we can point out our reasons for believing you ingested some domestic shit.

    Be Safe,

    Crack (,

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