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Jets’ star wide receiver Braylon Edwards (above), who caught a 67 yard touchdown last night which led to a 31-23 Jets victory against hated rival Miami.  But according to the commentators, from know-it-all windbag Mike Francesa to know-it-all windbags Tony Kornheiser and Chris Collinsworth, Edwards should never have played for the Jets last night, because at this stage of the game, they believe it falls upon the Jets shoulders to right all the wrongs in the world, and to bench players who they have brought here to help them win games–like last night’s.

This guy should not play this week.  Case closed.

–Mike Francesa, WFAN


Admittedly, I’m on the outs with the Jets.

–Mike Francesa, WFAN


If it was my team, I’d deactivate him.

–Chris Collinsworth, NBC Sports

A week after Edwards’ DWI, the pundits have no clearer understanding of one’s basic right to due process, and to the concept of innocent until proven guilty.  Francessa, Mr. Genius himself, spoke all week about Edwards and how the Jets needed to take a stand.  He also talked all week about how the Ravens were going to cover the spread against the Browns.  They did not.  He also comes off his dubious prediction that the Colts would “blow out” New Orleans in the Superbowl. 

But Francesa, who hates the Jets, can’t really be expected to think any differently.  He alienated himself with the team so badly that no Jets’ players or upper management figures will come on the air with him.  And last week, when Jets’ fans called in to voice their support for Edwards being in the lineup last night, Francesa blew up.  One caller asked Francesa if Shaun Ellis played for Mangini–the ultra moral head coach–the week he got arrested for possession of cannabis.  The fat man said “I don’t remember” and hung up.

How professional is it to be a big time sports personality in New York who can’t get along with a team in New York, whom that personality depends on for interviews?  And what about Francesa’s good buddy Bill Parcells?  Yeah, they’re also on the outs, and no longer speak.  Maybe it’s because Mike speaks so poorly, from such an uninformed bully pulpit.  Maybe that’s why the much smaller ticket duo of Benigno and Roberts had Jerrico Cotchery on with them after Edwards’ arrest which followed a night at a Cotchery charity event in Manhattan, while Francesa could only score beat writers to talk Jets on his nationally syndicated radio and television show.

The closest Francesa got to interviewing a Jet last week was when he had on Dolphins’ head coach Tony Sparano–the coach of the Jet’s opponent last night.  While 1050 ESPN radio pulled a number of high profile Jets’ related interviews, Francesa was kissing Bucs’ coach Rahim Morris’ ass.

So we pulled for you a post from WhiteShoeWillie of that clearly shows that no players arrested for similar infractions were suspended by their teams in recent memory.  Have a look:

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Default For those of you who think Braylon should be Benched/Suspended/Cut by Jets …

This is the list of all NFL players who were arrested for DUI related offenses since 01/01/09. Please point out the player who was punished with loss of playing time by their own team because of a DUI/DWI without killing someone. Thank you.
9/21/2010	Braylon Edwards 	N.Y. Jets	WR	Arrested on suspicion of drunken driving around 5:15 a.m. in New York. Blood-alcohol content reportedly 0.16.
9/3/2010	Fili Moala 		Indianapolis	DT	Arrested, charged with drunken driving, speeding, after being stopped at 2:30 a.m. Blood-alcohol content measured 0.15.
8/8/2010	Gerard Lawson 		Cleveland	DB	Arrested, charged with DUI after hitting parked car. Sheriff deputies said he left scene of accident.	Pleaded no contest in plea deal. Received punishment of 20 hours of community service, one year probation, 72 hours of "alternative to jail program," six months suspended license.
7/3/2010	Quinton Ganther 	Seattle		RB	Arrested on suspicion of DUI in Sacramento.
7/1/2010	Chris Simms 		Tennessee	QB	Arrested, charged with driving while intoxicated with marijuana in New York.
6/13/2010	Ray McDonald 		San Francisco	DL	Arrested on suspicion of DUI in San Mateo County. He reportedly was driving 94 mph in 65-mph zone.
3/27/2010	Joey Porter 		Arizona		LB	Arrested on suspicion of DUI in Bakersfield. Also accused of assaulting police officer and resisting arrest.	Dropped for lack of evidence.
3/19/2010	Ronnie Brown 		Miami		RB	Arrested on suspicion of DUI near Atlanta after being pulled over for changing lanes without signaling. Blood-alcohol content of .158.
3/13/2010	Spencer Havner 		Green Bay	TE	Arrested in California on suspicion of DUI after motorcycle accident around 2:45 a.m.
2/20/2010	Will Allen 		Miami		CB	Arrested, charged with DUI about 3:30 a.m. in Miami Beach. Breath tests showed blood-alcohol content at .152 and .167.
2/19/2010	Byron Westbrook 	Washington	CB	Arrested on suspicion of DUI just before 2 a.m. in Maryland.	Acquitted.
1/29/2010	Rey Maualuga 		Cincinnati	LB	Arrested on DUI charge in Kentucky after hitting a parking meter and two parked cars with his 2003 Pontiac.	Pleaded guilty, blood-alcohol-content of .157, suspended sentence of seven days in jail, $350 in fines, two years probation, fined two game checks by NFL.
1/1/2010	Taj Smith 		Indianapolis	WR	Arrested on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over at 3:24 a.m.
12/29/2009	Bobby McCray 		New Orleans	DE	Arrested on DUI charge, speeding, no registration, at 4:30 a.m.
11/16/2009	Eric Weems 		Atlanta		WR	Arrested, charged with DUI in DeKalb County, Georgia.
10/27/2009	Marcus Johnson 		Tampa Bay	OL	Arrested on suspicion of DUI. Police found him asleep in 2010 Chevy Impala about 4 a.m.	Team cut him same day.
8/30/2009	Cedric Griffin 		Minnesota	CB	Arrested, charged with DUI.	Pleaded guilty, paid $300 fine, two days of community service.
8/21/2009	Chris Davis 		Tennessee	WR	Arrested, charged with DUI in Nashville after 2 a.m. traffic stop.
6/20/2009	Owen Schmitt 		Seattle		FB	Arrested for investigation of drunken driving near Seattle.	Pleaded guilty to reckless driving, 24 hours of community service and payment of $2,130.
4/5/2009	Leon Hall 		Cincinnati	CB	Charged with DUI after being pulled over at 3:11 a.m. Blood-alcohol level of 0.149, according to breath test.	Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving, sentenced to 64 hours community service, three days in a residential driver intervention program, $250 fine.
4/1/2009	Donte Stallworth	Cleveland	WR	Charged with DUI manslaughter for March 14 incident in which he struck and killed a pedestrian in Miami. Blood-alcohol level was .126.	Pleaded guilty, 30 days in jail, lifetime driver's license suspension,1,000 hours of community service. NFL suspended him indefinitely.
3/13/2009	David Macklin 		Kansas City	CB	Arrested on drunken-driving charge in Newport News, Va.
2/27/2009	Reggie Williams 	Jacksonville	WR	Arrested during traffic stop in Houston, charged with drunken driving and marijuana possession.	Dropped. Blood-alcohol content was .05, below the legal limit.
2/1/2009	Jamal Williams 		Chargers	DT	Arrested on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over for speeding in Bentley.	Reduced to reckless driving charge after blood-alcohol content was 0.07.
1/6/2009	Vincent Jackson 	Chargers	WR	Arrested on suspicion of DUI around 2:30 a.m. in 2008 GMC Sierra.	Four days in work-release program, five years probation, $2,408 fine, 15 days community service.

Mike says the Giants would never have played Edwards.  Well Mike, Antrell Rolle of the Giants recently blasted their head coach, lack of cohesiveness, and approach to games, after the Giants ponied up $ 37.5 M to obtain his services.  And he played yesterday–in a 29-10 blowout loss at home.  But then again, Mike is a Giants’ fan, and a Jet hater.

Is Edwards a dick, Mike?  You bet he is.  Is he a danger to society.  Most obviously.  But the Jets didn’t make him that way and there’s nothing they can do to change these facts.  Edwards has been a privileged, pampered athlete since he was in junior high school.  How has he gotten away with it, you ask?  Because he scores touchdowns.  Thank God the Jets were smart enough to know they have no control over Edwards, and didn’t concede to ill-informed public pressure and sit the guy at the expense of their team and their fans.  When the league doles out it’s laughable punishment, after the case is adjudicated, we’ll be happy to abide by it.

The result in the meantime?  Jets win.

When fat Mike owns his own team, we’ll see how hard he’ll be when it comes to sitting a player at the expense of a win, in a 16 game regular season.  I mean, did Francesa kill Pettite or A-Rod or any of the other Yanks on steroids?  Of course he didn’t.  But Mike wears quadruple XL Yankees pajamas to bed.

Actually Mike, the case is not closed.  It’s in fact, very open.  And BTW Mike, it’s Tony Sparano (Spuh-RANO) not Tony Soprano.  What a moron!   Our sincere thanks to WSW of  And for anyone wondering, Shaun Ellis played, like Edwards, and the rest of that list above, despite their arrests.


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Orange Fleur di Lys (above).

Despite the lack of scientific testing, we felt that the trip report sent to by bubblesxoxo was disturbing enough to be noted.  Here it is:

Date Submitted: June 20, 2010, 10:00 pm GMT
Submitted By: bubblesxoxo
Name: Orange Saints
State/Province: norcal
Logo: Saint logo
Colour: orange (and green)
Shape: round
Height: 4 mm
Width: 4 mm
Texture: na
Edges: round
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: green and orange saints – same thing.
Suspected Contents: Piperazine + Another
Rating: Tested Only
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes

i popped ONEt orange sainr(i usually pop around 2 and am fine) and i was getting bounds of energy going in and out for HOURS. it was great, until about 6 hours when i had a stroke. i had irregular heartbeat, palpitations, couldn’t breathe properly, i was dizzy, i had slight hallucinations, i had a splitting pounding headache, i couldnt MOVE because when i stood up i would get dizzy and once when i didnt sit down i just passed out for a bit and fell. it felt as if my heart was about to give out and as if my brain was splitting in half or some shit. my friend drove me to park in front of the hospital because i was that ready to go in and the only thing that stopped me was the consequences of being drug tested.

my friends also took one each and they got side effects like nausea and stomach aches and headaches, but they didnt last for them. however, ive also heard that these were the pills that killed that one person at etd pop and got a bunch of others hospitalized.

from what ive heard these pills sound like they were pipes. and they might seem great in the beginning, but watch out cause it might end up being the worst experience of your life.

and right now, 13 hours after i popped and maybe 7 hours after the bad experience. i cant move properly because my heart fucking HURTS, though im able to breathe and dont have a huge headache anymore (maybe just a little one). im considering myself lucky to be alive.

We’ve been telling you about how dangerous these pills are, and about the dangers of PMA.

Remember, these pills are called Saints, like bubblesxoxo refers to them, but should be better knows as Fleur di Lys, and as Adidas’ by some.  Stay clear.

Be Smart,

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Above we have pictured for you Orange, Peach, and Blue Fleur di Lys (Saints, Adidas’), which we suspect to contain the dangerous chemical PMA (paramethoxyamphetamine).

On June 6th, 2010, evelynrosexoxo submitted a disturbing trip report to from Manitoba, Canada, about Red Saints, a pill that nearly killed her friend.  With dangerous pills showing up in California, New York, Alberta, and now Manitoba, that many are describing as having the NFL’s New Orlean’s Saints’ logo, and ranging in color from blue to green to orange and peach, what we wonder, is whether the report you are about to read means that Red Fleur di Lys are also a danger to our communities as well.

Please read evelynrosexoxo’s report below:

Date Submitted: June 6, 2010, 8:33 pm GMT
Last Updated: June 6, 2010, 8:34 pm GMT
Submitted By: evelynrosexoxo
Name: Double-Stacked Red Saint
State/Province: Manitoba
Logo: Saint
Colour: Red
Shape: Round
Texture: Soft
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Me and my friend almost died off these . I dropped 2, and she dropped 3 . They were double-stacked . They had a small amount of MDMA in them, and also 2C-I . (She went to the source and got them flushed .)
Suspected Contents: Other – please see report
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: At first it felt like some all right MDMA, but then we started feeling more and more smacked, a smililar feeling to Heroin or OxyContin . Then she started vomiting and she regurgitated her stomach contents at least 20 times that night . While I couldn’t vomit because I hadn’t eaten for a few days . And we kept feeling more and more high straight into the 14th hour . We woke up the next day still 100% smacked, eyes still fully dilated, and worried . My suggestion, is to NEVER try this pill . 2C-I and MDMA mixed together has the effect of a disassociative depressant, and is very hard on your body

Once again we urge you to avoid any pills bearing the Fleur di Lys stamp, and we hope that someone thoroughly tests a sample soon, without consuming.  Not to quibble with evelyn but we highly doubt her notion that these pills contain some mix of a 2C chemical and MDMA.

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The New Orleans Saints have put the lid on their can of vicodin, um, worms.

In the lawsuit, which was filed April 30, Santini claimed the Saints attempted to cover up both the theft and improper distribution of prescription Vicodin pills at the team’s facility.

Santini’s lawyer, Donald Hyatt II, said going to arbitration blocks either side from publicly discussing the case.

For now, the move also at least temporarily blocks the public release of video and audio recordings that Santini said he made to protect himself and others who were participating in the alleged cover-up for fear of losing their jobs.

Hyatt has said the video shows the theft of Vicodin pills by a senior staff member who was later identified as linebackers coach Joe Vitt. The audio recordings Santini made allegedly caught team trainers Scottie Patton and Kevin Mangum discussing orders from general manager Mickey Loomis to forge entries in official prescription drug logs to cover up the thefts.

“The sudden assertion of the arbitration agreement … was somewhat of a surprise given that a draft of the complaint was provided to defendant prior to filing,” Santini’s motion stated.

The Saints have taken a much needed timeout from all the negative publicity they are receiving with this move for arbitration.

–Crack (

Sean Payton (above).

Former FBI agent New Orleans Saints Security Director Geoffrey Santini had some interesting things to say today about his former team:

When Santini was called to meet with owner Tom Benson, he appealed to Loomis one more time. Santini alleges that Loomis had shared only certain details with the owner and told Benson that Payton had a medical condition to take Vicodin.

“I begged Mickey Loomis,” Santini said. “I said, ‘Now’s the opportunity to tell him everything. We can get this out on the table so at least the owner is fully aware. He owns the team. He’s the boss. And if we get him fully knowledgeable, then we’re safe.’ But Mickey didn’t want to do that.

“He was protecting Payton. That day pretty much ended it for me.”

And amid suggestions that Santini’s lawsuit amounts to extortion (as we’ve previously explained, it doesn’t), Santini was blunt regarding his motivation.  “I was witnessing crimes, and I wasn’t going to stand for that,” Santini said.  “I did everything I could to save the people that were involved, but it just didn’t go that way.  Mickey didn’t let it.”

Santini also said he has no “ill will” against the team, and that his goal was to “save” the team from itself with respect to the temptation to cover up the Vicodin issue.

Wow.  This isn’t even like a Dr. House Vicodin fiend situation.  Payton didn’t have a prescription.  But don’t worry, Saints fans.  This is the NFL.  It doesn’t matter that there are tapes, audio and video.  We’ll find Bin Laden before they do something about this.

Be Inquisitive,

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Saints coach Sean Payton (above).

So NFL teams have a prescription drug locker, huh?  And senior team personnel have the keys.  As it would turn out, former FBI agent and Saints head of security Geoffrey Santini collected evidence in the case of the stolen Vicodin, and has turned that evidence over to the Drug Enforcement Agency.  That evidence happens to include a videotape which appears to implicate Saints linebackers coach Joe Vitt, as the Vicodin thief.

The people who spoke to The Associated Press about the case — on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the allegations — said that other staff member was linebackers coach Joe Vitt.

The lawsuit describes video surveillance catching Vitt taking keys from a trainer’s office and using them to get into the team’s drug locker to take Vicodin.

Vitt didn’t respond to a message sent to his work e-mail seeking comment. The Saints and their defense lawyers also didn’t respond to requests for help in contacting Vitt to see if he had anything to say on the matter.

In his lawsuit, Santini claims he was ordered to keep quiet about the Vicodin matter. He also claims two trainers were told by a top team executive to forge entries in official logs so the amount of Vicodin stolen would be reflected as an amount that had been properly distributed.

Santini’s case seems to be gaining credibility by the second.  It’s no wonder that Joe Vitt isn’t picking up his cell phone these days.

Be Careful,

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Super Bowl winning Saints coach, Sean Payton, above.

Former New Orleans Saints employee and FBI agent, Geoffrey Santini has alleged that senior Saints employees stole a large enough amount of the prescription drug Vicodin “to constitute abuse” and then covered it up. 

The lawsuit, filed Friday by Geoffrey Santini, a former FBI agent who resigned from the club in August 2009, alleged one senior staff member stole Vicodin pills while another was given an amount large enough to constitute abuse.

The suit did not name the staff members. However, the two people familiar with the case said Payton allegedly was allowed to take a large quantity of pills from the team supply, and another staff member allegedly stole pills. No allegations were made against any Saints players, the two people said.

Here’s what Payton said in a statement released today through the team:

“I have reviewed Geoff Santini’s lawsuit and the unwarranted publicity it has received,” Payton says in a statement provided to us by the Saints.  “I have never abused or stolen vicodin or any other medication and I fully support the Saints’ position in this matter as expressed by Greg Bensel yesterday.‬‪”

Am I understanding this right?  Football coaches have access to hospital like supplies of pain killers, and can appropriate them?  I’m not accusing Payton of anything here, except perhaps having too much power.  But guys get suspended for having certain supplements in their system, while they are getting opiates from the team?  Something’s got to change, no?  And it should be really interesting to see how this case plays out.  Career FBI agents don’t usually go off half cocked with frivolous lawsuits.

Be Careful,

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