1948 fleur de lis
  • BZP
  • 10
  • 1
Aug 07, 2010 Aug 01, 2010 Logan, UT 278 mg, 8.1 x 4.9
1944 fleur de lis
  • BZP
  • 5
  • 1
Jul 22, 2010 Jul 01, 2010 San Francisco, CA 291 mg, 8.1 x 4.9


Picked up some of the blue fleur di lys at the Electric Zoo fest in NYC this past weekend. Had taken some bomb hearts and diamonds first, and then found these.

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. We left the show EARLY. I wound up puking all night, hallucinations, and completely antisocial. Totally ruined our weekend in New York. We stayed in the hotel room until like 6pm the next day, unable to sleep until around noon.. we ate them around 7 the night before. Absolutely horrible. If i could find the asshole who gave us these i would deck him in the face.

In response:

Thank you so much for sharing your bad experience. Very sorry your time at Electric Zoo wasn’t better. Hopefully, you found this page after the incident, and not before, in which case I’d chide you for not being careful about a pill I have expressly warned people to be careful about, and tagged as a dangerous pill throughout all of North America.
fleur de lis TFMPP
Jul 22, 2010 Jul 01, 2010 San Francisco, CA 291 mg, 8.1 x 4.9
fleur de lis TFMPP
Aug 07, 2010 Aug 01, 2010 Logan, UT 278 mg, 8.1 x 4.9
(I’m wondering why the amount of trifluromethylphenylpiperazine has gone up in these…we’ll consult Dr. J for his opinion)
Still, I want to apologize to the readers for being remiss when it comes to discussing “festivals.” Festivals are where drug dealers go to dump bad pills. With the Randall’s Island Rave last weekend, I should’ve given some warning tips. Whenever some of my contacts used to get bad pills, well, those were the only times they really went out–to dump their garbage.
One of my best friends was so practiced at doing this, that he’d dump his shit off while on the line and would never even enter the event. Instead of buying a ticket, he’d just go home a “win-winner.”
Always haggle a little at a festival, and even out at night, if you are in the unwise and unenviable position of having to get from strangers. No respectable drug dealer is going to sell any decent pill for less than $20, but they may cut you a deal–$10, $15, $16 a pop if they are looking to unload bunk. Willingness to negotiate is a bad sign with a stranger at a NY rave or club.
We hope you have much better luck next time!

Be Careful,

Crack (,

Blue Dolphins facing to the right (above).

For the California man who calls himself unlucke’s last ever roll, he popped 3 Blue Dolphins, and characterized them as weak, in a submission made earlier to

Let’s take a look at unlucke’s trip report, paying special attention to the note that Pill Reports moderators attached to the bottom:

Date Submitted: August 20, 2010, 3:58 am GMT
Last Updated: August 20, 2010, 9:40 pm GMT
Submitted By: unlucke
Name: Dolphin
State/Province: 408 CA
Logo: Dolphin
Colour: Blue
Shape: Round, domed
Texture: Smooth
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Cleanly pressed, dolphin facing towards the right. Nice deep set blue
Suspected Contents: Unknown
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: It was fun while it lasted but my rolling days are now over. This is my last report. ~PLURSo I took 3 of these guys to the face at a friend’s party since it was gonna be my last time rolling so I might as well go out with a bang. This is how it went.11:00pm – took 3 of these at once with some OJ

11:45pm – barely feeling the come up and minor body temp changing.

12:15am – starting to come up a bit more, still relaxed and listening to a friend DJ-ing

12:45am – Mellowed out feeling really chill just kickin it with friends and whatnot. These don’t make you feel all antsy and uppy just want to sit and relax.

1:30am – already feeling the come down so I just lounge around and start drinking some alchy.

2:00am – completely done rolling and just chill with everyone.

Overall these are clean pills just not good for anything too crazy like raves. Just for kick backs. And as for the reason why I quit, its because rolling for me isn’t the same anymore. If you were to look up any of my previous posts, I have an unnatural drug tolerance or something so rolling doesn’t do much. Idk if this is considered “losing the magic” or whatever but I guess that’s that. Hope this report helps and PLUR to the rolling community.

P.S I’d give these a 5-6 out of 10
Blue dolphins are among the most commonly copied presses in the US. Buyer beware – test your pills. Click the link at the top of the page. We r1*Mod

For a last trip, sounds sort of tame.  Sorry unlucke.  As for the warning, well, tell us something we don’t know, Pill Reports.  Let the buyer beware?  Or how about Caveat Emptor?  Looks like Pill Reports may have seen our frequent warnings regarding Blue Dolphins.  And we thank them for reading!

Be Smart,

Crack (,

A fake Blue Dolphin (above).

Bunk Blue Dolphins, which we feel are probably piperazines based on their description given in the trip and test report by devilzrjkt, are going around NYC.

Let’s take a look at the trip and test reports filed by devilzrjkt to

Blue Dolphin  
Date Submitted: August 7, 2010, 11:20 am GMT
Last Updated: August 7, 2010, 3:18 pm GMT
Submitted By: devilzrejkt
Name: Blue Dolphin
State/Province: NY
Logo: Impressed dolphin
Colour: Light blue
Shape: round
Texture: hard pressed
Edges: sharp clean cut edges, rounded on one side
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: BADUNKADUNK!! I know its been warned on here before to not take these but we didnt listen. The reaction was extremely slow and a watery dark green but I almost think the reaction was simply the pill dying the Mecke reagant a little blue. Its definitely bunk pills. I took one and ditched my 2nd. My wife went and took 2 against my warnings and 11 hours later shes still puking and whining.
Suspected Contents: Piperazine
Rating: Non-Active
Warning: yes
Tested: yes
Mecke Reagent: No Reaction
Consumed: yes
User Report: Well, we both popped one pill reluctantly at 8pm. At 9 we were like, “oh, that feeling might be good” and she popped her second pill and regretted it for the rest of the night. I was playing Modern Warfare and really just started feeling weirder and weirder. Then I started getting nauseous and fought it back and laid down. I was asleep by 10. Wasnt liking whatever it was I was feeling but my wife was up nauseous and puking all night, no sleep, all her joints hurt 11 hours later, almost 12. Pipes. Stay away, there are a lot in the southern NY area. I wish there was some way to put a stop to these BS pills. I havent seen anything good around for a while now. Im sick of these douche bags pumping the market full of shit that does nothing but make people sick! How can they justify there existence on earth! Bastards need to die. Its a far stretch saying that Pipes “mimic” Ex. One makes you love life and everything about it the other makes you want to take lives, including your own.

To be fair, we’ve seen more clean Blue Dolphins lately than we are used to, but we are still extremely suspicious of the brand–one we will never trust.  We’re sorry that devilzrjkt had such a bad experience, but thanks for reporting.

Be Careful,

Crack (,

A Red Fleur di Lys (above).

According to pillsnthrills in California, a trip involving Red/Pink Fleur di Lys left him and friends with body tingling sensations, puking, and gagging, as per the trip report recently submitted to–a trip report similar to so many we have seen of late where people are reacting very negatively to the Fleur di Lys.

Let’s take a look at pillsnthrills report: 

Date Submitted: July 29, 2010, 2:13 am GMT
Submitted By: pillsnthrills
Name: pink saints
State/Province: california
Logo: saints logo
Colour: pink/red/orange
Shape: round
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Pink saint saint symbol
Suspected Contents: Other – please see report
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I took these pills going into it thinking that it was going to be a bad roll because of the way they look. They seemed kinda sketch because some of the pills had no logo on them and you can tell they brake up easy.

When we took them it didn’t take long for them to hit us. About half an hour to an hour. It started out feeling very light and light headed. Then some body tingles at the time we all felt very confused and couldn’t describe how we felt. One of my friends was throwing up and even I was gagging. On the other hand my other friend said he was having the best time ever. Another hour passed and then the trip started to change. I walked into the bathroom and I started to halucinate. The walls looked like they were breathing and everything was shifting. At this point I was freakin out. I told all my friends and they too said they had minor halucinations. My friend who had taken acid said that the body high was the exact same and that’s why we were so confused. We figured that there was acid in the pills.

We took the pills at around six or six thirty and for some reason time seemed to be moving slooow. That night no one could sleep and the next day Felt like shit. I talked to one of my friends who tested the pills and he said there was a high amount of mda and riddalin.

I wrote this report just to warn people that if your not down for a minor acid trip and feeling unhappy n scared then don’t take these.

pillsnthrills, please stay away from all Fleur di Lys!  You’d be lucky to have some acid in your pills, compared to the piperazines you ingested.  Please look at the following results fom

1944 fleur de lis
  • BZP
  • 5
  • 1
Jul 22, 2010 Jul 01, 2010 San Francisco, CA 291 mg, 8.1 x 4.9
1914 Fry Bombs
  • BZP
  • 3
  • 1
Jun 10, 2010 Jun 05, 2010 Bellingham, WA 293 mg, 8.4 x 6.0

Plus, these aren’t Saints.  Please research your pills next time!

Be Smart,

Crack (

Red Fleur di Lys (above) have made their way to Oregon, where they are being labeled as “definitely not MDMA” by cocconut159, who made a disturbing trip report to in which he talked about the pills causing him chest pains and elevated blood pressure–not the first to rip the Fleur di Lys brand of Ecstasy that is making its way throughout North America, and which, like the Green Fleur di Lys, we suspect are composed mostly of piperazines.

Here’s a similar and disturbing report about Orange Fleur di Lys in the Bay Area filed by bubblesxoxo:



i popped ONEt orange sainr(i usually pop around 2 and am fine) and i was getting bounds of energy going in and out for HOURS. it was great, until about 6 hours when i had a stroke. i had irregular heartbeat, palpitations, couldn’t breathe properly, i was dizzy, i had slight hallucinations, i had a splitting pounding headache, i couldnt MOVE because when i stood up i would get dizzy and once when i didnt sit down i just passed out for a bit and fell. it felt as if my heart was about to give out and as if my brain was splitting in half or some shit. my friend drove me to park in front of the hospital because i was that ready to go in and the only thing that stopped me was the consequences of being drug tested.

my friends also took one each and they got side effects like nausea and stomach aches and headaches, but they didnt last for them. however, ive also heard that these were the pills that killed that one person at etd pop and got a bunch of others hospitalized.

from what ive heard these pills sound like they were pipes. and they might seem great in the beginning, but watch out cause it might end up being the worst experience of your life.

and right now, 13 hours after i popped and maybe 7 hours after the bad experience. i cant move properly because my heart fucking HURTS, though im able to breathe and dont have a huge headache anymore (maybe just a little one). im considering myself lucky to be alive.

And here’s coconut159’s trip report:

Date Submitted: July 21, 2010, 11:43 pm GMT
Last Updated: July 22, 2010, 1:41 am GMT
Submitted By: coconut159
Name: Saint
State/Province: Oregon
Logo: New Orleans Saints
Colour: Red
Shape: round, quadstack
Texture: chalky
Edges: sharp
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Very easily broken. The edges chipped off of it when they’re knocked around in a bottle. When I put a little of the powder on my tongue, my entire tongue numbed completely. Not a good sign. Could have some coke in it. Poorly pressed.
Suspected Contents: Piperazine + Another
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I was a little skeptic to try this pill because of what I’ve heard from several people, but I decided that I would try it anyways. I took one and a half pills just like the picture. I was on the beach and it was July 4, so I took it before the fireworks started. Here’s the timeline:
8:30 – Popped one and a half pills
9:45 – Started coming up
10:15 – Rolling like crazy, but it wasn’t like any other roll that I’ve experienced. Instead of everything feeling good, everything just sort of tingled, like your arm falling asleep or something. Also, I walked down the beach to hang out with some friends, but I got lost and couldn’t find them. They had to come find me. I ended up being right by their tent…
12:30 – Roll stopped, but couldn’t fall asleep. I really felt like walking, but everyone was going to bed so I couldn’t.
1:15 – Started bugging out really bad. I’ve never done speed, but I’m pretty sure that’s what was happening. I kept feeling like I had to either throw up or go to the bathroom, so I was in and out of my tent every ten minutes
3:00 – Began feeling a lot of pressure in my chest and arms, and my pulse was extremely high. I thought I was having a heart attack, but I didn’t want to leave anywhere.
4:50 – Finally couldn’t take the pain anymore, so I walked down the beach to be with my friends, and they calmed me down. I had no sleep at all that night.So… from what I experienced, I would not recommend these pills to anyone. I had a few friends try these pills before I did, and their experience was completely different. They really liked them. All I can say is these are definitely not MDMA. If you think you can handle these pills, they’re really awesome when you’re rolling. It’s just the afterwards that’s not so fun. I highly recommend that if you do decide to take these pills, you should be an experienced roller. No newbys for these.

 i cant move properly because my heart fucking HURTS, though im able to breathe and dont have a huge headache anymore (maybe just a little one). im considering myself lucky to be alive.–bublesxoxo

3:00 – Began feeling a lot of pressure in my chest and arms, and my pulse was extremely high. I thought I was having a heart attack, but I didn’t want to leave anywhere.–coconut159

So bubblesxoxo starts by telling us in capital letters, “DO NOT TAKE THESE” and describes why, and then coconut159 tells us he felt like he was having a heart attack, and then all but recommends these bad pills to experienced rollers.  coconut159 is a stupid moron.  DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!!!!

We are going to continue to urge all citizens of the United States and Canada to avoid these bad pills, which have received several dangerous reviews now in California, Arizona, Manitoba, Arkansas, New York, Alberta, and Utah, and which were conclusively found to contain BZP and TFMPP in the color green by

Avoid at all costs.

Crack (

Green Fleur di Lys (above).

A California sweathog took piperazine Green Fleur di Lys and then tripped on mushrooms, and the community at ripped him for glowing about piperazine pills and for being an irresponsible pill reporter.  And markymdma is the 2nd Californian in the last week to trip on mushrooms while high on what he believed was Ecstasy.

Above is a report on the illustrious vincentone’s shroom/E experience.  Below is markymdma’s recent trip report:

Date Submitted: July 9, 2010, 3:19 pm GMT
Last Updated: July 9, 2010, 8:53 pm GMT
Submitted By: markymdma
Name: green saints
State/Province: California
Logo: saints
Colour: green
Shape: round
Texture: solid; well pressed & not crumbly
Edges: rounded
Report Quality Rating: no stars (0 stars, 1 vote)
Description: very very strong, solid, hard pill. and has a distinctive hardly dark green color.
Suspected Contents: Piperazine
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: at the time i took a green saint, my count was around 20, so i knew what to expect. but what actually ended up coming was the longest roll i’ve ever had. and the worst come down i’d ever and my friend were gonna ride the bus across town then longboard to a friend’s house
so our bus was scheduled around 8:30am
we took em (chewed into some pieces) a little before then<8:30 took em then got on the bus

9:00 sitting down for so long but able to feel the come up. back muscles kinda tense up

9:30 feeling just about the same, muscles are still tensing

~10:00 we come up on some halfies and smoke those; menthols really give you a buzz by the way

~11-11:30 rollin rollin rollin

12:00 still rollin, we go to a school n wait for our friends to get out of summer school

12:20 now four of us, only me and my friend rollin, sit on the couch and talk for what seemed like a few hours. but was actually only hardly an hour.

~1:00 earlier today, before we got to the school, my friend had a hard fall off his longboard in the street but didn’t feel any pain. now, when we got up from the couch to eat, he’s in a lotta lotta pain

2 somethin: we leave back to the bus stop and wait for a long time

2:45 the last 15 minutes that we wait for the bus we start to hallucinate. this is where the ‘shrooms come down’ kicks in
i would look at gum imprints on the ground and see a black ghost and the streets would look like that emboss thing you can put on pictures.

3:00 finally we get on the bus. i’m listening to “creep” by deadmau5 and i see little demon looking things staring at me from the stop lights.

so all in all, i rolled from 9am to 3pm and had a terrible rest of the day

however, the roll was pretty great. no touchies or anything but a confident feeling

“3:oo  finally we get on the bus.  i’m listening to “creep” by deadmau5 and i see little demon looking things staring at me from stop lights.”  Nice.  How about this one?  “so all in all i rolled from 9 am to 3 pm and had a terrible rest of the day.”

And here is the community’s comments in response to this report:

Posted on July 9, 2010, 5:26 pm GMT by thizz turtle
These are tested, well-known piperazines. I’ve consumed them and they have no MDMA whatsoever. Probably one of the worst pills I’ve ever taken.
Posted on July 9, 2010, 6:39 pm GMT by johnnyblaze13
Ooosssk piped! Not ecstasy
Posted on July 9, 2010, 6:46 pm GMT by sizzle223
crap pills
Posted on July 9, 2010, 8:57 pm GMT by we r1
First off, these are not MDxx, they are piperazines. Lab tested: About 100 more reports on here to back it up.Second, you rolled in summer school! The fact you rolled in SUMMER school proves you are irresponsible. Aren’t you there to make up classes you already missed/failed? There’s a time and place for everything.I suggest you search these pills on here before taking them, and invest in a test kit.. Doing either would have informed you that these are FAKE E pills. You’re from cali, so I’m going to point you in the right direction with REAL E pills–They’re called POKEBALLS and your state is flooded with them. I suggest doing some research on what the hell your actually taking, before you report another fake pill as a real one. Thanks – we r1*Mod
Posted on July 9, 2010, 9:35 pm GMT by exdee
Interesting. I took a Green Saint at *** and it was legit. Had no bad comedown whatsoever.
Posted on July 10, 2010, 2:47 am GMT by we r1
^^ Did you test it? Or you’re just assuming because you had a good experience so you assume? The reason I ask is because piperazines seem to affect everyone differently.
Posted on July 10, 2010, 7:15 am GMT by swixcandy
Had Red saints very much how pipes are explained took 1 then another 30 later then snorted half woke up the next day with the gnarliest nose bleed ever

Once again, we strongly advise you not to pick up or ingest these pills.  Read more about the bad Fleur di Lys brand of Ecstasy below:

Be Safe!

Crack (

The above Blue Dolphins had some strange accompaniment last night in San Francisco.  vincentone and his girlfriend ate one and a half Blue Dolphins, waited ’til they peaked, and then ate a bunch of mushrooms.  This report may be better than our friend, the LA man, who plugged a pill in his anus, then drove down to San Diego, and who crashed his car at the end of the night.  Let’s take a look at one of our new favorite trip reports, an instant classic, submitted to by vincentone:

Date Submitted: July 4, 2010, 12:15 am GMT
Submitted By: vincentone
Name: Blue Dolphins
State/Province: California (The Bay Area)
Logo: Dolphin facing right
Colour: Blue
Shape: Round
Texture: Well pressed.
Edges: Smooth
Report Quality Rating: no stars (0 stars, 2 votes)
Description: blue dolphins
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 11.40
SO THE BLUE DOLPHINS>.WENT OUTSIDE / talked to bb. walked around outside.

Beautiful night sky and a talk about hippy flipping/ the enjoyable day/ returning from vacation and great summer feelings.

Walked around the block and came back in.

Still not feeling anything yet,
gonna look up hippy flipping
(oh and, baby said her heart was pounding)

30 minutes in.

12:45 took another half each
1:25 orgasmic breath
girlfriend starting to feel discomfort.
2am rolling balls
2:40 shroom time
take aleve, go outside, and gf pukes all over the yard while i stare up into the starry sky, amazed at what i’m seeing.

turning off the lights just us two.

Crazy pshychadellic shroom experiences, out of body, out of world, out of mind man.

All these things I’m seeing.


Took em a little bit after starting to feel drops from my MDMA peak.

That was my first non-scary yet psychadellic shroom trip/ packed with all the out of body experiences/ vampire like attraction to the sky/ and dream like feelings sights. My first serious shroom trip, that wont have me sleeping with the lights on for nights, right after a really good mdma high.


Still pretty amazed at just how imaginative it all felt, without any scary mother fuckin repercussions during the trip, like on my birthday.

4-5 am.. Laying around, people are awake and we have to sleep in the damp grossness. I didn’t want to sleep, there was still so much to explore, but my body gave on me, and I didn’t want to through it alone.
Time to sleep, and wake up to itall ;o

next day feelings:
Strange, not too cracked out. Hungry as fuck, secure.
But clean, and ready to lay around . Restplz.

Do you hear me clapping?  It might have been a very odd drug combo, but it certainly made for a delightfully odd trip report.

take aleve, go outside, and gf pukes all over the yard while i stare up at starry sky, amazed at what i’m seeing.


still pretty amazed at just how imaginative it all felt, without any scary repurcussions during the trip, like on my motherfuckin birthday.

I, for one, am dying to know what happened to Vince on his birthday.  Plus, it sounds like he may have done this before.  vincentone, if you are out there, please contact us.  I’d love to ask you some specific questions about this experience.  And this report is phenomenal.  “Vampire like attraction to the sky”…”we have to sleep in the damp grossness…”

I would love to know the details.  And Vince, we say “cracked out” too.  All the time.


Crack (

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